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Why You Shouldn't Rule Out Email Marketing

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05 Jan 2021


Email marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy. It is a great way of reaching clients and keeping in touch with old clients via email. Email is popular because it has a high success rate. In this article, I will be discussing why you need email marketing.

1. You can reach customers easily

Most users prefer to use their mobile devices to view their emails. This is significant for any digital marketing strategy. It produces a higher conversion rate than any other social media platform.

2. It is easy to engage with your customers.

Email has been in existence for along time. As the years go by, it is becoming one of the main channels of communication. We all have an email address, and we do several things with it. It also the fastest way to drive traffic to your website when you put a call to action in your email.

3. It is easy to measure

You can track what happens after you sent out your email campaign. You can easily track delivery rates, unsubscribe rates, bounce rates, click-through rates, and open rates. This way, you have a better understanding of how your email campaign is working. Knowing these metrics Is important for your internet marketing. It tells you how many emails you need to send to your customers per day. Sending in too many emails to customers who don't want one per week will reduce your subscribe rate. With the metrics, you know more about your customers and how you can provide valuable content to them.

4. You can create personalized content

Personalization helps your customers relate to your brand. You can send a personalized message to your customers. Adding the contact's first name to the email is a good way to personalize your email. It has a higher click-through rate than the ones that do not have it. You can also do this through email segmentation. You can segment your audience based on where they are on your email list. You can use images or subject lines for each segment. Personalized messages suit the needs of your target audience. This way, you can convert them to customers.

5. Driving traffic to your website

You can drive traffic to your website through email marketing. You can provide a call to action within the mail that will directly take the users to your website. It will help to generate leads that relate to your content, and they can become potential customers.

6. It is inexpensive

Email marketing is cost-effective compared to other forms of marketing. The only cost you will incur is the platform you will use to create the emails. You can present your products and services to your customers without paying a fortune for it. Also, it is easy to create an email campaign. You can set aside a day or two to create the content for your email. Then you can set up a workflow that will send messages to every lead. All you need to do is set up an action that will automatically send messages to every lead. It will reduce the need to do mundane tasks.

7. You can easily reach out to potential customers and follow up with them.

Email marketing is the most efficient and cost-effective method to reach out to potential customers. With email marketing, you can reach out to potential customers and follow up with them.

8. High possibility of reaching subscribers in the world

With email marketing, you know that your email campaign can reach anyone in the world. It is a great way to expand your business without any cost.

9. Increased ROI

With email marketing, you can reach a large number of customers without any cost. It Is inexpensive and effective. It also has a high return on investment for business owners. Traditional marketing such as printing is more expensive than email marketing, but they have a low ROI, and that's why marketers always use email marketing strategy. You get more response rate at a lower cost, creating a win-win situation.

10. It increases brand recognition

Email marketing helps to increase brand recognition. It gives you direct access to your customers' email inboxes, and once you are delivering valuable content, it gives you an advantage over your competitors. You can also get feedback from your customers. You will know if they are satisfied with the content you provide and if it suits their needs. You can start a survey on these questions, and getting your customers to respond will let you know how to provide valuable content to them.

11. It helps You Retain Subscribers

A major advantage of email marketing is that it provides an opportunity to reach out to clients, and you can retain them on your email list. Your email list belongs to you, and you don't have to pay anyone to send a message to your subscribers. That way, you can send quality contents that will retain your subscribers.

12. It is easy to integrate other marketing channels

It is easy to integrate other marketing channels with your email marketing. For example, you can place your social media icons on your email and embed your social media post on your emails. Your subscribers can follow your social media profiles. Emails are also perfect for promoting webinars or sharing information about them. Regardless of what marketing campaign you are using, it is easy to integrate it with email marketing.


Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy. It helps business owners stay connected to their customers. You can provide valuable content that will turn your subscribers into potential customers. Email marketing is easy to use, and you can personalize the contents you send to your subscribers. You can also advertise your products or services to your subscribers without any cost. You can target different social groups and create contents to suit each group. Email marketing can take your content strategy to the next level.

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