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Tips for a Successful Email Marketing

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04 Jan 2021


Almost every business franchise around the continent has a functional email address for different functions, including passing official communications. One sole purpose of Email Marketing that has enabled it to gain widespread popularity among business enterprises is its power to increase sales volume. On the positive side, email marketing is the only promotional tool that’s nondiscrimination. In other words, regardless of the size of your business, you can use email marketing to create awareness for your products. The use of email marketing can be witnessed at different levels in the expansive sector of trade. In fact, it has been more helpful to small plus medium-sized businesses that are unable to use other marketing tools that have proved too costly.

This has been supported by data from the Direct Marketing Association that established that about 66 percent of total sales come from email marketing. It was followed closely by the admission of nearly 75 percent of marketers who believe that email marketing is important for the success of the success of any business organization. However, the success of email marketing has never been a walk in the park. In simple terms, you need to ensure that key strategies, as well as tips, are in place for proper implementation of Email Marketing. This is vital because it will ensure that you create a marketing message that serves the intended purpose. A poorly designed email will not only fail to get the attention of the clients but also destroys the reputation of the company. Whenever you want to ensure that you’ve emails that’ll translate to higher sales, the following six tips are going to helpfulbefore you get started.

1. Have emails that are compatible with mobile gadgets

With the evolution of Android phones, the lifestyles of lots of people have changed, including access to information. According to the information published on earlier last year, there are about 4.6 billion people that are connected to the Internet. Out of this close to 2.8 billion population use smartphones to access the Internet representing more than 50 percent of the total Internet users. China is highest in terms of Internet usage with more than 800 million users followed by the United States with more than 312 million users. It’s from this that you’re advised to come with emails that are mobile-friendly to increase their user coverage.

Equally, 55 out of 100 mails that are most likely going to be opened first are found on mobile phones. This means that there are higher chances of alienating the majority of your customers if you’re going to insist on coming up with a marketing message that cannot be accessed on phones. The use of smartphones has provided lifetime opportunities to email marketers in reaching every prospective customer at all corners of the continent. In the same fashion, it’s prudent to ensure that you design a short and clear marketing message that’ll catch the attention of users.

2. Make your mails customer-centered.

Since you can use GPS to read the geographical location, status, and past purchases made by the customer, you can take the opportunity to create a marketing message that targets a specific group of customers. Understanding the basic characteristic of your customers will help in designing a message that suits them. The easiest way of customizing mails is when you quote the name of the recipient. With customization of your content, you’ll have a chance of increasing transactions by more than 85 percent. Campaign Monitor believes that customized messages can increase what’s commonly known as open rates by nearly 26 percent.

3. Always be persistent with your content

A common mistake that a lot of marketers make is the failure to understand that there specific reasons that could make one sign up for emails. A good percentage of users often subscribe to email services because there are specific pieces of information that they would wish to receive periodically. Most of them will move away from your company when they realize that you’re giving them pieces of information that goes against the original purpose. It’s important to build a long-term relationship with your customers by giving them what they expect. It’s this relationship that will make them move closer to your company.

4. Cultivate the culture of sharing information

If you want to ensure that millions of users will get your information without much strain, it’s prudent to encourage your subscribers to share their information with their friends as well as families. Traditionally, the culture of sharing is something that’s deep-rooted in society, and therefore, it won’t be so hard to bring the effect it. Similarly, you can captivate the sharing culture by connecting the business’s email to various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. This will ensure that these social media platforms are on every email that’ll be sent to customers.

5. Put more emphasis on the experience of your customers

Marketers that want to succeed with email marketing need to ensure that their messages are not among the 70 percent that deleted within 3 seconds after being received. In most cases, an email that falls in this category use formatting styles that are not appealing to users. To solve this problem, it’s advisable to avoid writing too much text without sufficient line breaks. At the same time, creating multiple column layouts without paying attention to responsive templates will harm your business reputation.

6. Learn how to use subject lines that are easier to understand

Understanding that subject lines carry the image of your business organization is the first step towards designing a more acceptable message for your clients. Subject lines are vital because they provide an insight into what you want clients to see when the read your message. Since it’s the first thing that customers will see, it’s important to make it as simple as possible. Essentially, your choice of words should be consistent and avoid using phrases that might scare away readers.


Even though email marketing has helped lots of business enterprise to control, it will serve no purpose if the correct tools for its successful implementation are not in place. Besides ensuring that customers get the right piece of information, proper tools will ensure that most many customers will subscribe to the company’s product.

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