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What Are the Best Tools for Tracking Lead Generation Services?

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07 Jan 2021


For business, you must have leads. Having more leads will help you to grow your business and earn great profits from it. Having great leads is important for you, your company, and your business. People spent a lot of time and money generating leads that will help them in their business. Sometimes they get less profit while other times they get more profit. Sometimes the available leads are so much that many companies require additional help to manage and track different leads. These are called tracking lead generation services. These are important as they help to find, track, and manage leads that will help the company in one way or another. Let’s now see why the company required tacking lead generation.

Why tracking lead generation is important

Leads are the most important part of any marketing company. A company that manufactures products or offers services needs someone who will test their product and buy them. A lead is the one who does this work. However, if a company has too many leads, then it will difficult to manage them. They’ll need to track every lead and make a headway in their direction. This will help to prosper their business. Not only that but they also need some additional lead generation and they can capture them all easily using a lead generation service. A good lead generation service will help to capture all the leads easily, store them, and even manage them without any problem. Let’s see what are the best tools for tracking lead generation services.

Best tools for tracking lead generation services


OptinMonster is a great online lead generation software. The software can help to extract lead out of a webpage, store it, and even share it with other people. It can help to easily manage the leads for the company. The software will help the company to keep a track of their leads, and also helps them to get new leads. By using this software getting new leads and handling existing leads becomes easy.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best online software that will help you to manage your leads and will also help in email marketing. Yes, the software uses a similar process as that of Mailchimp. It helps to store the lead safely and also helps to manage them without any issue. Not only that, but this website also has online training, extensive course and many other things which help to achieve success in email marketing.


Sendinblue is one of the rare inline software that combines both email marketing and SMS marketing in it. The software helps to increase the inflow of leads into the business. It contains many inbuilt services that help the user to create engaging emails which the user can send to other people and get leads for their business or company. It is used by many people who want to generate more lead by email marketing.


Many times in leads generation you might find difficulty in searching for emails of a person or their company. In successes, you can use the online website hunter. Hunter has a special search engine wherein you can enter the domain of the website or the company and it will help you to generate the email address pattern. It is useful for lead generation as well. Not only that, but due to the confidence rating of the website, you can be assured that the email you get is genuine.

Aero Leads

Aerolead is a google chrome extension that you can use to search leads easily on LinkedIn, angel list, or other job search websites. It helps to increase the sales leads of the person or the company. All you have to do is add your connection to the Aerolead account, the tool will then start to find all the business email address and other contact details easily without any problem. It is simple to use and one can use it without any problem.

Voila Norbert

If you want to do bulk emails finding of the email address for your company or sales, then you can use the viola Nobert website. It has a specialized verified email finding algorithm. You can upload the list of prospects in bulk and the website will search for the email address in it. The website is paid and its price can range from anywhere between 49$ to 499$ depending upon the number of leads you want to search.


Outreach plus is one of the best multi-purpose online tools which you can use not only to generate the leads but also for email marketing. The inbuild email customization feature of this website helps to create customer mails which will help to gather more people for the campaign. This helps to increase the leads easily and effectively. The website is paid; however, one can try their free trial version to get satisfaction, and then they could decide whether they would like to continue using this website or not.


Hoover can be used to find the leads easily. Hoovers has the world's largest commercial database and you can use it to your advantage to generate leads for the company or the business.

You can get relevant information and prospectus about the company and then you can approach them with your product or the service they have to offer.


Datanyze is made up of two words that are data and analysis. It is online software that finds the lead for the company or the business based on the data. Sometimes you might need to get the data based on the data you have gathered. In such times, the one website that can be of use to you is Datanyze. Not only will It help to generate the data leads, but it will also help you to manage those leads much easier. It is one of the best websites which people use to get a specific type of leads based on the data.

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