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The smartest Business Investment Could Be With a B2B Lead Generation Company

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04 Jan 2021

It has been researched and seen that selling to a B2B customer is not easy. It may become quite hard at times. But it is also true that selling was never an easy job to do. There is a popular saying that the person who can sell a comb to a bald person is a good trader. And the saying itself indicates how difficult and complicated the process of selling is. Recent research revealed that - (1) Only 29% of customers/buyers want to talk to the salesperson to invent the detailed quality of the product. (2) 57% of the buyers already decide whether to buy the product or not even before a single conversation with the supplier. (3) 34% of the salesperson revealed that the process of closing the deal is getting harder day by day. And it also true that only 17% of the B2B buying process is used to meet capable suppliers. Isn't it surprising? Is the data indicating that the days of reaching your desired sales numbers are gone?

The answer is a big "NO"

The statistics itself is revealing that the days of the old trading system have been outdated. A new model of trading is essential to cope up with the competition in today's market. And the solution to all the problems that you are facing while trading in the present market is the "B2B sales technique". Sooner or later you will be bound to follow this technique to grow in the market. To understand the perfect way to close the new deals you need to understand the dynamics of modern B2B sales. To achieve that you need to thoroughly understand and learn the B2B sales strategies. To excel in the art of selling you must be able to understand the future. For example, now in 2020, you must be able to realize what will be the trading scenario in 2022. And make your strategies accordingly, which will be able to excel not only now but also in the future. That will take you way ahead of any other business personals. Here we are going to discuss some truly amazing business protocols.

Let's understand what is B2B sales

B2B sales stand for business to business sales. It refers to some specific companies who mainly sell their products and services to other business houses. Such companies do not believe in the idea of directly selling their products to the customers (B2C). B2B sales is a completely new business protocol that has higher order values, a longer selling process or cycle, but it is a little more complex than the B2C model of trading.

The B2B sales model has evolved dramatically over recent years. The earlier sales strategies that were used are no longer effective in the present market conditions.

The easier version of early B2B sales

According to the early system of B2B sales if a particular individual needed a product or service they directly contacted the capable trader and made a deal with the salesperson. If the individual is happy with the deal then they simply go for it otherwise they reject it. It was an extremely straightforward process. The salesperson received the order then he/she sent the order to the manufacturer then the product is produced and delivered to the buyer. The process was quite easy and predictable.

The new B2B protocol follows a different procedure -

An individual needs a product or a solution then he/she will research it online to get thorough knowledge. Then they will also figure out all the possible options they have. They even may go to their friend, relatives, or even other online resources for a suggestion. They read online reviews about a particular product or service. Finally, based on all the information that they gathered they are going to make the decision which option they should opt for.

This, the process has changed dramatically. Now a buying decision is based on internal research. 60 - 70% of the buying decision is already being made without even engaging a salesperson in the process. This is the biggest reason why rehearsed B2B sales technique is the only way to exceed in your business in the present market.

Modern challenges require modern solutions

The latest B2B sales tactics have got a hold in the entire process. It focuses more on building trust in the mind of the buyers through social media and online platforms. The online good reviews and recommendations from peers will do the job. Social selling is considered to be effective, due to the longer time the buyers take to make up their mind the social selling builds up a good image of the product among the mind of the buyers. This extremely helps in the sale.

The latest B2B sales technique includes

1. Use the latest SEO system to increase traffic to your website.

2. Advance your website layout style.

3. Use a blog or newsletter to generate more leads in your business.

4. You can also conduct webinars by hiring some professional speakers.

5. Engage more social media influencers to your business. They have the ability to bring crowed to your site.

6. You can bring someone else's audience under you by guest posting.

7. Press releases have wide professional viewers. So, leads can be generated using a press release.

8. Built a strong network with people of different geographical variations. This will help you grow globally.

9. Ask your customers to refer your products to their friends and in return pay a good price to them.

10. Use LinkedIn to generate more sales.

11. Startup an Advisory board, to bring a more professional look to your business set up.

12. Pay attention to online reviews. They play an important part in the decision making of tge customers as they usually refer to it.


Because of all the above-listed reasons, the smartest business investment could be with a B2B lead generation company. As solves most of your problems.

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