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The Best Free Email Accounts And Service Providers For 2020

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10 Sep. 2020


Emails may not be the newest innovation when it comes to marketing but they are undoubtedly still in fashion. Whether you need it to generate leads to increase sales, improve networking, notify employees about meetings, or hire people emails are required on a daily basis to get important work done. Sending and receiving mails is made a whole lot easier with the use of email service providers. Businesses do not always have enough time to be able to focus on every single detail when it comes to emails, as they have to even send hundreds of them every day at times. This is where email service providers (ESP) come in to provide templates in varying kinds and a convenient way of keeping track of the level of engagement while also managing the contact list.

1. Gmail:

Does it really astonish anyone to know that Gmail tops the list hands-down? It is a platform through which you can send and get emails with the greatest convenience. If you want to add any attachments like pictures, links, and documents you can do it and have them delivered to the recipient in the blink of an eye. Simply installing it in your phone and keeping the notifications on will allow you to know the very second someone sends you an email. It does not even limit users to just indulge in emailing. Direct access to Hangouts can let you talk to other users very easily while also exchanging videos and calls that show just how flexible and versatile it is. The best part is that it is all for free so you can enjoy the various features present without spending a single cent.

2. OutLook:

If you want an email service provider that can help you be productive, this is the one to go for. The level of security that it offers cannot be doubted in the least, as it will keep all your emails completely private. One of its most redeeming features is that it can easily connect to apps like Facebook, PayPal, PowerPoint, and other such apps that you may need to be productive. You would not even need to leave the app to access them. Additionally, the calendar option available makes it a whole lot easier to keep track of events and schedule appointments.

3. HubSpot:

As an email marketer, people know the importance of personalizing emails so that the customer is more tempted to open the emails and go through them. This option is presented in this email service provider that you can make use of to give it your own touches. The fact that it will also give you the choice of select templates is also tempting as you will not need a designer or have to upgrade your skills to make it look appealing. HubSpot will simply do it for you. As CRM is also being made use of recently to ensure more convenience, HubSpot will permit sending emails using CRM as well.

4. ProtonMail:

ProtonMail promises the highest level of security without making you give them any personal details of your own that truly makes it one worth going for. The fact that it has end-to-end encryption cannot be ignored as it just may put your mind at ease if you are worried about privacy. Not only will no one else lay eyes on the emails if you do not want them to, but they will also vanish after a month for added protection. Despite it being webmail, you will not need to install the software to have access to it. You can use it on any device you want and in order to make things even simpler for you, there are color-coded labels that can help you categorize emails according to their level of importance.

5. iCloud Mail:

If you are a Mac user this email service provider should be even more appealing to you as it will allow you to connect all your devices. You can easily sync any pictures or videos that you might have taken so it will lessen any hassles you might dread if they are stored in your phone but you need to send them through your Mac in a hurry. Since Apple has introduced this, you can rest assured that they would have kept all kinds of email clients in mind so it will work effortlessly for all your email related purposes.

6. AOL:

AOL is webmail that is ideal for the kind of people who rely on email to communicate on a regular basis. Provided by Verizon Communications, this email service provider aims to maintain the satisfaction of its users by having an uncomplicated interface that you can figure out with ease even if you are new to it. One aspect that truly makes it stand out above most of the email service providers is that it provides unlimited storage that you can utilize.

7. Yahoo Mail:

Everyone has pretty much heard of Yahoo that ended up being fairly popular quite some time ago. Anyone can use it without any problem, as its signup process is incredibly easy and uncomplicated. If you receive emails almost every single day and need to be able to look for specific attachments like videos and images in your list, Yahoo provides you with the ability to look for key information without any hassles. The cherry on top is the massive amount of storage it will provide which is a total of 1 TB.


Email service providers are clearly in demand as businesses are making use of email marketing. Not even just that, but people need to maintain order internally itself by scheduling meetings for employees or keeping them updated about any changes occurring. Email is one of the fastest ways of doing that, which is why it is important that platforms provide people with easy and convenient access that does not take up much of their time.

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