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Vape SEO for Vape Websites: Things to Do to Succeed

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18 Jan 2021

Vape SEO for Vape Websites: Things to Do to Succeed

With a revenue projection to reach $43 billion by 2023, the vape industry is expected to go through a period of boom in the coming years.

Due to the lucrative nature of this newly emerging field, thousands of vape retailers are popping up in the market. To set yourself apart from the competitors, you need to learn how to utilize SEO to your advantage. In this article you are going to learn about Vape SEO for Vape Websites: Things to do to Succeed.

The good thing is that this competition is beatable and you can directly target your potential customers by implementing various SEO strategies. Improving SEO will not only help you rank on the first page of the Google search engine but you will also be able to monitor the preferences of your target audience.

From the age of your webpage to the overall monthly traffic, various factors would help you go up in the SEO-based ranking.

Who Is Your Target Market?

Most of the vape fans and enthusiasts these days are younger than 25 years of age. This means that you would have to optimize the UI/UX aspects of your online platform.

This tech-savvy generation would easily get bored if you don’t have eye-catching templates and themes. You should also not underestimate the importance of optimizing your website for mobile phone browsers, as the majority of young individuals search for vape products and accessories using their cellphones.

Try making the payment gateways and checkout options as easy as possible so that the users don’t hesitate to make multiple purchases from your online cart.

How to Improve Your SEO Strategy

To increase your online visibility and overall sales, you would have to keep a constant track of the attitudes and buying behavior of your customers.

You would need to notice where people are mostly abandoning your platform, as that would help you re-adjust it according to the customer expectation. From creating appealing banners to designing landing pages, there are various things that you would need to do to execute an effective SEO strategy.

  • Write for Humans
  • Before trying to decipher the latest algorithm of Google search engine, you first need to understand that you are mainly writing it for real people.

    Many novice website owners fall into the trap of only looking at the picture from the algorithm point of view, and they miss the point that ultimately they would be needing money from the wallets and credit cards of people.

    Rather than infusing your content with keywords, you also need to add value to your website. This way you would be able to build up a level of trust among your customers, which would make them re-purchase your vape products.

  • Create Quality Content
  • Google has recently updated its algorithm in which it would give preference to webpages with well-researched and unique content.

    When creating content for your website you need to ensure that your users find it helpful and they learn something new from it. Newbie vape owners have hundreds of questions in their minds that they need to be answered. You need to engage with your website visitors by giving them insights like how to buy the right vape device or how to find the cheapest e-juice in the market.

    Following are the key factors that you need to take care of while coming up with fresh content.

  • Adjust Your Content for Online Reading
  • Your website visitors are likely to make snap judgments about your brand within a few minutes.

    If the visual elements don’t appeal to their eyes or you don’t get to the point quickly in your content, then this would cause them to abandon your website. You have to design your content in a way that makes people stay for a longer duration on your webpages.

    Font Size and Color:

    The Typography of your website can have a massive impact on the overall user experience of your visitors.

    Besides youngsters, you would also be getting senior customers who happen to be vape users. Just because someone is old that doesn’t mean they can’t be fans of vaping so you have to optimize your fonts accordingly.

    Make sure that the font is readable on both desktops and mobile devices. The color of the font should also be visible over its background.

    Incorporate White Spaces

    To improve reading comprehension, you have to efficiently leave white spaces on each page.

    Leaving white spaces on your webpages would increase the overall readability of the content, as it would put less strain on the eyes of the readers. Too much white space is also not advisable because it would deviate the viewers from your quality content.

    Engage Your Viewers by Breaking Up Large Paragraphs

    Your visitors would be less motivated to read your content if it is loaded with large walls of text.

    To make it more engaging, you need to break it down into small paragraphs. You can use subheadings and bullets to maintain a high level of engagement of the audience.

  • Secure Links with Relevant Websites
  • Adding hyperlinks to other similar websites on your online platform would increase your odds of gaining a higher ranking in Google’s search engine.

    Link building is not only a tool to rank higher but it also increases your audience reach through referral traffic. By maintaining relationships with the owners of other websites you would be able to tap in on their pool of audience.

    This is just like “webbing”, as you keep on sending your message across by expanding your share of online visitors. Once you start getting organic inbound links to your webpages, you would be able to get preference by Google’s algorithm.

    When building links with other websites, you should always focus on quality over quantity. A dozen of reliable links can offer you prospects of moving forward in the race of search engine optimization without any traps.

  • Increase Social Media Presence
  • The power of social media should not be underestimated; as it can help you interact with your target audience in a personalized manner.

    Most B2C businesses consider social network platforms as the major tools for increasing traffic. You should have a business profile on Facebook and Instagram. You can make the online visitors curious about your brand by showing tutorials about new vape products and adding vape tricks videos on your page.

    You can keep your customers updated by posting about the latest combo offers and discounts on your products. This would naturally increase organic traffic to your online vape shop.

  • Partner With Influencers
  • From vape podcasters to vape tricks experts, you can partner with these experienced individuals to expand your brand reach.

    We have all seen people doing unbelievable vape stunts on Facebook and YouTube, and these videos have millions of views. There is no denying the fact that these vapers inspire others who either already own a vape mod or planning to give it a go.

    Once you build up connections with famous podcasters and YouTubers, you can request them to give a review of your products. This will help you increase your outreach, which would result in a higher sales conversion rate in the long run.

  • Create a Profile on Google My Business
  • Whether you have an online vape shop or a brick-and-mortar shop in the neighborhood, it is always a plus point to have a local listing on Google maps.

    Once you create your profile by adding your business’s details, you will be able to provide a trustworthy to your users where they can review your products and services. Registering with Google My Business would increase your chances of getting visits from local vapers.

    Your main goal should be to get a 5-star review rating on Google, as that helps you gain the attention of future visitors.


    So you see, implementing SEO strategies can help you reach your customers through a proper channel.

    We hope we were able to teach you about Vape SEO for Vape Websites: Things to do to Succeed. By applying the techniques and tips mentioned in this article you would be able to increase your audience within a short period.

    Make sure to keep on building quality links and adding value to your new content so that you can retain your current customers and attract new visitors. Improving your visibility will take time, but once you get to rank higher you would be easily able to increase customer conversion on your website.

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