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The Overlooked Point Of Cold Email In B2B Marketing Campaigns

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01 Jan 2021


Ever since the first emails were sent back in 1971, it has been a crucial part in the new communication era. While face to face meetings and discussions are still a norm within the business industries nevertheless, the work would not have been as easy or convenient as it is now through the invention of email. Like many other aspects of business and trade, the usage of an email is inevitable, and it is undeniably important when messages are required to be sent instantly. It is true that messages can be sent through the numerous social networking applications which are widely being used. Nevertheless, for a more professional business communication, one of most convenient and professional method of communicating would be using email. For this very reason, business to business marketing campaigns is carried out largely through numerous email platforms. Any company in this era that would want to sell their products or services to other companies would choose to do so through emails. And cold emails? If done the right way, can definitely land more customers to the doorsteps.

Cold emails - what are they exactly?

Now before we move on to browse through the land of electronic communication and emails, we should know what exactly we are diving into. Let us begin with cold emails. Cold emails are basically another way of landing in front of the eyes of a probable customer. To put it simply, it is a marketing strategy for attracting more customers. It is usually an unsolicited email as they all like to say and is sent from company or personnel to someone they do not know or have not known before. Pretty much like a cold call. This means that even if the sender is not directly in contact with the receiver, they would still be hit up with an unexpected email where this unknown business is trying to sell some funky stuff to them. With all the spam precautions people are taking these days, it is less likely for someone who received a cold email to actually go through the content since it was sent from an unknown source. Nevertheless, it may provide the business dealers its benefits anyway.

Networking and Cold Emails:

If we consider a hypothetical scenario, say you are aware of certain companies that know of your business’s existence. As a businessman, what would you prefer to do? If I were in the shoes of a businessman, I would have looked for ways to get my business a little more popular. This means that I would want the other companies to notice what services or goods I have at plate to offer. And for this, one of the greatest ways would be sending them cold emails. This actually enhances the networking within the business community because the more companies see any form of offer for a service from you, they will sooner or later begin to notice. Yes, initially the visibility will not be as bright, but that is the reason why people run B2B campaigns for cold emails. Sending a company you know a cold email will notify them of the services you are capable of providing to them. This in return, may or may not, provide you with an opportunity to actually sell your services to that company, provided you have something to offer which they find intriguing or useful to them.

Make your Cold Emails Effective:

Sure thing, if you want your services to be known, you will be running a cold email campaign. But how do you know this will work for you? How do you know that the emails will actually help you gather more customers? It is sheer dumb luck – not at all! There are certain strategies you can count on when you are trying to gain popularity of your business through cold email b2b campaigns. Let’s say, you need to create a real connection between the company you are sending a cold email to and you don’t exactly know how to get there. You can always build a bridge – this means you can describe a relevant prospective problem, and how it would be completely different if that problem did not exist in the world for the others to suffer through. Psychologically, a person would react to the need of acting for that certain problem which needs to be eradicated from the surface of this world. It would also make sense to identify where it hurts the most (not speaking literally, though) and agitate that point. Even if we consider and compare it to something tangible, it is highly likely that after being agitated by a pain, one will want that pain to soothe away and heal. This is where the cold email will strike again for a better response, again, all because of psychology.

Lead generation through Cold Emails:

So now you’ve spammed a lot of cold emails and you did that tactfully, and you are gaining popularity among many other businesses which have established before you – yes, consider this as another hypothesis. What would you want to do? According to many businessmen by profession and by heart, if you have the resources, you would have wanted to expand your business. And what exactly is the best way of expanding your business? By selling yourself to even bigger companies – more work scope, more income, expansion of the business, and clearly a successful step taken. But does this come free? Definitely not. This is precisely why cold emails work so well for generating lead. In many cases, large businesses also look for hire-worthy candidates or small venture companies who are growing because there could be tons of benefits in terms of resource value, finance, and quality. This is where cold emails would work really well – for both the big business and the one sending the cold emails.


It may sound very easy, but it is certainly not an easy as it sounds. It takes a little courage along with patience to keep up with trying to attract new customers. This is mostly because in a major duration, the target customers would not even open an email from an unknown sender. It requires a decent amount of strategical planning and tactical execution – and creativity of course. Also, companies are actually much more knowledgeable when it comes to these tactics and they know what they are looking for. Which is precisely the reason why the strategies must be variably abundant and not limited to a certain few.

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