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Top 10 Social Media Exchange Sites

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01 Jan 2021


With the advancements in digital marketing, social media exchange sites have brought upon a revolutionary change in SEO. Posting your products once or twice is not sufficient to generate a strong social presence or even generate revenue out of them. For this reason, an ample number of free social media exchange sites are now available throughout. But it takes a lot of time and patience to make your business visible through social media exchange sites. There are several types of social signals that help to justify the presence of one’s business or project. Comments, shares, likes, followers, retweets, etc. are some of the most common social signals that motivate people and make them more engaged in social media. Social media presence improves and their product or business grows. There are mainly three ways by which social signals take part. The first one is the generation of referral traffic. The second one is that these social signals boost SEO. The final one is the addition of more backlinks from each social share. Paid social media promotion is another mode of increasing the social signals and eventually optimizing your presence. But social media exchange sites are the cheapest way of marking one’s presence in social media as all of the social signals are generated by real people.

Below is a list of the top 10 social media exchange sites.

1. LeadsLeap: It is a combination of PTC and ad network. Credits can be earned upon clicking on ads. These credits can be either exchanged for cash or are used to display the owner’s main link. One can also get a share of the ad revenue of the site that depends on the number of credits that have been earned each day. It serves as a great tool for SEO service, link building service, and other services.

2. Jarvee: It is a social media automation software that is mostly used as an Instagram bot. Multiple social media accounts can be managed automatically using this software. It reshares content automatically in major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc., and can create groups or do other tasks, thereby making a direct sales or marketing channel.

3. FollowLike: It is a free social media exchange site that helps to boost SEO. The social media presence increases with its help along with an increase in Alexa ranking, page ranking, backlinks, etc. Overall, it helps in the gradual increase in one’s business.

4. FollowFast: It is also a free social media exchange site wherein one earns points upon page viewing. These points can later be used to advertise and grow in the market.

5. AddMeFast: It is one of the most reliable social media exchange sites. Also, it is cheaper in comparison to other sites. It helps to grow the business network and social presence. It also provides the option of choosing the ones to like, subscribe, or to follow. One can even remove the followers who are not interested in your products and are unwanted due to any reason. Registration gives 50 free points to the users.

6. Seoclerks: It is one of the largest SEO businesses on the web and offers a wide range of SEO services at cheap rates. It focuses primarily on increasing traffic from the channels of the users and optimizes business presence and eventually, business growth.

7. Viral Content Bee: It is a free social media exchange platform that helps to increase the social media presence of the business holders or the influencers. It includes sharing of the content of the influencers on a major social media platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. The more the shares, likes, or followers, the stronger will be the social presence. Eventually, people will get to know about your brand or business.

8. Vagex: It mainly exposes videos of the makers to thousands of the members of You tube and helps in increasing view count. It is a video sharing or view exchange site. The more the views count, the more is the generation of Youtube absence. The number of shares and likes also increases with increased popularity that comes from a large number of views.

9. Follow4Follow: It is again a great social media exchange site that helps in increasing the number of followers on Instagram, number of likes on Facebook, number of Twitter followers. The more followers, the more will be the social presence. A good number of followers come from this site.

10. Like4Like: It is another social media exchange site that provides a large number of free Facebook, Instagram, Twitter followers, likes, shares, and also comments. It is a free network that helps to boost the social presence. It also serves the option of whom to choose as followers. Users can even remove unwanted or uninterested followers.


Social signals play a vital role in developing website rankings. It shares the user’s website URL in every share. Twitter tweets, Facebook shares, Pinterest pins, Instagram posts, etc are the most widely used social media platform to boost one’s business and social media presence. These social signals help to solidify SEO rankings. It serves as a litmus test to prove how successful or popular is one’s business or website. These days, almost everyone checks the social media presence of the business holders before buying anything from or visiting them. The number of reviews, the visits, and the number of likes, and shares matters most to the website visitors who decide on these factors. The decision is solely on the buyers’ perspective which depends on the strong social media presence of the website. Therefore, it has become important to choose a social media exchange site to attain a reputation. It is important to note that at the very start (for beginners), you should use free social media exchange sites and slowly grow your business presence. Afterward, they can move to a professional, cost-effective service that can show instant results. In short, one should tell the world about their presence to gain popularity.

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