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The Impact Of B2B Data On Your Sales Revenue Chain

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02 Jan 2021

Background Information

It’s a dream come true for person to build a business entity from scratch that grows to have a stronger sales revenue chain. Essentially, companies that want to have a strong grasp of the global market should aim at remaining strong as well as health in terms of marketing campaigns. The success of your sales revenue chain to the greater extent depends on your B2B data. It must be remembered that B2B data will detect all the primary decisions that your business will be making. With the right B2B data, you can choose the rightful channel that can be used to send content to your target audience. Experience has shown that enterprise without proper data have 1 out of 10 chances of having a strong sales revenue chain.

A lot has changed when it comes to B2B data that is not limited to the techniques of data processing. For instance the new changes that are being introduced have transformed the whole aspect of B2B data. The most rest development that’s threatening to cripple this concept started more than two years ago with the enactment of GDPR. That aside, to bring the general concept of sales revenue chain into reality, marketers should ensure that their database contain clean data. In many cases, having data that’s inaccurate or unethical can be destructive to your business operation.

Typically, dirty data that comes with different features, including irrelevant, out-of-date, among others have the ability of destroying the valuable links in your chain. We are now going to focus our attention on how B2B data can easily destroy the chain link.

Why you need to avoid using fraudulent B2B data

The foundation of a strong business that will translate into higher sales revenue chain is having a clean data. Always have your business formed on basis of clean data as opposed to dirty data. This was supported ArvindSehtia when writing for Sales Inside where he indicated that starting a business with good information will bring good results out sales effort. In comparison, he said that sales lead lists full of duplicate entries as well as out-of-date contact are just a waste of time plus energy following wrong prospects.

When a young business starts with a poor quality leads, it’s a realization that it’s deemed to fail. A mistake that a lot of businesses are most likely going to make buying a data list from an illegal source that end up having the names plus contacts of people that may not be prospects for your business. To make matters even worse, the marketing team will waste their precious time together with resources chasing after wrong leads resulting into a double tragedy to the business. Not to mention that this will hurt your sales ability thereby reducing sales revenue chain.

In a like manner, there are greater chances that you’ll be following a group of people that may not want to be contacted. In business environs, behavior is the best asses and destroying it can be detrimental to the success of your business activities. As a matter of fact, 99 percent of the strongest sales revenue chain is due to a good reputation that the business has built over the years. Behavior is what will give birth to impression, an engine that will run your sales chain.

Studies have shown that more than three-quarters of the successful business enterprise around the country had a way that made them develop a good rapport with prospective customers. And this includes having the correct data in your business’s database. Having fraudulent data may carry greater repercussions than one would imagine.

If you’ll be lucky to avoid GDPR’s hefty penalties, you’ll be caught up with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). The results will be more or less the same since ICO has powers to fine your company for using illegal B2B data. Identically, it’s better to have fewer leads than use fraudulent mechanism to acquire huge junks of data that will bring your entity to its knees.

Why your clean data can be dirty

There are compelling reasons to believe that your clean data could still be dirty for obvious reasons. First, it’s because you acquired it long time ago and a lot might have changed since then. Secondly, there are possibilities that your target audiences committed errors while feeling the form on the Internet. Whichever the case, all these will limit your chances of increasing your sales revenue chain.

Significance of having a clean data

As discussed earlier, clean data is a key for unlocking your business’s potential. With the correct data, your business will be in position to attract more prospects that’ll strengthen sales revenue chain. Getting the right information can be helpful in many ways, including determining the marketing campaigns that should be used to reach prospects. Ensuring that your database has clean data means you should conduct data profiling and analysis.

Why you need to carry out data profiling

a) Useful in identifying specific customer’s characteristics such as location, age and others.

b) You’ll be in position to come with a list of customers that match your profiles.


To a greater extent, having the rightful data will bring more customers to your company building strong sales revenue chain. Equally, employees will be motivated and get inspired when they see the fruits of their hard work. B2B data has the ability of ensuring that a balance that brings positive effects is realized. Ideally, B2B data will have a direct effect on your sales revenue chain and this can go either sides. Apart from breaking the links in the chain, the B2B data will force the organization to spend a lot of time as well as resources in repairing the damage caused. The majority of businesses have the correct data has recorded tremendous growth after hitting both short-term targets and long-term business goals.

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