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The Don’Ts Of Email Marketing

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05 Jan 2021

Email marketing is a modern way of advertisement. You can make your product known worldwide by using email marketing process. In this sending email to customers that are targeted and after sending, make sure proper email is sent and whether recipient opened emails or not.

Some of the dos and don’ts are also included in email marketing. Here we will discussthis don’ts in detail. Things that should be avoided are included in don’ts of email marketing. This don’tsis explained as follows:

Don’t forget recipient personal details:

Recipient should be personalized in an email marketing campaign. If recipient is not personalized and a generalized email is sent then there will be no chance of getting order for your project. By your email outer covering, recipient should feel special. Don’t generalize the things by adding sir or madam. Make them feel special at very first sight of your email as well organized.

Set goals:

During email marketing, don’t tell customers about your company’s current situation. Start conversation by telling them your personal goals. Create a relationship with the recipient and then share your goals in email. After explaining your pint of view, don’t forget to say greetings by using their names at the end of email. Your goals should also be in direction, they shouldn’t be against and 180-degree opposite to your company’s goals. By developing personal relations, customer will choose you again and again. put continuous efforts in email marketing as it is the key thing in online business. Common goals for email marketing should be as follows:

1. Add new subscribers:

In your customers list, you should always try your best to meet new people and make them aware about your products. After explaining every niche, now it depends upon others, whether they choose you or not. This should be included in your goals.

2. Bringing inactive members back:

Always work with dedication and never forget old members. If customers are not in touch now a days despite providing quality work previously then there must be issue with that person. Try to reach out all inactive members and make them active again in the field. Resolve their domestic issues if you are allowed to take part in their personal issues. Otherwise, set back and wait for the things getting normal.

3. Providing values:

Value provision is a very artful tactic in modern world. At many stages, people are using this tactic even in email marketing. Valueprovision does not include that always say that sir you are right and everything above and beyond you is wrong. Value provision means that give them respects as your customers and also give them what their valuable is.

Decide kind of email:

Decide with you =r marketing team that what kind of email should be sent to some specific persons. Make groups of people who have similar agendas and tastes, then scrutinize their common things. After all these working, someone can easily decide which mail is forthis group and which method is so usefulto contact that particular group.

Use software for your use:

Modern problems require modern solutions. Use different technological software to stat your data, analyze your data and after all to align your data in one way or thee other. These tools, such as analytics, software integration, automation, templates, and workflows (among others), will help you send promotional emails, segment your audience, target emails by demographic, schedule updates, and respond quickly to your customers, all of which are the basis of a successful campaign.

Boring and old subject lines:

Classical ways should be omitted now a days. As it is 2020, everything is arranging itself on new angles. Don’t choose old and classical subject lines. Choose something new and attractive. You can also use specific names to call customer that shows your love for them. Subject lines always matter in email marketing. Following steps should be followed while considering subject lines:

4. Make it short:

Subject line should not lengthy as it will add boredom. Subject line should always be in precise and short form. No extra word is added. Eye catchy and attractive.

5. Avoid trigger words:

A study conducted by Litmus and Fluent shows that at least 50% of email users have felt tricked into reading an email due to what its header said.

According to studies by litmus and fluent, 50% customers think tricked after reading subject line if an email. So, avoid such trickery, otherwise they will leave you and your product.

No long email body:

Email should be very precise and concise. Don’t add too much words that make hard to read. Tell about company’s details, goals and after that describe your product. According to studies, the product description must be within 3 lines. This is maximum length. It should be within this limit otherwise; customer will leave the email main part without give a read. If he does not read your product description then he will never come to website and order that specific product for which whole tiresome journey had been adopted by you.

Don’t send too much emails:

Emails should also be in limited numbers. According to recent studies, about 365 billion emails are conducted during 2017. These emails were obviously bombarded into inboxes of common customers by different firms. That’s why people don’t check their spam folders and never ever give a read to your marketing email. Avoid this activity. Use limited emails and don’t rush in the inbox. If customer felt irritated, then he will surely disturb your company momentum.

Add physical addresses:

in your email, add personal contacts and also add physical addresses. Customers will not knock at the door the very next morning but it will play with them mind game and they will feel much safer and more guaranteed related to your product.


Don’t do anything stupid. Follow the above leads and don’t add anything rubbish in your email. Try to lift your company up by using email marketing at broad level.

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