CBT Bulk Email Sender Software Tutorial

The CBT Mass Email Sender is a desktop software that is capable of sending your message to recipients in your contacts list. The bulk email sender comes with many settings and features to ensure a high inbox rate.

Main GUI

Here, you will see all the statistics and main information for your campaign, including project details, sending details, a live progress view. In the event that the software crashes or closes unexpectedly or if you decide to power off your machine, you can always "complete previous process" by getting the software to continue sending emails from where it left off prior to it closing.

CBT Mass Email Sender for Bulk Email Blasts: Tutorial

New Project

To get started, simply create and name a new project. You can always open your previous projects by going to file -> Open project.

New Bulk Email Sender Project

Settings and Configurations

In this section, you will be able to configure the settings and the specifics of your campaign.


Here, you need to add your contacts/recipients. If you have under a thousands or so recipients, you can paste the emails directly into the text box. If you have tens of thousands of emails, it is recommended that you import your mailing list. Your email list must be in a text notepad file with one email per line. Do not use separators.

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]

You can also import a full database in a csv file that you have scraped using the CBT Email Extractor. Remember, the headers must be unaltered and exactly as they are generated by the CBT Email Extractor.

If your campaign has finished running and you would like to run it again, it is important that you clear all the imported contacts and re-import then again.

For larger email lists, it may take longer for your contacts to import.

How to import your contact into the Mass Email Sender Software


In this section, you will need to add your email addresses/SMTP relays from which you will be sending emails. You can use SMTP relays or CPanel Webmail accounts. We recommend SMTP relays for the best results. If you are using SMTP relays, you will need to ensure that you add the SMTP credentials in the below format. It is important that you also add the below header at the top of your notepad document. Your notepad file should look like this:


post.cbtemailextractor.com:25:creative-mail-bear/cbtemailextractor-com:password:0:[email protected]

It is recommended that you clear your Imported Email Accounts (right hand side) before importing new accounts.

How to import your accounts into CBT Bulk Email Sender Software


In this section, you need to enter your email body content, subject, Sender name. If you are using SMTP relays, leave the "from email" section blank. Select the "HTML Message" checkbox in order to use formatting features in your message: font size, font style, hyperlinks, images, etc.

You can also use spintax in your message to ensure that it is unique on every send. The way spintax format works is it generates a unique version of your message on every send. If we take a simple example of {Hello|Hi|Good Morning|Good Evening}. the bulk mail sender will use either of these words in the message.

Advanced users can use macros %unsubscribe% and %Unique_URL%. Simply add the macro inside the message.

%Unique_URL% = this macro will generate a unique short url. This will make the urls appear unique to the spam filters which can increase your success rate.

%Unsubscribe% = this macro can be added at the end of the message to give users an ability to unsubscribe.

If you are going to be using macros, it is important that you configure them properly, otherwise, they will not work.

How to configure your message in CBT Mass Email Sender Desktop Software


This is a designated section for the %Unsubscribe% macro. So only configure it if you are planning to use the %Unsubscribe% macro inside your message.

The unsubscribe macro message is what the email recipients should see in place of the macro.

You will then need to add the credentials for an email account to which all the unsubscribe emails should go. We recommend CPanel accounts for best results as free email accounts such as gmail, yahoo, protonmail have too many security features that could prevent this feature from working properly.

When an email recipient clicks on the link to unsubscribe, the software will send an email to this designated email account and remove the unsubscriber from your email list. You can tell the bulk email sender how often to check the inbox for unsubscribers and also delete all unsubscribe emails to save space.

You can also add your unsubscriber lists/blacklisted emails on the right hand side by importing or pasting the emails directly into the text box. One email per line and no separators.

How to add your email blacklist to CBT Mass Email Sender


The filter section will enable you to exclude all emails from your mailing list that contain any words or characters that you specify in the text box. You can also avoid sending emails to email addresses that are longer than X characters. You can also configure to send emails from the same domain once with the exception of popular email providers such as gmail, yahoo, icloud and so on. The idea here is not to contact different role emails from the same company as that will look spammy.

If you feel that you have a clean email list, you can disable these filters.

How to configure your filters for CBT Bulk Email Sending Software

Bad Accounts

These are the non-working SMTP relay servers/sending emails that have been removed from the pool. Clear the list to reinstate those accounts.

CBT Bulk Email Sender Software - Bad Accounts


You can use proxies to send your emails. If you are going to use proxies, we recommend private or shared proxies at the very least. You will need to enter your proxies in the format:


If you are going to use an SMTP Relay, we recommend that you do not use proxies and use your local IP address.

CBT Bulk Email Sender Proxy Settings

Sending Settings

You should send using SMTP and use direct sending if an SMTP server fails. This is the best way of sending emails.

You can also use direct sending using DNS (send emails using your IP address). This can be used with public IPs.

You can use Webmail sending option. We recommend CPanel accounts. You will need to ensure that roundcube is set as your default webmail service.

If sending fails from an SMTP server or an email account, you can try to resend it again. You can set the total number of emails to send per 24 hours or simply leave 0 for unlimited.

You can then add a delay between the sending of each email. This is especially important if you are warming up your SMTP server IP address as it is important.

You can remove all bounced/bad emails from your mailing list.

You can use the BCC function. This is recommended for CPanel accounts.

CBT Mass Email Sending Software Sending Settings

API Settings

These are the settings for the %Unique_URL% macro. Here you will need to enter your bitly API details to generate unique short urls on every X email sends.

CBT Mass Email Sender API Settings