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Why Simple-Text Newsletters Work.

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07 Jan 2021

Why Simple-Text Newsletters Work.


There are several ways of marketing your business; the most common ones who get widely used are Search Engine Optimization, paid advertisements, social media marketing, and email marketing. Email marketing remains one of the most important modes of marketing. A study showed that in the year 2019, there were 3.5 billion active email users, and the most preferred method of communication for businesses is email.

If you strategize your email marketing plans in a manner that is adequate for your business, then email marketing can provide high returns on your investment. Most customers have said that they like receiving meaningful promotional mailers from their preferred brands at least twice a month.

Decoding an email newsletter

An email newsletter explained as a form of constant communication that businesses, bloggers, and individuals tend to maintain with their loyal customers or potential customers. The content of a newsletter can vary from one company to another. It can be about explaining the various services you provide, or it can also be about a special discount offer you are contributing to entice more potential customers.

There are many email service providers and email marketing software that provide the perfect email marketing idea curated for you. They will also help send bulk emails at once, manage your campaign, and keep your relevant data stored.

Using a newsletter for your next email marketing campaign

Newsletters are super useful in maintaining constant communication and introducing your diverse customer base to new products and services, discount offers, upcoming special events, exciting content related to your business, and several other updates. At the same time, it is also essential to remember to keep the subject line of the newsletter to be attractive so that your customers see it. You can follow a trial and error method to check what kind of subject and content works the best for you. You can try sending half of your customers a newsletter with one issue and the rest with the same newsletter but a different subject. Then you can get a better understanding.

What are the types of newsletters?

Email newsletters can be of different styles and can vary in many ways. It depends on your email marketing campaign, the content you choose to display, and your audience. The first step towards starting email marketing is getting real subscribers who have signed up to receive your newsletters. Sending off newsletters to random people does not make sense. It works when you have legit people who have subscribed. Otherwise, your hard work is just going to the spam folder. There are two types of newsletters:

HTML Newsletter

HTML stands for the hypertext markup language, an HTML newsletter designed to use graphics, colorful elements, and backgrounds. In an HTML email, you can add a section for a call to action button, videos, photographs, gifs, and a lot of other elements. The layout can be similar to an excellent website.

Simple text newsletter

As the name suggests, these kinds of emails only contain simple text. There can be some formatting of books and some links which get added to the email. No visually attractive elements or graphics added get attached to these newsletters.

Know how a simple text newsletter can work better

While most people will say that an HTML newsletter works better as they are more vibrant and packs more elements that an individual can take a look at. A simple-text newsletter can sometimes be way more effective. Here are some of the reasons why a simple-text newsletter can answer your email marketing needs:

Get your message straight across.

With graphics and other visual elements enhancing your simple email, some users may find it difficult to decode the main agenda for sending across the newsletter. The primary purpose tends to get lost with too many elements. However, there is no chance of that happening in the case of a simple text newsletter. Your goal for conducting the email marketing campaign clearly expressed with no distractions.

Lesser time to load

Most consumers on the internet have a short attention span. An HTML email may take up a long time to load as it is full of images, videos, gifs, and other elements. It can deter your targeted customers from reading your newsletters. A simple text newsletter barely takes any time to load. It can charge very quickly with limited data requirements, so your targeted audience will not wait to read your message.

Has more of a personal touch

Check the last email that you had sent to your friend or family that is precisely the format of a simple text newsletter. It consists of a touch of personalization, and it creates the impression of a direct conversation between you and your customers. They are like a personal engagement that you are having with the audience. Some marketers from globally renowned marketing agencies have said that they suggest simple-text newsletters for most of their client's businesses. In most cases, they have a higher opening and response rate when compared to HTML newsletters.

Performs efficiently on all devices

A simple-text newsletter works on all your devices, irrespective of the format and layout. The responsiveness of the elements of an HTML newsletter may vary from device to device. Therefore, it may not work for every device. But for the simple-text newsletter, you do not have to worry if a person is accessing your newsletter from a tablet, cellphone, laptop, or any other gadget because it works the same for every device.

We are reaching a middle ground.

Although several people use an HTML newsletter more widely, it is visually more attractive and has several responsive elements attached to it. Sometimes the answer to your email marketing campaign can be a simple-text newsletter for so many reasons. A few of the ideas got pointed out above; however, it is essential to make your decision based on your customized audience and business needs. You can also try using both and then pick the one which works the best for you.

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