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Top 10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

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07 Jan 2021

Top 10 Best Mailchimp Alternatives

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider and a marketing automation platform that was founded by Ben Chestnut in 2001. It has been one of the most popular email marketing service providers for email marketers due to its huge benefits and advantages. However, like all the things out there in the world, the Mailchimp is not a perfect email provider. There are many disadvantages it carries and due to that many people aren’t able to use the Mailchimp. However, Mailchimp is not the only email marketing service provider that is available online. In recent times, there has been a lot of development in the industry of email marketing and it has led to the production of various other email marketing service providers. In this article, we have listed the best of the top 10 best Mailchimp alternatives that are present in the market currently.

Better alternatives than Mailchimp

Active Campaign

Active campaign is one of the best alternatives for the MailChimp if you are looking for better email automation. The active campaign is described as all in one marketing platform and has the best email automation feature currently in the market. There are several parameters that you can include in your email due to the features offered by active campaign. You can limit the number of emails sent in a day and can also decide when the emails should be sent to the client. It is a great service provider if you want email automation for your email marketing service.


MailerLite is a better alternative than Mailchimp if you are looking for the same features that MailChimp has, however you do not want to pay the same price as that of Mailchimp. There are several features that MailerLite has, that are better than Mailchimp. This includes landing page editor and better automation of emails than Mailchimp. These all features are better in MailerLite rather than in Mailchimp. However, there are some features as well that are better in Mailchimp rather than in MailerLite. The most common one of them is that MailerLite has no reporting or tracking tools. These are available in Mailchimp but not in MailerLite.


Sendinblue is another god email marketing service provider that offers affordable and good email marketing services. It helps to increase the automation boundaries on the email and it has a better automation program than Mailchimp. Apart from that the workflow editor of Sendinblue is also better that helps many people easily. The main disadvantage of the Sendinblue is that they do not have a good template editor. Also, the tracking service that is provided by the Mailchimp is better than the Sendinblue.


GetResponse is another good email marketing service provider that has many pro features in it. The landing web page editor and the webinar editor that one can use in GetResponse are unique and well built. They are easy to use and anybody can use them easily. The interface of the GetResponse is designed for both commercial and personal use. Be it a native company or an international company, anyone could work on GetResponse due to its easy interface which contains over 25 different languages. The downside of the GetResponse is that it doesn’t have powerful analytics like Mailchimp. Also, there are no free plans available in GetResponse and one has to pay money to get their work done.


If you want pro features email marketing service provider having a low subscription fee or none at all, then the best one you can use is Moosend. Moosend has different responsive analytics and a wide range of email templates. Even though the main problem with Moosend is that it limits your subscribers to 1000 people only, one can extend them to 10000 by paying a nominal fee of 55$ every month. This is much cheaper than the Mailchimp pro feature plan. The charge per email is also less for the Moosend. They charge only 0.001$ per email that is much cheaper than the MailChimp rate and the services they provide are far beyond their price. One can think this as a great bargain sale they get by using Moosend email marketing service.


ConvertKit is a new email marketing service provider that has just begun its journey however it's far more popular than any other email marketing service provider that you might have seen. Within one month, they managed to gain over 35000 subscribers and the number keeps on growing as the company progress. Their easy and smart automation kits are what make it more popular. The automation system of the ConvertKit is also one of the best in the market and it allows us to manage the subscribers more easily. The only drawback of the ConvertKit is that they do not have any free plan, unlike Mailchimp.


Newsletter2Go offers cheap and affordable plans for the public to use. While using a paid plan, the users get free 1000 emails every month that allows them to send more emails. The servers of this company are widely located all over the world. If you intend to use newsletter2Go for free than we suggest you stick to Mailchimp since the free emails in the free plan of MailChimp are higher.


Benchmark is one of the best email marketing service providers for foreign companies due to its heavy multilingual platform. The platform supports well over 15 languages from all over the world. The drawback of the benchmark is that they allow you a limited amount of data storage and their free plan offers much fewer emails than Mailchimp.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best email service providers that you can use if you have a small business or if you are running a non-profit organization.

They have a rather good automation feature that allows you to send modified emails message to your subscribers easily. The pricing of their plans is also affordable. The only drawback is that their features are not as good as Mailchimp and so they should only be limited to small businesses or NGOs.


Drip is another good email marketing service provider that is good for e-commerce companies. Its user sorting algorithm based on their interaction on the website is its unique feature and also one of its best features. The pricing of the Drip can be high, however, the services provided by it are worth it.

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