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CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor Software


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The World's Most Powerful Web Scraper and Email Extractor Software

CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor Software will enable you to generate niche-targeted sales leads with laser precision. Simply enter your keywords, configure your settings and let the web scraper run and generate sales leads on auto pilot.

CBT Email Extractor is a desktop software that will enable you to scrape and extract business contact details into an Excel spreadsheet from virtually all internet sources such as the most popular search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL), business directories (Yellow Pages and Yelp), Google Maps, Social Media Sites (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter). All you have to do is enter your keywords, configure your settings and start to scrape new business leads. The software will export your results into a spreadsheet file and even split up the business leads according to country.

Have you ever hired data entry assistants to manually copy and paste business leads from the internet? CBT Email Extractor has been compared to having "hundreds of data entry assistants copy and paste business leads from the internet but without the exorbitant price tag". The software is already helping many struggling businesses to cut costs and win new business during these unprecedented and challenging times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. This software is suitable for business development, finding new wholesale clients and guest post outreach campaigns for link building to increase your website's rankings.

How CBT Software Will Benefit your Business

The objective of CBT scraping software is very simple: to allow you to scrape niche-targeted business leads that you can use for B2B marketing to boost your wholesale sales. For example, if you manufacture hemp and cbd oil, cbd gummies, cbd topicals and pain creams, hemp cosmetics and cbd pet treats, you could scrape separate databases for pet shops, cbd shops, health and sports nutrition businesses, vape shops, food and beverage companies and beauty and cosmetics retailers and wholesalers. The idea is to then use the scraped leads to target the businesses with your wholesale offering. It is a no brainer, if you are a wholesaler or a manufacturer, your target clients are predominantly retailers and wholesalers. Our software will help you to uncover all of your prospects with relative ease and low cost. You can then start to engage your B2B marketing tactics and send out mass emails, newsletters, send out samples via direct mail, call up the companies via your telesales team and connect with your prospects on social media. CBT web scraper and email extractor was created with the aim of taking out the heavy lifting from the lead generation stage and slashing your costs thus leaving you plenty of resources and time to connect with your prospects.

CBT Email Harvester Software - Key Features

Unlike other web scraping tools, the CBT Web Scraper and Email Extractor Software can scrape multiple search engines, business directories, social media sites and even custom website list concurrently and combine all results into a single Excel CSV spreadsheet. Likewise, the search engine scraper has a set of proprietary filters that utilise artificial intelligence to generate niche targeted data.

CBT Email Harvester Software - Key Features

Scrape and Extract Data from Popular Search Engines, Business Directories, Maps and Social Media Sites

What makes us truly different from other companies is the fact that our web scraper has a built in ability to scrape multiple website platforms and combine the extracted data into a single Excel CSV spreadsheet. This will help to ensure that you leave no stone unturned and scrape virtually every single corner of the internet that is likely to hold quality data. Likewise, you will not need to run separate scrapers for each website platform such as Google Maps Scraper, Yellow Pages Scraper, Facebook Business Page Scraper and so on.

The web scraping tool can scrape and extract data from the most popular search engines, maps, business directories, social media sites and even your own website list. Presently, the web scraper can scrape and extract data from the following platforms:

  • Google
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • AOL
  • SO
  • DuckDuckGo
  • Yandex
  • Ecosia
  • Ask
  • Trust Pilot
  • Google Maps
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Custom Website List
CBT Email Extractor and Search Engine Scraper

Content Filters - Scrape and Extract Data matching your Niche using CBT Email Spider

Our Email Spider utilises a proprietary content filter to scrape and extract business records that match your keywords. The way the content filter works is it checks the presence of you content filter keywords inside the target website's meta title, meta description and HTML body content. If a website contains one or more of your content filter keywords, it is more likely to be related to your niche. The meta title and meta description is what you see on Google when you run a search. The meta title is displayed in larger blue font and everything in smaller font underneath it is the meta description and HTML body content is what is inside a web page when you open it. From the SEO standpoint, most webmasters will include the relevant keywords for their niche in either the meta title and/or meta description. By setting the content filters, you are more likely to extract niche-targeted data. For example, if we want to find all the hemp and cbd shops, we would need to enter the main keywords related to the cbd industry. Such keywords would include cbd, hemp, cannabis, marijuana, vape, vaping, cannabinoid, botanicals. Such keywords would already capture the vast majority of hemp and cbd sites.

