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The Essential Guide to Ecommerce Email

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07 Jan 2021

The Essential Guide to Ecommerce Email

Running an online business became the trend of modern commerce. With this, an increasing number of online marketers have been on the rise, taking advantage of the digital era we have today. As there is a growing number of competitions in the market every day, online business owners continue to level up their strategies, especially in marketing. One of the most essential an Ecommerce must have is an e-commerce email.

An e-commerce email is an online email that a specific website is using to communicate with customers and potential buyers. This email is the bridge between people and the business to build relationships, connections, and to perform transactions. However, to make these emails not get neglected by people, there are factors to be considered.

Making your e-commerce email engaging is a must, so your prospects and customers will be encouraged to click and see what your message is all about.

To be guided, here is a guide for you on your e-commerce email.

1. Welcome email

There is nothing much better than being welcomed warmly. You can welcome your new followers or subscribers right after they have signed up for you. People who dig up to webpages often want to be updated and to receive notifications. You can take advantage of this fact right away after you receive their sign-ups.

2. Special deals and discounts

By offering special deals and discounts exclusively, your subscribers will feel more important. To give this, you can target your loyal customers and send them a special email for your exclusive discounts. Loyal customers who keep buying your products can be encouraged to repeat another purchase activity if given discounts and special deals.

3. Gifts Rewards

Aside from sending out special deals and offers, you can also get your followers’ attention by giving out gifts. Customers appreciate freebies like a complimentary gift with their purchase. To encourage more buyers, be straightforward on your description and say right away that the product comes along with a free item that they can have upon purchase.

4. Abandoned Carts

Online buyers tend to add products to their cart and abandon it later on. Some reasons for this to happen maybe because of a browser problem, a busy schedule, or simply because they no longer want to purchase it. It is considered abandoned if there is no sign of activities to complete the transaction in a specific period. With this, you can use an abandoned cart email to help you.

Abandoned carts emails should be a gentle reminder with a conservative text so your subscribers will not be offended. Sending this email to those who did not complete their transactions maybe once encouraged to continue their purchase, thus, giving you a new successful buyer.

5. Customer reviews

To get more engagement from your customers, you may ask them to give you reviews about the product that they have purchased from you. Getting reviews can be in the form of commentary feedback or through a scaling system. You can send an email to both. However, the majority of the customers often engage more in giving ratings through the number of stars instead of writing a full statement on the product.

6. Stocks arrival

To make your consumers updated, you may inform them when products have arrived at you and when they are ready for selling. Aside from this, you may also include in the email details regarding out-of-stocks products when they are available again. There is a chance that your subscribers are looking out for certain products that they were not able to purchase. With this, it is a great idea to notify them of restocks and arrivals for more selling opportunities.

7. Product Sale

One of the most awaited days of online shoppers is the Product Sale Day. It is an anticipated time where most online consumers buy in bulk or multiple items due to the amount of money they could save during that day. With this, make sure that you do not miss out on sending them an email if you are about to have a product sale.

8. Delivery Confirmation

Upon receiving the shopper’s payment verification, you must send them the delivery information of their product. It will also remind them of the date they ordered and the amount of money they spent on it.

9. Referral programs

Referral programs are one of the most enticing tactics that many online ventures are using. Referrals through word of mouth and online links will help your business grow its audience reach. This type of email also often gets the attention of your subscribers, specifically because of a reward system.

The reward system is used when a subscriber was able to recruit a person to sign up on your site. In return, you must grant your subscriber an incentive for doing such action. Usually, it is in the form of money. Sometimes it can also be gift rewards or gift certificates that can be used to purchase any product on your website.

10. Email marketing automation

By having your e-commerce email, you might also consider using it for email marketing automation. By having this, you will not have a hard time sending out personalized emails both to your prospects and customers. It works by defining a specific trigger for when an email must be sent. Many online marketers are already taking advantage of this creation, and many successes were recorded.

11. Webinar invitation

You can also get your follower’s participation by inviting them to webinars and other online events. With this, you get the opportunity to know more about your subscribers and their interest, which you could use for future references.

12. Help guide

Sending out help emails could make your customers understand better the system you have in your online venture. It may include processes such as orders, payments, and delivery. It could also be about rules and regulations on transactions between the consumers and the business. Sending a help guide would lead your customers to know what are the things to do for a specific transaction with you.

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