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Using LinkedIn Boosts your Sales Leads

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04 Jan 2021

LinkedIn marketing is something that you should look into as a number one metric to boost up your sales. LinkedIn allows you to analyze how much revenue you are generating from each marketing channel. This you can set your objective to invent your most effective marketing tactic. The process gets even simpler with LinkedIn. You must be able to create a tremendous personal LinkedIn brand and high engagement. This particular platform has the ability to make your posts go viral every time you go for writing an article. But you must also analyze the statistics of your sales to ensure if they are really working or not. If it doesn't contribute to your business then - what is the point of doing it?

There are some basic contributing factors that generate your leads from LinkedIn. So, to get the best out of it you must look at your - LinkedIn ads, content creation, personal branding, LinkedIn outreach, and basic growth hack factors.

Here are the best 5 proved LinkedIn strategies that can boost your sales -

Advance your LinkedIn profile

Before you start to generate sakes through LinkedIn you must have an attractive LinkedIn profile. So, whenever a customer visits your page they must be pleased with the quality and outlay of your data. Let's understand it with an example, whenever you get a LinkedIn connection from someone unknown to you. The first thing you would probably do is to check their profile and try to understand what they actually do and why they are adding you. And for instance, they have an attractive LinkedIn tagline then you become curious to click on their profile to check their summary description to get a better view of their work and you will most probably check their work experience too. Then you choose according to your area of interest. Wouldn't that be remarkable if you enter a profile and you see their brand included in it? So, you can directly book a call with them. This will not only allow you to contact them easily but also you share a bond with the brand.

You might have always heard "The first impression is the last impression" and it is very true for LinkedIn. Here most of us don't know each other so share a bond with the data and presentation that we watch on the profiles. So, before starting the job you must consider to prepare a well attractive profile to invite loads of people to boost your sales.

Background picture

Many experts will tell you to put up a stock image as your background picture. But it is rather boring and common for everyone. So why not let's try something interesting? For creating an excellent background image you don't need to hire an expert graphic designer. You just need to keep three factors in your mind while creating the image. First is it must include your personal "logo", logos helps in creating a picture on the mind of the customer which he/she recognizes where ever they see it even outside LinkedIn. Next is the value, corporates believe that every image in a business reveals a message. So what is the message that you want to give to your customers? The image must be able to reveal your message and a little extra value to your profile. The next factor is the solution, business is all about giving the best solution to the problems of your customers and trading through it. So, your background picture must be able to give the solution related to the service that you are providing. It will not only attract the customers but also will create trust between you and your audience. Having an attractive background picture is the basic LinkedIn growth hack that can create good sales. The ideal background picture size is of 1584×396 resolution. So, make sure that you keep the length of the picture accordingly so that no part gets cut off when you preview it on your profile. You don't need something extraordinary, simply by having a customized banner, you are already above everyone.

Profile Picture

When it comes to the profile picture keep it simple and classy. Yes, people will indeed judge you through your profile picture. They are going to make their mind about whether they can trust you or not by looking at your profile picture. But, there is nothing you can do about it! So go for a simple profile picture that represents your company. But make sure that it is of high resolution, clear, easily grabbable, and above all have a professional approach. The most important factor in the case of creating sales is trust. So, in your picture, you must be looking confident and credible. It must create a sense on the mind of the viewer that you are serious and aware of what you are doing. That is the basic of excelling in every field of your life.


Seems so easy but yet very crucial. It is one of the most important key factors in your LinkedIn profile. It is the first expression that you are going to give to your audience. So this is the factor that will decide whether the customer clicks on your profile link or not. If you aim to engage more people with your idea then you need to explain the outcome of your services. One basic formula which you must keep in your mind while creating your tagline is that it must contain the answer of the following - Who + Effect + How.

Engaging with the right audience

Once you get ready with your profile and kickstart your sales then you must ensure that you are engaging with the right audience. Having the right audience on your profile will help you break your LinkedIn social selling campaigns. You must understand who your buyer is? Then target the right group accordingly.

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