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What Is Link Building and Why Is It Important

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10 Sep. 2020


Most businesses understand the need to employ the use of search engine optimization (SEO) to rank high. You can’t just start a website and wait for customers to come through, although, sometimes, especially for beginners, it’s hard to know where to begin from.

As a beginner, you can start improving your SEO through link building. This can, however, work best if your website is already filed with quality content including blog posts, or infographics.

What Is Link Building?

Link building is a term used in SEO to refer to a process of having other websites’ link to a page on your website. The purpose of link building is to earn you higher search engine result page (SERP). Search engines value the quality of content on your website so, ensure you acquire trustworthy links. You can’t just acquire links from authoritative sites if your content is of poor quality. For this reason, ensure your content is quality, one that catches the eyes of the viewer!

How Do You Get Started with Link Building?

You want to make great link partners. That is the first thing, right? You can do this by making a list of influencers you would want to make your link partners. Use tools such as:

BuzzsSumo. This tool helps you identify those influencers that can help to promote your content.

Followerwonk. This one helps you source influencers from twitter.

Traackr. This provides you with a platform for influencer marketing.

You can also use the following ideas to help you get started:

Whichever idea you chose to use from above, ensure the links you attach add value to your readers.

How Are Links Created?

A link has four parts, each performing a specific function within the link.

The beginning. “Anchor” is the name of the first part of a link which indicates to search engines that there is a link that points to something else. The anchor is usually identified by an "a"

Link referral location. This part shows the location of the URL; could be another page in a site or an image. It is usually identified by an "href". Suppose this part begins with a #, it means that the link is pointing to a different section of the same page.

Visible text of the link. This includes some parts of the text that clients can visualize on the page when they click on the link. It usually appears blue and underlined which means it is a link that can be opened.

Closure. This part shows the search engines that the link is complete.

Why Link Building Is Important for Your Business

You need link building mainly because it is what search engines use to determine rankings. So, increasing the number of quality links pointing to your website increases the chances of higher ranking. The following are other reasons why link building is important for your business.

1. Building Relationships

When other websites link to a page on your website, they are helping you promote something great that you offer; could be a piece of content or an infographic. In other words, link building involves outreach to other websites as well as blogs in your industry. Other than simply acquiring a link, outreaches help you build long-lasting relationships which means that your business is becoming recognized.

2. Improving Brand Awareness

Good link building establishes you as an authority in your niche and also improves your brand recognition. Link building techniques such as content creation, show people your expertise, and this improves your chance of being known for what you do.

When you try to get people to link to your website, you are asking them to help you spread the good news to the world, of your expertise. This improves the recognition of your brand.

3. Referral Business

Strong links can help you attract huge traffic to your site and improve your SEO ranking. If your site is linked to a popular site, it can improve your sales. These sales can further turn into your loyal customers and this will benefit your business in the future.

Getting Other Pages Link to Your Website

Important to Note

Before deciding to build links, you need something valuable that you can build links to. More often than not, people build links to resources such as infographics, blog posts, tools, research, or sometimes a research study. Sometimes these resources already exist before you even begin your link building campaign. Sometimes though, you have to create them to build strong links. In other words, you must start your link building campaign with something valuable.


Link building structure changes over time. For this reason, be sure to keep up on the practice and be willing to accept and make necessary changes. The key to building strong links is creating compelling content that everyone would be willing to share, link, or make reference to. So, ensure you start with generating high-quality content. High-quality content will make your efforts fruitful in the long run.

Success depends on the quality of your content. Period!

You can never build long-lasting relationships or achieve high SEO rankings if you can’t produce extraordinary content on the website.

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