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What Is An IP? And why Warm It Up

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06 Jan 2021

We all have heard of the word with two letters, known as IP. An IP address, short for Internet Protocol address is a set of numbers that are assigned to each device that is connected to a computer network. This specific computer network must, of course, be making use of the Internet Protocol as a means of communication. There are different versions of IP. However, the ones used are the following: One is known as IPv4, known as Internet Protocol version 4, and the other is IPv6, known as Internet Protocol version 6. Ipv4 is a 32-bit number. This version used to be really effective years ago. However, with the growing number of internet users, the 32-bit number was just not enough. Therefore, the IPv6 was born with its 128-bit number capacity. However, IPv4 is still in use in some parts of the world. It is usually reserved for private networks.

Functions Of An IP Address

The major functions of an IP address are:

- It acts as a form of recognition or labeling.

- Provides the geographical location of the user.

Difference Between Public IP Address And Local IP Address?

The public IP address is as the name suggests- public. That is, it is used when surfing the Internet. Anyone can access this IP.

A local IP address is more personal. It is assumed that they can only receive traffic within the local network and not from the internet. One cannot use a local IP address to access the Internet. This type of IP is unique in itself.

How To Find Your Public IP Address?

Not only the FBI or Interpol agents can find IP addresses. You can do it too. It is even possible to see your own IP address. There are different ways to find your IP address. Let us look at the easiest method. That is simply by using an online application to do so. Another method is by easily typing on Google Search: What is my IP address? And believe me, Google will have the answer to that. However, it is your public IP address that will be displayed and not your local IP address.

How To Find Your Local IP Address?

The method is not the same as for the public IP address. You cannot find it using the internet. The internet has in fact no access to such information, for security reasons. The procedures for Windows and macOS are different. Here are the steps:

On Windows:

- At the bottom of your screen, in Type Here To Search, type the following: Command Prompt and click on it.

- A Command Prompt window will open. On this, you can type different sets of commands that will force your computer to do it or it can also make you access some information.

- Type the following command: ipconfig, then click on the Enter button.

- The only thing left is to view the information that appears on the screen. Your IP address must be written there.

On macOS:

- On the left corner, at the top of your screen click on the miniature Apple icon.

- A tab will appear. Choose System Preferences.

- Another list will come up and you will have to click on Network. There your local IP address will be written.

Why Should You Warm Up Your IP Address?

IP warming is done when you obtain a new IP address. This is one to establish a reputation with this new IP. This is sort of unusual, isnĀ“t it?

Well, not really. It does make sense in away. All mail providers are wary when a new IP pop up. They feel less inclined to send mails to this particular IP address, in case it contains malware. Therefore, it is required for new Ip users to warm up their IP addresses.

How To Warm Up Your IP Address?

There are 2 ways to warm up your IP: there is a manual and an automated method.

Manually: This is done by manually sending more and more emails. At first, it is advised to send fewer emails, then to gradually increase the amount. Initially, there is a huge chance that you will not be receiving any response. This is completely normal.

Automated: If a person has to add another IP address, then he or she has to do it automatically. Simply go to settings and select IP Addresses. Click on the menu and select the IP that you intend to warm up. Select Use Automated IP Warmup. Then save it.

VPN And IP Address

A VPN is a program designed to help users surf securely through the Internet. Short form for a Virtual Private Network, the VPN is widely used around the world. When surfing the internet, there is always a fear of falling prey to hackers or snoopers. People use VPN for the following reasons:

- To establish a secure connection between themselves and the server.

- To enjoy an additional degree of anonymity and thus privacy.

- To have access to blocked websites.

And many other reasons.

AVPN can accomplish such a feat because, in reality, it alters your IP address. This is done in order to make you unrecognizable. Therefore, if you are using a VPN and someone is trying to track you, then your location would be fake. Instead of seeing you at home in Paris, you are shown to be in Australia. This is one way of changing your IP address.

There does exist another way and it consists of making use of web-based proxies or by changing it in your network settings.

There is so much more to know about IP addresses. It is, without a doubt, a very interesting topic. Therefore, the next time that you are surfing on the internet, do not forget about what I told you about IP address!

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