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The Ultimate Guide to Backlinks Types

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06 Jan 2021

Backlinks are stated as a link which is mainly created when one website is associated with another website. Backlinks can be also known as either incoming links or inbound links.It is fundamental to have backlinks of superior quality in the websites. For Search engine optimization, backlinks play a most important role. The term backlink is mainly used for defining the external hyperlink which directs the traffic to different websites. Backlink often impacts the search ranking of a particular page since it adds a coating of credibility from the perspective of search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Google and Bing. Backlinks are vital ranking signal for a significant proportion of individuals find it difficult to discover efficient link building for their search engine optimization. The main purpose of this article is to illustrate broadly the overall concept of Backlinks. The various ways through which the individual is able to attract the superior quality of backlinks have been also discussed.

Importance of backlinks to Search Engine Optimization

Backlinks play an important role in search engine optimisation since they reflects a vote of assurance from the different websites. Backlinks on a specific website depict an indicationto the search engines that different websites find the contents of particular website suitable and beneficiary. Backlinks also depict the interrelation of various webpages and websites with each other. For instance, when a superior online marketing website backlink with ablog article of SEO then it indicates the google that the two webpagesshare the same field. When different sites are associated with the particular website or a webpage then search engines make sure that the contents of the respective website or webpage are of superior quality or not. In general,trustworthy sites are directly linked with other trustworthy websites in order to avoid spam or untrustworthy sites. It also providessome valuable signals to the search enginesregarding how to give precedence to the website within the search results. The backlinks are very important as they bring recommended traffic towards the specific website. When the website is able to bring these types of traffics to the websites and able tobuildloyaltyamong them through providing contents of high quality. Therefore, it can be said that the different backlinks are identified to have a beneficiary impact on the ranking position of the site. Through this way, the visibility of the site is also improved to a great extent.

Ways in which backlinks could be used

The process of linking the backlink within the content management system is considered as very simple. A user merely needs the image or text to be associated with the Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The link automaticallyturns out to be a dofollow backlink. On the other hand,nofollow backlink needs to add the “rel=nofollow” tag afterthe href attribute. There are some strategies which need to be incorporated in order to use backlinks for developing SEO. The publisher can hypothetically add anunlimited number of links with their content. These links are advantageous to the websites to whichthe flow of traffic is directed. Having anexternal website towhich backlink is added is said to be an important task which necessitates developing a good relationship with different publishers. The search console-quality parameters of Google mainlysignify theviolation of link scheme. The parameters also put the focus on backlinks which are used by many for manipulating the search ranking of sites. Therefore,these manipulating links impact negatively upon SEO. For this particular reason, digital marketing experts need to stay away from selling or buying links, avoidunnatural linksand exchangingthe links with different websites extensively. Google had introduced an algorithm update during the period of 2012 which named as Penguin. This algorithm penalises the published who are more likely to perform actions which are against the backlinking guidelines(Webopedia, 2020).

Strategies to attract a higher quality of backlinks

• There is a need to publish a particular type of contents which attract the superior quality of backlinks. There is a significant need to carry out surveys, create case studies, utilising the data of business and also need to produce contents which mainly put emphasis on the original research. When an original content, data or statistics are published then it is more likely to attract the different sites in order to attain new and fresh information.

• There is a need to publish contents which are of higher quality and holds significant value.The quality of content plays the most important role in order to determine whether the different websites or pages will link to the specific site or not. the website is able to increase the level of traffic of other websites with developing the quality of contents.

• The website is able to attain the attention of different publishers and develop the increasing quality of backlinks by creating in-depth and comprehensive resources. There is also a need to produce detailed checklists, high-value guides and glossaries which different websites would perceive it as beneficiary.

• The published should also need to keep into consideration to create posts which are uploaded as lists. The viewers perceive these types of posts as the most attractive. The main reason behind the attractiveness of these kinds of contents is their simple format which can be understood easily by the audience. It has also believed that the proper format of large resources helps the content of the website to acquire a significant level of attention. It results in a greaternumber of links with the website.

Creating a higher quality of contents assists the website to get more links in an organic way. Good quality contents are valued as well as appreciated by the large base of publishers of different websites. The website with original and quality contents is more likely to outreach its visibility to a greater level of the audience. Backlinks play an important role in determining the worth of a particular website or webpage.


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