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The Ultimate Guide to Direct Mail Marketing

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06 Jan 2021

Many people believe that the new is always better than the old one. However, there are things, which even when they are old-fashioned, still can bring amazing results. Technology has replaced almost everything, such as work, communication, entertainment, and so on. Nevertheless, in the area of marketing, many old-fashioned marketing strategies continue being used. That is the case of direct mail marketing. As a matter of fact, for some marketing companies, this method has been the main way in which existent customers and prospects get attracted to decide on purchasing a product.

What is direct mail marketing?

Direct mail marketing is an effective method that uses physical material like a letter, postcard, packages, and others that are sent through postal mail to a different target audience with the main goal of advertising their product as well as reaching more customers. Now, Direct Marketing also uses other means such as telephone calls, text messages, television commercials, etc.

Through direct mail marketing, the announcers may establish and develop a relationship with their customers, and this can make a bridge for different purposes like getting to know your customer's needs, open suggestions for your products, promotions, and customer loyalty benefits.

What are the advantages of direct mail marketing?

One of the advantages of using direct mail marketing is that this is focused on customers in a personalized way, that is, every one of them receives a marketing material, in comparison to a television commercial, where no one receives any physical material. According to the statistics, the majority of people enjoy more receiving all types of direct marketing in their mailbox, rather than getting online, opening their e-mail, and check the content. This is because traditionally, direct mail marketing has been impacting people by making them feel special as they receive something from the company. Moreover, this strategy persuades the audience to take action and contact the company for special promos, offers, or inquiries.

What are the different types of direct mail marketing?

As previously enlisted, we will describe some of them to know how they work.

1-Newsletters: Many companies frequently send a monthly newsletter with the purpose of letting the subscribers know about new updates of their products as well as promoting upcoming products and events. The main goal of this type of direct mail marketing is to remind customers of your business and to promote goods and services.

2-Letters: A letter, which is the most traditional and effective way of marketing a product, is usually sent to customers to point a specific message. For example, a letter from a summer camp offering a special discount about the training program to the customer's kids who enrolled in the camp before.

3-Self-mailers: These are materials such as booklets, brochures, and postcards that do not use an envelope. Instead of that, they are presented commonly like in a three folded piece of paper. These types of materials are so effective because the message is visible and direct without the need for the receiver to open an envelope. This absolutely increases the possibility that the customer or targeted prospect will see your message.

4-Catalogs: Booklets and catalogs contain a business's product offerings, providing plenty of space to showcase your products. To get your customer's attention, include promotions and best-selling products on the cover to make them feel interested and, as a result, persuade your audience to purchase from you.

5-Packages: The packages are generally including a letter and an additional marketing material, it can be a catalog, product samples, or even a special gift. Moreover, they are usually reserved for loyal, high-value customers to make them feel special and at the same time keeping them as part of their customer's list.

Things to consider when using Direct Mail Marketing

There are some essential points to take into consideration for your Direct Mail Marketing to get good results:

1-Select your targeted audience- You should be focused on the right audience you are planning to impact with your product, knowing their needs, their likes, their interests so that you do not waste your time and effort on an audience that is not really interested in your product. For instance, if your product is about kitchen utensils you should be focused on prospects from restaurants, hotels, catering services, and so on, rather than on prospects from a hospital or a warehouse that are not directly involved in your product.

2-Identify your competitors-it is very important to know those who are in the same market place you are to compare how they are presenting their product, who are their prospects, what offers they have, etc. This will give you an idea about how to improve your marketing strategies and product presentation to have a positive result.

3-Evaluate your product- Self-evaluation of your product will determine if it really fits on your prospect's needs or not. Compare the benefits of your product with other products to see that what you are offering is better than others. Make yourself these simple questions: Is my product solving my targeted customer's problems? Is my product above the standard product on the market? Is my strategy reaching more people than my competitors? Am I offering a high-quality product?

To conclude this article, it is important to mention that although we are living in the technology age, Direct Mail Marketing is not being vanished due to its positive outcome in the business market. Many years of experience as the main market strategy put Direct Mail Marketing at the top of the list of the most influential and effective strategies for promoting their business product as well as for reaching more audiences and making their products be in huge demand. Direct mail marketing is the best option for businesses looking for a way to expand their product and put it in the customers' interest to purchase.

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