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Your Guide to Building an Email List

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10 Sep. 2020


Most people use email every single day so, why not use it to create a larger target audience? Building an email list can be difficult, especially for beginners, but if you avoid shortcuts, everything will work eventually. Are you having trouble earning the income you wish for from your website? This is a reality every business owner faces every day. Unless you have a six-figure marketing budget put in place, generating an email list can be overwhelming.

Do you know people spend thousands of dollars in email marketing? Did you know that? How are you supposed to compete with such guys?

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Why Use Email Marketing in The First Place?

Did you know that email marketing can earn you up to $40 for every dollar you spend on it? Okay, let us first consider why internet users visit your site. For someone to visit your site, it means they have some interest in what you deliver. Maybe it is your product, service, or just your content. Or sometimes they want to make a purchase already!

Providing an email sign up on your site will make things easier for you and your visitors. How? Your visitors will have an opportunity to stay connected with your brand. You are also increasing their chances of visiting your site again in the future.

Do you want to get started? Let’s build your email list…….

Create Simple Subscribe Opportunities on Your Website

The first step to generating a great email list is getting users to subscribe to your forms. It doesn’t end there, make it simpler to subscribe.

Your visit will most likely interact with you no your website. For this reason, creating a subscription form on your website is crucial to building an email list.

But you don't just place your signup forms anywhere. Where exactly should they be? Explore the following options.

Checkout or Signup Process

Are you selling a product online? If yes, think about using signup or checkout forms to build an email list. People enter their names and email addresses as they check out. Use a small tick box to join your visitors' email list, and you will have subscribers in no time.

Contact Form

You can equally use a form on your website where people contact you if they have any queries. If they are adding their details to your contact form, it means they are interested in what you provide. Adding a small tic box will help you generate subscribers.

Social Media Platforms Like FacebookCan Give You an Email List

It will be a great idea to turn your followers on Facebook or Instagram into email subscribers as well. Facebook sometimes limits the number of times your posts appear in your follower’s newsfeed. For this reason, engaging those followers on email is crucial.

But How Do You Make This Happen?

1. Link Out Your Subscribe Form on Facebook

As you post on Facebook, remember to link out your website subscribe form. People who interested in your content will sign up.

2. Use Twitter Lead Generation Cards

A lead generation card is a link that allows twitter users to subscribe to your list without having to go to your site.

Because your followers’ details such as fullnames, usernames, and their email addresses are already on twitter, they don't have to reenter those details manually.

You can do this by sending a tweet about your list. You can ask your followers to subscribe to your new content by sending them a tweet. Ensure you include a link to your lead generation card. This will enable them to subscribe by just clicking once.

You can also engage with people who tweet about your brand. Replying to their tweets is a great way of asking them to subscribe to your list.

3. Use Your Email Signature to Get People Subscribe

You send thousands of emails to your customers each month. Because customers engage with personal messages, use this opportunity to get people to subscribe to your newsletters.

You can get your employees to subscribe to your list by attaching a link to a landing page.

4. Collect Business Cards

People normally include their email addresses on their business cards so, this can be a great way of adding subscribers to your list. Think of how to make people drop their business cards and use that to collect their emails.

5. Offer A Valuable Incentive

After creating a simple way for people to subscribe to your email, now get them to act subscribing.

You can provide incentives in several ways to build an email list although the right incentive depends on your brand.

Check out the following incentives to help you generate an email list

       • Entice Your Readers with A Great Content

Creating high-quality content is one great way of getting your readers to join your email list.

Ensure your content is relevant to your audience. People will not subscribe if what you offer isn’t in their interest.

      • Offering Discounts

If you are selling a product online, it is important to offer discounts on what you sell to your buyers. This will get most of them to subscribe and join your email list.

      • Offering Exclusive, Early Access to New Products and Promotions

If you have managed to improve your brand recognition over the past few years, offering early access to new products and promotions can be a great way of adding more subscribers.


You can use many loopholes in getting people to subscribe to your email list. Email marketing is the most cost-effective form of marketing your brand. Many businesses are increasingly recognizing its importance in achieving marketing goals. You need strong customer engagement skills to get people to subscribe to your list. You may have to reply to every email or tweet and posts on Facebook. Give yourself time, and it is eventually going to work if you put better efforts.

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