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Turn Digital Traffic Into Real Qualified Sales Leads

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07 Jan 2021


What is "Digital traffic"? Well, it means the visitors to your websites. And, a "Sales Lead" is the prospect who converts into a longtime customer. You have to work hard and spend a lot of time to build and decorate a new website for your business purpose. But, after some days, if you see the analytics and found that there is very little traffic, does it worth your hard work and time? Again, if you find visitors only but can't turn them into sales leads, how would you feel? We will discuss the major points about turning digital traffic into real qualified sales leads today in this article.

Creating Brand awareness

It is a try to promote your brands across multiple different platforms. These include Social media, Blogs, Websites, Webinars, Press releases, YouTube/Facebook ads, and many more. There is a reason behind this. It is you always want to ensure that you share the most up to date information about your brand. Here, Social media can be your very first choice because it is the most cost-effective platform to share your updates with your desired prospects. Then comes the Blogs as you want to come up with the educational/informative content. You can share this blog content with social media that will help you to increase your search engine optimization. The next tool is the Website. Make sure you have this. If you don't have this, you are losing in the digital space. Take advantage of YouTube as it is the second largest search engine. People around the world spend a lot of time on YouTube. So, you can make short-length webinars on YouTube about different topics of your business and create a playlist. You can try the other platforms too to create your brand awareness.

Converting the audience into subscribers

The second step is to convert the audiences into leads. Keep in mind that when you want to ask the visitors to sign up for your website, don't ask them a lot of questions. You need this way to convert them into a soft lead technically. Here, you can use a great option that is "A Newsletter Subscriber". Because by using this option, all you will ask them to provide are some personal information like- full name, email id, gender, etc. in return for some valuable content. You can add some questions about their job/work industry, their interests in that particular field, etc. But, remember not to go crazy asking tons of questions. So, it is mainly asking your visitors to fill out a subscription form containing important fields that will helpful for you to find qualified audiences for your marketing business. If you are using a marketing automation platform, you can create smart lists of your subscribers based on the information that they have already provided. By this, you automatically can segment them based on the leads you get. So, that is all about your second step.

Build trust

If you completed the first two steps successfully, the third step to help you to nurture your lead. Here, you have to create highly targeted newsletters either it's a domain or an industry-specific email. For instance, suppose you have segmented your audience based on the software industry. If your audiences contain different lists, send them a highly targeted newsletter based on their interest. Every time you send an email, be sure that the contents are informative and evergreen as well so that they can get engaged with your content. Thus, you are ensuring that you are building trust in your audiences. You can also send them links of Webinars, Blogs, downloadable resources, local stories, educational videos, etc. that relate to their industry. These are some of the great ways to engage with them build trust. This way, you are converting your soft leads into qualified sales leads.

Identifying and Tracking opportunities

Here, focus on how exactly they are interacting with your content and identifying potential opportunities. Because you want to make a sale. We have described already how to create smart lists to identify contacts. One better way is to use lead the score. Because the more they engage with your content, the more their score increase. Based on it you can create smart lists.

Build a custom campaign targeting these opportunities. You can build custom audiences on social Facebook, Google, or Instagram targeting them on social media. When you want to send an email, you need to think about sending personalized intros and personalized messages as well. Because that will help you to build a personal connection with your leads. Also, send them an introduction video of yourself and your brand. You can offer them a free consultation on your product or service.

Next, send them a follow-up email with a highly valuable asset to download or watch. If the leads do that, it means that they are interacting with your content. It's an opportunity to talk to your audiences. If they reply, it is a positive sign that indicates that they are ready to buy your product. If they are ready to take action, move forward. But, if they seem not interested, step back.

Final Conversion

Now, this is the time to convert digital traffic into real qualified sales leads. You can pass on the information to the local sales and marketing colleagues. Keep in mind that once you send the information to the sales leads, you need to ensure the identification that he/she is the exact person who follows-up with the sales qualified lead within the next 24-48 hours. If you take more than that, the user may lose interest in your brand and he/she may start exploring other options.


It is always necessary to engage the visitors and make sure that they can consume your content. You can not turn a new visitor to a sales or qualified lead overnight. There are a lot of steps in between. So, the five steps described above are recommended to follow for the people who want to turn the digital traffic into real qualified sales leads. It is beneficial for the upcoming profit for a marketing business.

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