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The Top 10 Ways to Re-Engage Dead Email Subscribers

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05 Jan 2021

In today’s world, you can’t just ignore the Marketing thing because Marketing is the key ingredient to generate the leads. Without the right marketing strategy, your business is going to flop. As Seth Godin quotes “Marketing is the contest for People’s Attention”.

If you are able to grab that attention, you are going to rule, and if you fail, then pack up your business because it is not your thing then. This is not to lower your moral but to tell you the importance of the Marketing.

Marketing is done in so many ways, and one the best way is Email Marketing. But do you think, all of your recipients are active subscribers? I don’t think so. Out of 100, if not 50 then at least 30 are the Dead subscribers.

The question is how to make them alive? This article will guide you in detail how to address this issue. Let’s get into it and fix the problem.

Make sure to write the Appropriate and Relevant Email

Nowadays everybody’s inbox is bombarded with Emails. People don’t have time open up each and every email. They just move to open the email that grabs their attention. And only that email is able to grab the attention which is relevant. According to a study by DMR, an average worker in the USA receives almost 121 emails per day however, opening rate of the marketing emails is just 18%. It means the worker not even open up 21 emails out of 121.

So you need to look deep and find the right strategy to re-engage the dead email subscribers.

Brad Dixon shares his traditional way to write engaging emails.

“I use current news and points of interest to provide my list with relevant information. If all they ever get are sales emails from me, they stop engaging because they know what is coming. Provide great content your readers want to see, and occasionally say, ‘Oh, by the way, we have a solution for that.”

Determine your Inactive Subscribers

It is mandatory to determine your inactive subscribers and to check why they are inactive. Marketing executives consider those subscribers as inactive or dead subscribers that do not click the email, respond or reply.

The average rate of inactive subscribers is 60%. It means that out of 10 thousand subscribers, only 4000 subscriber are active ones. This is something not small. It is a huge loss for the marketer who spends a lot of time in writing the email and sending to the whole list. It is the loss of both time and revenue.

Trim your Email List

Keep a check and balance of your active and non-active subscribers. Make a list of the non-active subscribers and follow up for some time. Resend them emails and if they don’t not respond for over a period of 12 months, remove them from the list. IT is the marketing strategy of the great marketers from the big firms.

Give incentives to the dead subscribers

Dean Delisle’s company worked with a mortage company to re-engage their non-active subscribers. The company had a large database but they were not connected to the database. So it was necessary to create a relation with the database first. They used the $5 Starbucks Card as an incentive to the people to reinvigorate the relationship.

They did a survey and invited 3268 people and out of 3268, only 322 people participated. IT means only 10% responded.

So it is better to focus on the 10% rather than waste time, time energy and revenue on the whole database.

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