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The Best Marketing Strategy Is a Company Lead Generation Strategy

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04 Jan 2021

Lead generation is the most criteria for every marketer and business group who aim to grow in the market. More the leads that a company can generate faster it is supposed to grow, increasing the brand awareness which follows more sell of products and services. Converting the leads to happy customers is the prime aim of every industry. Good lead generation strategies can create strong bonds with capable customers who later heavily invest in your business. And it becomes a long-lasting relationship between a company and its customers.

But here tge question is - "How to increase lead generation?" Read the article carefully to get a basic idea of how to create your lead generation process. This article will also give you an idea as to how to effectively convert your potential prospects into happy customers.

What is the basis of a lead generation strategy?

A lead generation strategy includes creative ideas that will help you to convert your interested prospects into leads. A lead is usually an individual who has shown interest in your products or services through his/her actions. They may have shown their interest to do business with you by providing you their contact or even by simple hints.

Lead generation strategies include four elements -

1. Lead capture - You have to grab your leads at an initial stage by gathering information about them. The information can be of any kind may be their names, address, contacts, their area of interest, or even their profession.

2. Lead magnets - You must have the ability to attract the leads towards you, there are various ways to do so.

3. Lead qualification - You must approach capable leads only. Trying to impress someone who is not capable of doing business with you is just a waste of time.

4. Lead segmentation - the process of converting your capable prospects into leads is the most important job to be performed.

Some of the best lead generation strategies include -

Create awesome content

Creative content is always the best way to attract customers to your business. Here you have to play a trick and the name of the trick is "Gated Content". Gated content is not simple online content like blogs or other normal online content. Here in gated content, the contents are locked. The audience who wishes to read it must fill up a lead capture form first then only they will have the access to the content. This can be an effective lead generation strategy if done correctly. While the individual fill-up the form you already get their contact details. So, once you get it you must immediately try to contact the individual. You may contact them through an email, and or even call them directly. It will almost assure that the prospect becomes your lead.

Value-added Newsletter

Another efficient way to use your content as a magnet for your lead generation is by creating a newsletter. The newsletter that your company publishes monthly or weekly should a value to tge lives of your prospects. This will not only highly attract them towards your brand but also will make them stay in touch with your brand. You can also promote your latest arrivals through newsletters. Some key components of your newsletter could be - new blog posts, updates about new products or facilities, current offers, any upcoming events, including the referrals of famous influencers.

Host several events

You can conduct several events may be online or offline. You may conduct a talk show with a famous personality, charity shows, webinars, workshops, seminars, conferences, or any of such kind. And during the event capture the contact details of the customers through event registration. Later when the event is over you can connect with them create your leads. Thus, you also get a better chance to understand and guide your customers.

Offer special discounts at times

The easiest way to convert your interested prospects into leads is by offering discounts on your products or services. This can attract both long-term and short-term leads. This not only helps to attract the prospects who are interested to buy products of your brand for a longer time but also will quickly convert the lead into a buyer of your product. For example, retailer Bed Bath and Beyond offer their first-time visitors to fill-up their lead capture form with a discount of 20% to their first-time subscribers.

Offer a free-trail

Magnetize your prospects and convey them into leads by offering a free trial or freemium product. This is the stylish way of generating leads. Free trails usually attract capable prospects who are not yet ready to buy from you. But through the free trial if they feel your products and services are of almost quality then they are sure to become your buyers later. For example, the project management software offers a free version of a few of their tool to generate leads and convert tge free users into paid customers later.

Enable the live chat option

Live chat has been proved to be a good option for real-time conversation with your customers. Several studies have shown that most of the customers prefer to live chat with the customer support team to clear their queries. So enabling the live chat option on your website will provide a better experience to your customers and as a result, they will remain committed to you. Some of the tools that allow you to engage your customers immediately are - Intercom and Drift.

Advance your website

If you are working through a website make sure the website visitors can easily find your lead magnet. Design tye website in such a manner that tge on-site funnels can easily drive your viewers towards your lead magnet which must work according to their needs and interest.


Lead generation has always been a tricky game. But if you have the right strategies it can be tge biggest factor of your success in the market.

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