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The Complete Guide to Proxy Servers (vs. VPN Services)

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07 Nov. 2020

What is a proxy server?

A proxy server is a server that connects to the internet as a substitute for your computer. The flow of which is that the data produce during the session of browsing will go through the proxy server from the computer on the way out to the internet, and vice versa.

In the other words, a proxy server works as a mediator. The main reason for using a proxy server is to hide your identity or privacy such as the IP address as well as the personal location. One of the specialized proxy servers is the VPN. We will discuss it later in this article.

The Public Proxy Server versus the Private Proxy Server

Let us see the difference between the public proxy and the private proxy.

The Public Proxy Server

The public proxy service is talking about the free proxy server available online. Every user considers the thing such as free. When it is free, it grabs the attention of every user. Imagine a free proxy server, which you can connect privately to the internet without cost; it catches attention. However, it has limited functions and a lot of disadvantages.

Here are some disadvantages of the public proxy servers:

In other words, it is not advisable to use the public proxy server because it is not reliable, and it is risky. Every user needs to consider safety first before anything else; even, it cost them money.

The Private Proxy Server

The private proxy server talks about the proxy server had used exclusively by one person at a time. It is responsible for hiding the IP address to ensure the privacy and security of the user. In this manner, your IP address has been protected from hackers, and it has marked as untraceable.

The most popular private proxy server is the VPN or known as the Virtual Private Network.

Unlike the public proxy server, the private proxy server is not free. However, it guarantees the user satisfaction through the features and functions it can. When the company charges the user for the services they offer, and then the user has the assurance of protection from that company; the same thing with the private proxy server. The user’s privacy has been secured with the private proxy server.

The categories of server

It is the standard protocol of the World Wide Web that was used to connect several elements of websites. It is faster than others because it is not encrypted; it means that it has fewer computation loads. You can see it at the top of any website page, right on the URL field.

It is also known as the Secure Socket Layers or SSL proxy. It is designed and functional for securing data flow between the website and the user.

All of the data that travel to the HTTPS proxy from the user’s computer are all encrypted.

It is the simplest protocol. It has designed and functional for email, IRC data, torrent traffic as well as FTP uploads.

The SOCKS proxy is much flexible that can handle high loads of traffics, and liable to become slower in function.

It is accessible in the browser windows and functions well with either HTTP or HTTPS. The best thing about web proxy is that the user does not need to install software to make it in operation. It is designed and functional on simple websites, and it is liable to break up with Flash, JavaScript, and Java. Besides, it has loads of advertising upon viewing.

The forward proxy is the one that connects your computer and the internet or it is in between the user and the internet. It is responsible to recover data from a range of sources on the internet.

The reverse proxy is an internal proxy that is responsible to protect and control the access between the server and private network.

Private proxies like VPN are easy to download and install because it has provided detailed instruction for the user to follow for a better experience.

The private proxies are not free, unlike the public proxies. However, you can see the huge difference between the two. If you want to settle with an insecure and unreliable server that may harm your privacy and your company as well, then you have the freedom to do it with the public proxies. What would you expect with the free stuff?

Besides, if you want a secure and reliable server, then you need to cost some money on it. If services are expensive, then you can assure that you are secure. The company will take care of you and secure your privacy if you pay them with their services.

Do not settle for less, but settle for the best. You have seen the difference between the public and private proxies. Now it is time for you to decide what you will choose. You have all the freedom. Hope this article will enlighten your mind and help you in deciding the right choice.

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