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Turn Sales Lead into Sales Effectiveness

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07 Jan 2021

Turn sales leadinto sales effectiveness

The majority of the leads that achieved will not be turned into sales effectiveness. The lead generation is one of the best marketing strategies that help get clients who seem high possibilities to have aninterest in your business. Choose your targets wisely and focus on them. Talking about the lead generation, leads are the indication that shows the rate of the client's interest in one's company. According to a research, conversion of sales lead to accepted lead is about 60 percent. And more half of this turn into a successful qualified lead. This means, not just a good lead generation team, but also, the after-work is very important. This will help you receive more new clients.

The article is going to talk about a few strategies that will help your sales lead turn into an effective one.

Offer incentives

Use referral systems to grab clients. Who doesn’t love offers? Implant referral or scan codes in the message that you send to your target. Use direct mail and digital strategy to turn it into a positive response. By this I mean, send your mail through direct mails and use the digital platform to make useof theoffer.

Not just referral systems, you can offer your client any small incentive to grab their attention. It might be even a small trial product of your product (if it has one). It might not be anything costly it just needs to be useful and attention-seeking.


Take a break from the one side communication. Listen to what the client says. Respect his/her requirements. Ask if they are interested in working together in your business. If you do not do this, your competitor might do and win the client.

Show testimonials

To gain trust from your clients, show them your previous customers. A written or a video testimonial will for sure gain you the trust of your business in the client. Present more photos of your previous customers using your product and interacting with your company. Upload these on the social platforms that your client uses more. According to a research, more than 61 percent of people believe and look for online reviews. Hence why leave the opportunity? More happy customers are going to gain you new clients.


As mentioned earlier, the lead generation has achieved its height in a major way because of telemarketing. Yes, talk more to the clients. But do not overdo it. This can sometimes annoy the client and you might lose them. See if the client is interested and respond to them in a manner that shows how your company treats like every customer is important.

Concentrate on digital platforms also

Although we talk more about traditional methods, the digitalized world is the new normal. People use digital platforms for more reasons. May be entertainment, knowledge feeding or for necessity things, people come to online platforms for everything. Reach the customers on the platforms that they seem to use more. Once you have sent a direct mail to the client and you smell that the client is interested, send an email to make him take a step. Provide proper CTA (call to action) to not lose the client.

This is a quite familiar strategy that every marketing team would follow. The client might be even targeted by your competitors. Hence make sure to outstand the others on the email platform to seek the attention of your company first.

Nudge the positive potential

If the client seems to be interested, ensure to remind him of your offer to make him take a step forward. Do this only if you know that the potential is capable of turning your service into a high return investment. Else the nudge is either going to annoy him or you are going to get disappointed.

Simple follow up

Before you approach your target, make sure to do complete research on the client whom you choose as your target. A good source that gives you fresh us very important. Collect database after complete research. Instead of spending time collecting data, you can optfor websites likeleadfeeder to collect data. Then spend your time doing research.

After approaching your client, do a proper follow up of them. Follow the activities of the client once you have reached them. If they have accepted to take the lead, remind them to make the move if they still haven’t. Make sure not to be harsh on it. Send an email to remind them of the activity that they have missed. This is an effective way of converting the lead into a quality lead that accepted the offer.

Save your time

It is also important to save your time on unresponsive clients. Give a “no communication” gap for the clients once you have reached them. If you see no response from their side, give a small reminder. If you still do not see any reply back, it is clear that the client has no interest in your company. So it’s better to move on to the next potential client instead of focusing on one.


On your social media platforms, display FAQs' that are asked. With this, the client will be able to clear basic doubts about your product/company and can decide whether to invest in yours or not. For this, talk to your customer service department and sales department to merge the commonly asked questions and basic questions that can clear the queries of the customers.


Marketing and sales are very much essential for a company no matter how effective your design and products are. The reach is important for the company to work on more profits. Follow lead generation strategies to turn leads into potential clients.The majority of the leads won’t simply turn out if you just send formal conversation opening. Work on marketing as equally how you work on the products. A happy client is also a marketing tool for future clients.

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