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The Best Free Email Accounts and Service Providers for 2020

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01 Jan 2021


Emails are an integral part of networking, business works, file transfers, reminder settings, and many more activities online. Although there are several office chat platforms present, people still depend on the email system for several reasons. Therefore, it is a challenge to find free email service providers that facilitate work smoothly. There are mainly two types of email accounts: webmail and email clients. Webmail can be accessed exclusively from the internet. This is stored in the cloud and the management of the inbox is done directly from the internet browser. There is no need to install an application to get the emails. Gmail, Yahoo!, Mail are some of the webmail providers. On the other hand, email clients are the software applications that need to be installed in the device to manage the sending and receiving of emails. This involves the interaction of a client with a remote email server. Also, for the retrieval of emails from webmail or email clients certain email protocols are needed to be followed. Email protocols are of three main types: POP3, IMAP, and Exchange. The full form of POP is Post Office Protocol and this is used by people who have a single email account and an email client. It requires lesser net bandwidth. IMAP is an Internet Mail Access Protocol. It is one of the oldest mail protocols used today. This is used by people who have multiple email accounts. These can be accessed from various devices and multiple locations. A Microsoft email protocol is Exchange and is almost similar in working to that of IMAP. It helps the users to access email from multiple devices, conduct tasks, calendars, and other important information that are connected with the email address. It is a very powerful protocol used by organizations to maintain the information of their employees and access them remotely.

Following is a list of the best free email accounts and service providers of the year 2020:

1. Gmail: It is a type of Webmail and is a Google product. It helps in native file collaboration. According to Litmus labs, Gmail is the second-highest email provider. The presence of all the communications options in the inbox that does not include email makes it so popular in the list. It can be used by registering in a Google account and one can use it as an email inbox every day. Gmail is a part of Google Suite that comes with all the options of file sharing, video conference, chats, etc. Gmail also provides a calendar that helps us to set reminders and meetings. People who love Google products can use Gmail as their email service provider to avail a great experience of the services provided by it. Gmail address also enables to manage social media accounts like YouTube, Facebook, and other such platforms. We can also maintain documents and live spreadsheets directly from Google drive which is a cloud-based platform. Gmail offers 15 GB of email storage free, thus making it the most used email server this year.

2. AOL: It is a type of webmail that provides unlimited storage to its users. Therefore, it is used by people who have lots of communication. It helps in delivering emails with its classic style homepage that is an all-time hit. It also comes with spam filters and a virus protection tool. One can also send instant messages from certain windows in the email inbox.

3. Outlook: It is a type of email client and it has multiple app integrations in it. People who are connected to multiple social platforms use Outlook as their email service provider. Along with the calendar and message filter options in it, Outlook connects with several popular communications apps like Facebook, Skype, PayPal, PowerPoint, etc making it easier for the users to reach out and work. Along with a clean interface, Outlook offers 15 GB of free storage to its users.

4. Yahoo! Mail: It is a type of Webmail and comes with a feature of media and attachment history. Regular sending of attachments via email is hassle-free and easy with Yahoo! Mail. It offers free storage of 1 TB and also provides certain social media integrations. It also provides custom background themes and maintains a unique saving feature in history. This helps in retrieving every image or video or document that has ever been sent as an attachment via email.

5. It is a type of Webmail that provides its users 200 custom domain names making it extremely appealing to its audiences. People having small businesses or those who are self-employed can easily use this particular email service provider.

6. Proton Mail: It is a type of webmail and provides encrypted mails for sensitive information with high protection. It offers 500 MB free space and has unique features of mail encryption that allows no one to view the emails and automatically deleted off after a month.

7. iCloud Mail: It is a Webmail type and is used by Mac OS users. It comes free for all Apple users with 5 GB of free storage. Syncing all the documents, photos, videos, emails, etc. is way easier in the iCloud Mail system. The flawless integration of iCloud Mails makes Apple users’ experience extremely delightful. It also has automatic VIP labels.


Both online and offline work requires an email service provider that makes it easy for all types of office or non-office works. Attachments, files, documents, reminders, and several other features are quite easily managed through a free email service provider. It makes the work hassle-free and conducts a smooth flow of work in the corporate fields. Among other features, the option of saving in history further helps in retrieving all the attachments that are sent via email. Protection of emails via encryption is another important feature that is provided by certain email service providers. Hence, it is important to choose the type of email account that best suits one’s job.

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