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The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing

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07 Jan 2021

The Expert’s Guide to Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a strategic act of sending commercial emails to parties that are interested in your business. Many online marketers are using email marketing to broaden their audience reach and target. The purpose of this strategy is to build trust, loyalty, and brand awareness.

Any advertising email that is sent to potential customers or current buyers can be considered an act of email marketing. Sending emails to your prospects and customers regularly can enhance your relationship with them, making them loyal to your products and services.

How does Email Marketing work

Before you could do an email marketing, you need first to increase your email lists. It can be done by exerting efforts to get people to sign up for you when they visit your online websites. When you got them to sign up with you, that’s how you will start sending them notifications.

Emails you can send to your email list can be a welcome, help guide, product updates, giveaways, and many more to entice your subscribers, triggering them to engage. This digital marketing strategy will make you strengthen your relationships and connections with your followers.

Why is Email Marketing important

As an online marketer, you need to create various strategies to widen your network. You need to have a high number of audiences so you will also have a higher potential of selling your products or services.

Here’s why email marketing is a must:


Email is the main channel of communication online. This is used by businesses for transactions with their customers. Also, with the use of email, online marketers can maintain relationships among subscribers and can build trust and loyalty to their buyers.


Getting successful transactions gives you a higher ROI (Returns On Investments) more than any other social media platform. It is a way for you if you want to earn more income than an average online marketer.


Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective strategies to promote your online business. To have this work, you will need to create an email marketing plan.

Here’s what included in an email marketing plan:


Regardless of what kind of product you are selling, you need to be clear on who your target audience is. It will help you communicate better to your prospects, thus, giving you higher chances for sales.


As an online marketer, you need to know where your audience sign-up their emails for you. It is to monitor in what social platform you can get more sign-ups. Knowing this will make you focus on the online platform and maximize your time spreading your online business there.


Grouping your audience in a category is one of the easiest ways for you to manage email marketing. Having an organized list of emails can help you generate at once what to offer or to send to a particular group of subscribers. You can send campaigns that are relevant to them based on their demographics and preferences.

By doing this, you can have higher chances to trigger subscriber’s engagement and participation in your online tactics.


Planning what to write is an essential preparation if you want your email marketing to turn out successfully. Outlining a general content for your subscribers will help you do your campaigns easier. In this regard, you need to use a friendly tone that invites and encourages conversation with your followers.

Your content may include product updates, upcoming events, shopping guide. These can be sent either with pure text, image, or both.


After creating your email marketing plan, you must now proceed to design email templates. For email designs, you need to focus on minimalist layouts that are easily understandable by your audience. Having too many things included in your layout may confuse your subscribers.

You must also consider the right choice of font styles and sizes that are readable. Your text must have a clear call to action (CTA), meaning that the purpose of your email must be clear to your audience, directly telling them what steps they have to do upon receiving your email.


Once you are all set with your planning and content construction, you must first have a dry run. It is to see how your emails will appear on your client's POV. Aside from this, you can also test your emails by opening it from different devices, so you know if there are any technical errors if different gadgets are used to open them. Giving your emails a quick test will provide you more time to edit if there are things that need to be adjusted.


Email marketing automation is also one of the latest trends in doing a digital marketing strategy. Having an automated email sent to various subscribers help you reach more audience and possible engagements. It also saves you the time of manually sending a personalized email to people who signed up to your site.

Some people might think that sending out automated emails are insincere because it seems like a robot is the one working. Email marketing automation can personalize emails for each individual in your email list. It is capable of analyzing information on a specific subscriber and use it to generate an email that will be sent on a scheduled time.

Automation requires a trigger. This trigger is the action that needs to be satisfied to send the automated email. For example, in a transaction between buyer and seller, a payment receipt needs to be verified. Once this action has been satisfied, you can set up an automated email saying that you have received the payment, and the customer shall now wait for the delivery information.

Email marketing is indeed one of the most effective ways to promote your online venture. By creating a solid plan, you will be able to reach your goals for yourself and your online business.

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