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The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

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The Ultimate List of Email SPAM Trigger Words

Email marketing is one of the top ways to attract customers on the web. As a digital marketer, you need to perfect the art of drafting effective promotional emails and subject lines that hooks the reader instantly. It may sound interesting, but it is not an easy task.

Digital marketing is evolving very fast. There updates in tools and search engine algorithm almost every month. Most email software has in-built spam filters designed to catch certain words that look fishy and move emails to the spam folder. If your email contains those spam trigger words, you may never reach the target audience.

This article provides you comprehensive knowledge of different categories of spam triggering words, along with an ultimate list of 111 words that should be avoided by email marketers.

How to Identify If the Words Are Spam Triggering?

It's pretty straightforward to understand if the words used in email subject lines might push your email to the spam folder. You need to keep in mind the below points and ensure you don't fall in the trap while drafting the emails.

• Too Good to be True – In a bid to force customers to read the email, content creators often go overboard and write catchy subject lines, but a bit too much to digest.

• Sound Desperate – Subject lines may contain certain words that make it too desperate or needy. As if, you are literally begging to the reader.

• Put Too Much Pressure – It's a marketing strategy to use fear of using out (FOMO) technique and create urgency to make readers open the email. However, excess of anything is dangerous. If your words are creating unnecessary pressure or urgency, they might alert spam filters.

• Intrusive – You need to maintain a balance between being friendly and intrusive. Words of phrases that are intrusive in nature are considered spammy. Use them as little as possible.

• Sounding Cheap instead of Competitive – You want to give value for money offer to customers, but few words might make your email look real cheap. Do not let the customer feel that your offer is worthless.

• Big Numbers – Certain numbers are considered keywords in catching spams. As soon as the filter catches them. Your marketing campaign takes a hit.

Let's take a look at the words that fall under these major buckets and should be avoided or used wisely.

Too Good Be True

As a digital marketer, you should never think that the customer is a fool. People are aware of all the latest trends and know what's real and what's entirely farfetched. Below are a few words that fall into this category. Please note one or two instances of these words may not invite spam filters. However, use them with common sense.

• Double your income

• Amazing deal

• Fantastic offer

• Money back

• Paid

• Work

• Eliminate bad debt

• Free website

• Free membership

• Free consultation

• Home-based

• Work from home

• Triple your income

• Free trial

• Make Money

• Traffic

• Lose weight

• Gain weight

• No Catch

• Multilevel Marketing

• Free Gift

Sound Desperate

Always remember human tendency is to go for things that are out of their reach. If you start sounding needy in your emails. They will be least interested in your offer. Avoid using words that make you look desperate to sell something.

• Best Bargain

• Free Website

• Freebies

• Free Hosting

• Bonus

• Don't delete

• Free Free Free

• Gift

• Lowest price

• Sample

• Satisfaction guaranteed

• Promise

• Just for you

• Only for you

• Absolutely Free

• Giving away at no cost

• We are not selling anything

Put Too Much Pressure

Creating a sense of urgency is great, but not at the cost of scaring away your potential loyal customer. You should make the customer feel as there is no pressure, just a great offer that is valuable for them. The idea should be to intrigue them instead of forcing them to take action. Here are a few words and phrases that might look forceful and qualify for being a spam.

• Call now

• Do it today

• Limited time

• Only

• Order today

• Order now

• Urgent

• Don't hesitate

• Offer expires soon

• Instant

• Don't delete without opening

• Limited offer

• Offer of lifetime

• Click here

• Open right now

• Don't miss the golden opportunity

• Exclusive deal

• Act now

• Clearance sale

• Hurry up

• Act fast

• You don't want to miss out.


Being friendly is different than being intrusive, let's try to give a breathing space to customers. Don't use words or phrases that may be intrusive or shady.

• Password

• Wife

• Teen

• Problem

• Billing

• Life Insurance

• Loan

• Unsolicited

• Advice

• Viagara

• Xanax

• Address

• Social security number

• Money

• Offshore

• Lose

• Home

• Lose weight

• Weight gain

• No Medical exam

• Stop Snoring

• Dear Friend

• Vacation

• Holidays

Sounding Cheap Instead of Competitive.

Few words and phrases are used to entice customers as clickbait. Don't downgrade your offer to the extent that it starts looking cheap. Customers should feel valued. Here are a few words that are best avoided then included in your email subject lines.

• Easy terms

• No experience needed

• Winner

• You've been selected

• Easy access

• Success guaranteed

• Free Information

• Giving away to all

• You're a winner

• Win

• Won

• What are you waiting for?

• You are special to us.

• Fantastic deal

• Deal of a lifetime

• Congratulations!

• No age restrictions

• No obligation

Big Numbers

The use of specific numbers in your email subject line can also be considered spammy in nature. Please note these numbers can easily fall into the categories mentioned above as well. However, we wanted to call them out separately, so remember them specifically.

• Millions

• Billions

• Join millions

• Join billions

• Thousands

• One hundred percent

• 50%

• 100%

• 4U


As an email marketer, you don't send out intentional spams to the target audience. This list of 111 words will help you avoid making the mistakes you might have made in the past. Let's increase the open rate of your emails right away!

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