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The Complete Guide to Proxies for Web Scraping

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05 Jan 2021

The Internet has brought lots of comfort in our lives, especially in terms of searching for information. Just click your keyboard and voila, you can know or search anything through the internet. You can even get data from a website and transfer it either through the script or software - this action is called web scraping. There is a web scraping software that can help in accessing the World Wide Web using a Hypertext Transfer Protocol or through the web browser, and the data being copied can be saved in a central local database or spreadsheet that aims to be studied later on.

What are the Uses of Web scraping?

Web scraping is not only used for transferring data, but it is also used in the following:

This web scraping technique was first created after the World Wide Web in 1989 was born. Then in December 1993, the crawler-based web search engine was launched through Jumpstation. In 2000, Web API or Application Programming Interface came to make the job of the programmers easier - since they can download available data to the public.

What are the Techniques in Web Scraping?

What is a proxy, and Why is it Important to Use Proxy in Web Scraping?

To do web scraping, a proxy is needed, so what is a proxy? Proxy is known as an intermediary server or the 3rd party server that will help you make your requests to some websites without the fear of knowing your location or your IP address.

However, using a proxy is important in doing web scraping, and here are the reasons why:

What are the factors in choosing the size of the proxy pool?

In doing web scraping, one proxy is not enough because it will reduce the number of your concurrent requests, crawling reliability, and geotargeting options. That is why proxy pools are needed to split the amount of traffic to the large numbers of proxies. However, to know the size of the proxy pool to use, consider first the following factor.

All of these five factors are needed to be considered to have a successful use of proxy in web scraping.

What will be the challenges in managing your pool?

It is not easy to manage a proxy pool in web scraping, but it is worth a try. It is not easy because you will encounter lots of challenges while managing it, and the following are the challenges that you need to be aware of.

How to choose the Best Proxy Solution?

What legal considerations do you need to think about while using a proxy?

Using proxy while web scraping is legal, you need to consider some things to maintain legality in what you are doing. One thing you need to consider in doing the web scraping is to be polite and respectful to the websites that you are scraping. If the websites inform you that you are burdening their site, then limit what you are doing. Always learn to follow the guidelines to avoid future legal problems in the future.

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