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Your Guide To Building An Email List

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01 Jan 2021

Did you realize that it is 5 times costlier to gain a new customer than retaining the old one? We always tend to apply strategies that attract new customers. But are also putting tge same effort to retain our old customers? Retaining customers is a valuable long term solution for increased revenue and sustainable growth of the company. You might have witnessed that some company's messages relate to your daily life very easily. And at a point, you feel you are connected to that brand. Such milestones are not achieved in a day or two. A prolonged strategic approach of the brand towards you has created that level of trust and worthiness between you and them.

If you are starting your company from zero then creating the targeted audience or email list seems to be quite difficult. As a new marketer, it is very crucial to know w your potential buyers are. That will only help you to grow your business effectively in a very short time. For all of this to fall in the proper place creating a target audience for your products and services is essential. Here we will guide you to create an email list that will gradually help you reach the right audience.

Optimize a customized CTA on each of your landing pages

A recent study by HubSpot revealed that a personalized call-to-action can give you a 42% higher view-to-submission rate comparing t the non-personalized ones. Simply personalizing your CAT can provide you with double engagement and revenue in the market. Every person visiting your blogs or webpages is looking for a specific purpose and your CAT must be able to meet their purpose. Highlighting your personalized CAT can be a key factor to give you immediate responses. For example, if your latest article is about 'how to generate leads' then you can design your call to action as 'click here to download the top 3 strategies' thus you are making your viewers more attracted towards your services. Such personalized CATs can take you a long way at an initial stage.

Your customized CAT will only work if you have the resources to create quality content in the first place. Content is the king of every business. If you can create content that effectively encounters your customer pains then you are more likely to generate better sales rate. So creating attractive content followed by a personalized CAT will do the job.

Include a pop-up on every page of your website

The timed pop-up ads or onsite retargeting can be a great way to explore the interested buyers. The pop-ups must appear on your page only after a viewer spends a few minutes reading your content. The pop-ups can be of various styles - pop-ups during exit, scroll pop-ups that appear when the viewer scrolls down a little far, etc. Don't make your pop-ups promising like old 2000s types 'become a model now'. Instead, keep it relative and helpful for your visitors.

Include a timed pop-up survey

Before you send emails to your prospects you must a brief idea about their needs and expectations. An efficient way to do it is to include the timed pop-ups on your website. You need your viewers to feel invested in your content so that they will recognize you at once when you send them emails. To create your regular email list you want to reach out to your viewers on specific pages. The particular content that the viewer is spending time on corresponds to his/her area of interest. So you can easily know about your subject for such pop-ups.

The University of Alberta has grown its list almost by 500% just by including a timed pop-up on their website.

Add a touch of humor to your CATs

Are not you bored with simple yes or no options on any website? It doesn't seem to attract people anymore. So it's time to change a little. The best idea to customize your call-to-action is by adding a touch of humor to it. CATs like 'No thanks, I don't want to lose weight', 'yes, take me along with you', etc seem to attract a viewer's attention at once. While it's a joke to the viewer but it is a business to you. Add a little value or marking words to your CATs which will compel your viewer to rethink before they ignore them.

Share your well-designed newsletter on your social media

At initial starting days, you may not have a long email subscribers list but that doesn't mean you don't have a network. Almost all of us have an effective network in social media through our friends, relatives, etc. Here you have to use that network to share your brand awareness. You can share your newsletter through them on social media. And in the present era, a few clicks can make you go viral. So pitch your newsletter through your network and reach as many people as you can. That can easily help to bring more trusted people to your email list.

Create several landing pages

A recent study by HubSpot revealed that brands witnesses a 55% increase in lead generation when they increase their landing pages. Creating many lading pages provides you the option to create personalized landing pages. Again every person who visits your sites has different needs and expectations. So expecting all the customers to like your single landing page is not the option. According to the needs of various prospects, you need to create various landing pages. So that every person who visits can relate their pains to your services. This will not only help in lead generation but also in creating a bond of trust between you and them.


Every company has started from a bottom line and they have fought to build up trust in tye market. Just because you are new and not getting a tremendous response doesn't mean you will not grow. Follow all the above-listed strategies to create your email list and grow effectively.

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