CBT Email Extractor and Web Scraper Content Filters

Domain Filters - Scrape and Extract Data matching your Niche

CBT web scraping tool has an inbuilt domain filter. This is very similar to the content filters we mentioned above save for the fact that it only filters out the actual urls as opposed to website pages. You can enter a list of domain filter keywords that must either be or not be present inside the target website's url. This is a good way of filtering websites by business niche but be careful. You are less likely to find your keywords inside a website's url than inside the web page. Coming back to the earlier example we used before, if we are scraping for hemp and cbd shops, we could still use keywords such as cbd and hemp but not all website urls would necessarily contain them as a lot of domains are branded. If in doubt, you can leave the domain filters empty. You can also add a list of websites to skip into the blacklist. Such sites could include known spam sites, web 2.0s, PBNs, etc.

CBT Email Extractor Software Domain Filters

Speed Settings and Facebook Business Page Scraper Configuration

You can tell the software how many results to parse for each keyword. This will determine the speed of scraping and the completeness of the results. You can also block images from loading to save on computer resources. You can enable the option to scrape a Facebook Business Page which will contain a lot of structured and useful business data such as a telephone number, business address, etc.

CBT Email Extractor Desktop Software Speed Settings

CBT Email Extractor Supports Multi Threading and Proxies

You can run the web scraper and email extraction tool on multiple threads using proxies. This is particularly helpful if you are scraping multiple website sources such as Google, Google Maps, Yellow Pages, Bing and so on. You can add your private, shared and backconnect rotating proxies and test and remove non-working proxies using our in-built proxy checker. You can also use a VPN with timed out IP change. The scraper will use a different proxy on every thread. Proxies are very important if you plan to run the scraper on multiple threads.

CBT Email Extractor Proxy Settings

Remote Captcha Solving for Uninterrupted Web Scraping and Email Harvesting

You may have come across those annoying Google image captchas where you have to select pictures to prove that you are human. Such captchas are usually thrown out when there is too much activity from a single IP address that looks suspiciously like a bot. CBT web scraper supports 2captcha remote captcha solving service which will send and solve all captchas remotely. Our software also supports XEvil which solves all captchas for free.

CBT Email Extractor Google Recaptcha solving

Scrape your Own Website List and Re-Scrape your Results CSV spreadsheet files

The web scraper has the ability to extract data from a custom list of websites. Simply upload your list of websites in a notepad text file. Likewise, if you have already scraped a csv database, you can upload your results csv file to extract the data from the websites again and try to fill out the missing data. This will save you the time from having to scrape the data from scratch in the event that you find that there are too many missing fields in your database.

Website Scraper and Email Extractor Website Scraper

Clean your Results File using the Email List Cleaner

Once you have finished scraping and extracting data, you can clean the records by applying different types of email filters to remove email and entire data records that do not match your criteria. For example, you can remove emails not matching the domain name (good for legal compliance, i.e. GDPR), emails that do not contain your keywords, emails that contain your blacklisted keywords, etc. You can export all records (i.e. website, address, telephone number, email, social media links, etc) in an Excel csv file and you can export a list of emails only.

Email List Cleaner Software

CSV Database Splitter Tool - Split your CSV Databases

You may want to split your results csv spreadsheet file by the total number of records per file and country. The former is great for large files that make your computer sluggish and the latter is beneficial if you are geo-targeting your B2B marketing campaigns.

CVS Database Splitter Tool

CSV Database Merging Tool - Merge Multiple Results CSV Databases into One Master File

You may want to merge multiple csv results files into one. The CSV merging tool will enable you to combine multiple csv files into one and automatically remove the duplicates. You will need to ensure that the headings of the files conform to our inhouse standard. The headers will be correct if you have scraped the data using CBT software.

Suppression Tool

Beginning from version 1.3.3 onward, we have introduced a brand new Suppression Tool. The suppression tool will enable you to remove or add a custom label for your custom list of websites or emails from the current database. These can be Majestic Million sites, blacklisted sites, emails or websites that you have already contacted, etc. You will first need to upload your database via the main interface (Import results button - make sure that your .csv database has the correct headers). Then upload your list of website or emails that you want to either remove from the database or add a custom label to (notepad format/one email or url per line). In very simple term, the suppression tool will take your list of emails/websites and then check every record in the database for these emails/websites. You can either remove or add a custom label to records that contain emails/websites from your notepad list. This may be useful if you have a team who have already contacted many websites and to prevent an overlap, you can add a custom label to these records such as DONE. The custom label will appear inside the "comments" column. Alternatively, you can upload Majestic Million websites (not necessarily all but say top 50,000) to remove all the popular websites that are unlikely to be relevant to your mailing list.

Suppression Tool

Changelog for CBT Email Extractor

We are constantly making updates to CBT Email Harvester to make it more robust and powerful. Here is the official changelog of the latest updates we have made to CBT Email Spider.