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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Common Questions

Software Settings

How do I run the software?

Go to your software folder and double click on "CreativeBearTech.exe" file. It is the file with the bear icon. Alternatively, you can run "CreativeBearTechManager.exe" which is a separate tool which controls the permanent running of the software. We recommend this option for unattended access i.e. if you are running your scraper on a VPS.

How do I scrape my own website list?

Our Web Scraper can extract data from a custom website list. Simply upload your website list (one url per line) inside the Website List tab in the settings area. Do not forget to check the option "scrape e-mails from your website list".

You can read our step-by-step tutorial here.

How do I Connect XEvil Captcha Solving Software to CBT Web Scraper?

Simply connect Xrumer and Xevil. Select 2Captcha service. Enter a random number for 2Captcha API inside the CBT Email Extractor. Check balance. If the balance is 100, you are connected. You can read our step-by-step tutorial here.

Post-Scraping Database Processing

How do I use the Email List Cleaner?

The email list cleaner will allow you to clean your entire database from the scraped records that are not relevant to you.

In this tutorial, we will look at the capabilities of the email list cleaner.

Click here for a full video tutorial

How can I split an Excel CSV file into smaller batches?

You can split an Excel CSV file into smaller batches using our CSV splitting tool. The tool will split your master CSV file into separate CSV files: simply specify how many records you would like to have per file. This tool is very useful for splitting large files. The tool will automatically add part numbers to each file.

Click here for a full video tutorial

How can I merge multiple Excel CSV files?

You can easily merge multiple Excel CSV spreadsheet files using our CSV file merging tool. The tool will automatically remove all duplicate entries and merge multiple CSV files into a master CSV file. Please ensure that the headings inside your multiple csv files adhere to our inhouse format. In other words, if you have scraped these files using our software, the headers will be correct by default. If you want to merge external csv files, make sure that they have "our" headings.

Click here for a full video tutorial

How to Merge Excel CSV files using CBT Email Extractor
How can I split an Excel CSV file by Country?

You can do this very easily using our CSV Splitter tool. The tool will split your entire CSV file by country. This means that you will have a separate file for each country. This is helpful if you would like to geo target your prospects.

Click here for a full video tutorial

How do I use the Suppression Tool?

Click here for a full walkthrough on how to use the suppression tool

How to scrape on top of existing databases

If you have already scraped a database and want to scrape on top of it, you can simply "import results" and do all the scraping on top of your results. This will save you time from having to start from the beginning and is a good way of updating your existing databases.

Important: when importing your database, you need to ensure that the file has all the relevant headers. If you have scraped the initial database with the CBT Email Extractor, you should have no issues.

CBT Email Extractor will automatically skip business records already present in your existing database.

Click here for the full video tutorial

Can I re-scrape my results file again?

Yes. If you feel that you have a lot of missing data in your results file, you can run the website scraper again and the software will go through all the websites inside your results file and try to extract the missing data. Make sure that the headers of the original CSV file have been unaltered as this can cause problems.

You can read our step-by-step tutorial here.


The software is very sluggish and non-responsive. How do I fix this?

The software can become sluggish and non-responsive if you are running too many threads or your computer configuration is simply too weak. Website scraping and data extraction consume a lot of resources as the scraper has to go through many websites. Please try to reduce the total number of threads. If that does not make a difference in performance, consider upgrading your computer or even moving your software to a VPS. Alternatively, check your proxies as poor proxies can result in reduced speeds.

Can I scrape the Search Engines, Google Maps and Business Directories at the same time?

Yes, you can. However, we recommend against it simply because Google Maps and Business Directories use more local searches. Therefore, what you search for on the search engines may not return the same results on Google Maps and business directories such as Yellow Pages and Yelp. To scrape Google Maps and the Business Directories, consider creating geographically targeted keywords (vape shop in London, vape shop in Liverpool, vape shop in Manchester, etc.)

How do I filter my scraped data for relevancy?

You can always process your scraped and extracted sales leads inside Excel. The scraped data contains business name, meta title and meta description fields. These meta fields, are likely to contain your important keywords. You can filter all records by meta title and meta description and then sort the records.

I am getting incomplete records. How do I fix this?

The software will only scrape and extract data that is available on the target website or its Twitter or Facebook business page. Oftentimes, you will get incomplete results if you do not connect a Facebook account to the scraper as a lot of the time, Facebook requires you to be logged in to view a business page. Please make sure to check your Facebook account periodically to ensure that it is working and is not blocked. Remember, you can always rescrape all of your data to fill out the "missing blanks" so to speak.

How can I use the software to find guest blogging opportunities for SEO?

You can use the CBT web scraper and email extractor to find websites in your niche that accept guest posts. You will need to use our footprint tool to add guest blogging footprints to your niche relevant keywords. You can then target all your prospects with a guest blogging pitch and improve your off-page SEO, website traffic and SERP rankings by gaining valuable backlinks.

Pre-Sales Questions

How do I extract the software from the compressed folder?

You will need to download WIN RAR. Just Google it. It is free. Once you have downloaded it, you can extract the software files into a folder.

Can I run the software on a Mac computer?

No. The web scraper and email extractor only works on Windows operating system. You can buy a cheap Windows VPS and run your software on it instead.

Where do I download the software?

Upon check out, you will receive access to the software files. Please allow for up to 48 hours to receive your licence key.

How many computers can I run the software on?

One licence will entitle you to run the software on a single computer at any given time. If you would like to run the software on multiple computers, you will need to purchase a separate licence per each computer.

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