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Top 10 Social Media Exchange Sites

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10 Sep. 2020


It comes as no surprise at all that social media has reined in such impressive popularity that it will be exceptionally hard to leave this stage behind for something new. It has made lives for both customers and businesses all the easier. Everyone seeks to gain some form of advantage from it as it offers a plethora of uses that provide unlimited value to those who avail them. If you want to dig deep into its benefits and gain more of a following by people by increasing the likes and comments on your account, we can help you do it. Social media exchange sites can allow you to increase your level of popularity with ease by allotting tasks that you will have to complete in exchange for getting more likes and comments. Here are 10 of such exchange sites listed for you to give a look and consider.

1. FollowLike:

If you start looking for the best exchange sites, this one will definitely pop up as one of the more highly ranked ones and for good reason. Your social media statistics will be soaring and leaping as the SEO tools and backlinks used by FollowLike can give you the kind of traffic you really need. Whether it means free Twitter followers, Facebook likes, or even a superior ranking of your website on Google this is an option you simply need to try out in order to make sure that your business flourishes to the extreme. It is not even just limited to these aspects. If you happen to have your own videos, music, or blogs that you need an inflow of traffic for, you can even opt for that and it will get it done.

2. Like4Like:

If you want an exchange site that you can trust and will provide you with the following that you need, Like4Like is an ideal choice to make use of. They will not demand your social media accounts' passwords or anything of the sort that might make you feel uncomfortable. You will also not have to worry about any tweets or posts shared by them from your account or even various kinds of bots to show up. Everything will be done cleanly and with the utmost level of professionalism that you may require.

3. AddMeFast:

The name of the social media exchange site itself is a clear indication of it providing you with the required level of followers, tweets, and likes incredibly fast. It is fairly easy to register and it will be completely up to you who you might want to follow, like, or subscribe to. The skip option is present to be able to avoid going for the accounts that you lack an interest in.

4. Link Collider:

If you have an online business that is in dire need of promotion or a website or blog that really needs to be discovered to get it up and running properly, this exchange site will make it happen. One of its most distinctive qualities is the free SEO tools that it will provide you with so you can optimize your content in a way that it can get a maximum number of hits when people look up for it. You can also be paired with other site owners so that you can promote each other’s content on your own websites and be rewarded not only with increased traffic but also a higher ranking on the search engines.

5. Traffup:

The currency to be used in Traffup’s game is points. Without them, you cannot hope to make this work out well. If you have more points, users will definitely follow you or give your page a look for sure. One way of getting these valuable points is if you visit someone else's page that is also listed on Traffup. As long as you have a few on your account, it will stay there, ready to be viewed and visited.

6. YouLikeHits:

Whether you have Twitter, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. you can definitely expect it to get the popularity it needs using this exchange site. Since it is completely free and easy to use, you will not have to be worried about any hassles as you start the process of vamping up your likes and comments.

7. FanSlave:

If you thought that a higher following on Twitter or Facebook was all you would be getting here, you were wrong. You can even get paid using this website that will allow you to get credits for checking out the FanSlave pages after registering. Once you have those, you can actually cash them in and score some extra money.

8. LikesPlanet:

LikesPlanet is entirely safe and will cause no troubles for you as you venture on the journey of accumulating a greater number of likes, comments, and followers. This website promises the complete absence of bots so you will not have to spare a thought to that. You can get thousands of shares and plays depending on how invested you are.

9. Shareyt:

Social media marketing for businesses can be made all the easier using Shareyt that allows your business to get more of an exposure and potential customer boost to get its traffic level up. With just a few clicks, you can get backlinks and SEO tools that can help your business gain popularity and increase its level of authority too.

10. SocialClerks:

If you are an artist looking for your work to be discovered by more people or an online business owner trying to strengthen your social media presence through the generation of more retweets and likes, this site will help you. You will definitely find a noticeable change in your profile once you start implementing its strategies and the bonus point is how awesome its graphics are as well.


Wanting to increase popularity on social media for various purposes is nothing new, as the idea seems appealing to those who want to go viral or appear cooler. These exchange sites are the perfect medium through which you can get just what you want and get the best results.

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