CBT Email Extractor

CBT email extractor and web scraper is a software designed for B2B businesses envisioning efficient and cost-effective lead generation and email list building. Our software is tailored to replace about 100 data entry analysts without compromising a wee bit on the quality of data collected, giving your business a competitive advantage over your competitors by reducing your expenses and increasing marketing outcomes. 

For better control and enhanced effectiveness of data, you’ll get full access to our software’s functionality, hence, enabling you to instruct the software as easy as you would direct an employee. 

CBT Lead Generation Software - Features

Our CBT Search Engine Scraper, and Web Extractor dons efficacious features that lists it among the most sought-after lead generation software applications in the current time. To give you a better insight into the software, here are some of its features. 

Data Extraction

Attain the most reliable and highest quality data with CBT web scraper. Unlike any other web scraper, our software searches through various platforms and consolidates the gathered data into a CSV file for easy management and accessibility. It saves you from running scrapers separately on different websites and social media platforms and maintaining dozens of files for each platform. 

Facebook business pages, for example, contain a lot of useful data including contact information, address, etc. However, checking out each business page would be tedious and unnecessarily time-taking. But not anymore! Our CBT lead generation software thoroughly checks out each web page present on almost all search engines, business directories, maps, social media, and other possible platforms.


If you already have the data and all you want is to re-scrape it, upload the data on our web scraper and give out the required instructions, leaving the rest on our software. It will fill out all the missing data and make the amendments as instructed, saving both your time and efforts. 

Content Filtration

CBT Search Engine Scraper and Web Extractor make targeted data gathering 100x easier than other scrapers. With the built-in patented content filter, the software scrapes on the basis of keywords and derives niche-targeted results.

As soon as the user enters the keywords our software starts to scrutinize web pages in search of relevant content. It searches the keyword in the HTML body, meta title, and meta description. Only the websites containing your keyword once or multiple times are considered relevant and are shown in the results.

Since most websites make sure to add their keywords in the meta title and description -to rank better on the search engine, our software can fetch highly accurate data.

Domain Filtration

Featuring a built-in facility of domain filtration, our CBT lead generation software allows users to search and sort websites on the basis of specific keywords. It offers two keywords categories, to have and not to have for more specific results. Once our software has the keywords, it gets down to work right away, giving you results in seconds.  

Worry about having harmful sites in your domain list? You can simply add spam sites, PBNs, and other such unauthentic websites to the blacklist to clean your data from any such sites. 

Speed Settings

With CBT email extractor encounter scraping speed like never before. It saves you from long downloading periods, which ultimately speeds up the entire marketing campaign.

You can instruct the software on the number of web pages to analyze and fetch for each keyword, which contributes to ensuring quicker and complete results.

Want to save some computer storage? Enable image-blocker, preventing the software from loading the web images.

Proxies and Multi-Threading

Want to scrape multiple websites in one go? Our CBT email extractor has you covered! You can run our web scraper on multiple threads using a distinct proxy for each thread. Shared, private, or rotating proxies, you are free to use any of them.

Not sure if your proxy is working? Pass it through our proxy tester and find out right away. An automatic IP-changing VPN is also workable on our web scraper.

Automatic Captcha Solving

Our software remotely solves captchas to speed up your scraping. Websites usually throw captchas out in bulk when they notice suspicious bulk activities, which delays or even ceases scraping. However, that’s no more a problem with our CBT web scraper as it remotely solves all the captchas maintaining a smooth process flow. Our email extractor also features XEvil -a powerful and free captcha solving tool.

Data Cleaner

Want to sort your data even further? Apply our data cleaner. It allows you to apply all your required filters to enable you to narrow down your search for each of your categories. For instance, you can kick out the emails that do not have your keywords, spam or blacklisted sites, etc.

Data Splitting Tool

With our CBT email extractor, you can split your data with unimaginable ease. Our software offers two primary splitting options, -based on the quantity of data or country. The former option is useful for excessively large data while the latter one is suitable for geographical presentation.

Merging Databases

Our CBT email extractor allows users to merge data without duplicating any entry. Its advanced configuration and smart functionality detect similarities and adjust the data accordingly. Thus, it saves from double-counting or inaccuracy.

CBT Lead Generation Software -Working

Skyrocket your sales with our advanced CBT email extractor that efficiently hunts for your prospects and assists you in turning them into regular customers in no time. Our software works n two simple steps:

1. Scrape web pages and online platforms as per the keywords

2. Generate a CSV file of the data

Once you have your data, you can use it to send newsletters, promotional offers, discounts, etc. They are super-effective in telesales and social media marketing.

Helping Business in COVID-19 With CBT Email Extractor

Covid-19 pandemic has drastically affected business activities, in most cases reducing profit margins to almost zero or even negative. Our software forms a lucrative way out for these businesses by reducing costs and increasing ROI. With the current ransacked condition, our lead generation software offers quick and profitable outcomes at a fraction of cost to businesses cannot afford to pay to their employees or wait for months to get results. We have already served over hundreds of businesses with our web scrapper and lead generation software and we continue to do so.