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The DON'T of Email Marketing!

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02 Jan 2021

In 1978, the first marketing email was sent, which resulted in $13 million in sales. It gradually has grown into one of the most highly used marketing channels even to this day. An email has the power to revolutionize your business. The email was earlier used as a medium for only formal or informal conversations. Gone are those days when it was used to ask the well beings of our neared one's. Advanced technology has paved the way for new opportunities in sales through Email. Today Email marketing has become an important tool for many businesses to target the right prospects and to convert them into happy customers.

Effectiveness of Email marketing in today's market

A survey conducted by Hubspot complies revealed that there are 3.8 billion email users worldwide and the number is growing day by day. It is the only system that can provide you such a figure of the public on a single platform. The study also revealed that email generates $38 for every single dollar that you spent. So, it is almost 3800% Return on Investment (ROI).

Most of the customer buys as a direct result of an email marketing message. So it is obvious that emails are taken seriously by most of the other people and they are eager to buy from such a system. Moreover, when it comes to lead generation or customer acquisition email is proven to be 40 times more effective than both Facebook and Twitter. The data is itself revealing the efficiency of email marketing. So, you don't need to think twice before you apply it in your business.

Email marketing provides you the best ROI among all other marketing techniques.

If you're new to this system of email marketing you may not immediately understand why this system is widely used by most renowned companies. If you dig deeper and try to understand the statistic you will realize the potential of the system. Let me brief you with some key factors as to why email marketing can be truly efficient for growing your business. Email marketing allows you to - add a personal touch to your marketing with target and personalized content, advance your time and budget, it is versatile and offers you variety, creates credibility, better brand recognition, boosts sales, allows you to learn better strategies, enhances the bond between the company and the customers, and also increase traffic to your website.

Now let us look into some strategies that have to apply to your business through e.ail marketing. Here we will list the DON'Ts for your email marketing system.

Don't go for lengthy emails

While writing your business email you must never make it a lengthy one. Email is not a leisure hour read through which you are going to entertain someone. That's why your email must be short, to the point, and crispy. A study has revealed that emails with approximately 20 lines of texts or about say 200 words had the highest click-through rates. So always keep your email shorter than 200 words. If you rite long emails explaining each and everything then your prospect is likely to get bored and leave the deal undone. But I can understand it may not be always convincing for you to describe all the features of your products and services in such a short paragraph. So the only way to deal with it is to hire a professional content writer. They have special talents to include your whole data in very short lines and a more presentable manner.

Don't buy an email list

Buying the data of your interested prospects may seem to be the easiest way to get your leads engaged. But it is going to create chaos in your business later. This could be a bad option because the database that your data provider provides you may not be legitimate. Your data provider won't give you a guarantee that all the prospects on their list will be interested in your products. Leads that you are going to buy from someone else may not be convertible into happy customers as they have no prior link with your brand. Just imagine if you don't know anything about any brand and they suddenly message you through email and tries to show their products. Wouldn't it be awkward! You may not even believe the person who is sending you emails and as a result, mark it as spam. If they SPAM your email then your business will be hampered like anything. So, Such situations may always arise when you use buyer data for growing your business. A good business can never start with 'How did you get my information?'

Don't make your subscribers wait too long

Making your subscribers wait too long may result in losing them. You must understand there hundreds like you waiting out there to capture new leads. So if you make your subscribers wait long they won't think twice before switching to one of your competitors. The faster you can please your lead more likely he/she will remain loyal to you. Shoot a welcome email instantly after your lead subscribes to your services.

Don't send generic mails

Generic emails are good for nothing. No one wants to be treated just as an option. It may be a big reason why email conversations get crippled. Sending a particular email to every customer can harm your image in the industry. Sending the same email to everyone means you are sending irrelevant information to someone. It shows that you don't care much about your customer's needs. And you cannot grow in the market until the customers are convinced by your services. Therefore, understand the needs of your customers and send relevant emails only.


Professionalism will always win in an email marketing campaign. Avoid the above-listed don'ts to enhance your business growth. And apply the right strategies.

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