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The 5-Step Plan To Writing The Perfect Cold-Calling Script For Your Software

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07 Jan 2021


Businesses urge their marketers to come up with creative techniques to get their message across to the customers. It is certainly not an easy task when there are scores of people to target, each with their own set of preferences. Times like these they must analyze where exactly they stand and what kind of marketing campaign can get them the desired results that they are after. This task requires careful planning especially when you are selecting a medium to get your point across or deciding how you want to do it. Cold calling is one of the means of getting it done.

What Is Cold Calling:

Cold calling is a marketing strategy that is unsurprisingly the opposite of warm calling. Though warm calling involves reaching out to customers who have previously expressed some form of interest in your products and services, cold calling does not. It allows you to reach out to just about any customer regardless of whether or not they even want your product. It does come with its fair share of risks especially as the people you are calling may feel like you are pestering them that can create a pretty negative image overall. However, there are certain steps that you can follow to write the perfect cold calling script for your software and we can enlighten you with them.

1. Know Who Will Be On The Receiving End:

The very first step is one that can save you plenty of time. This involves finding the right sort of customers in the perfect category that you feel might actually engage with you on the level that you want. You may have had some amount of experience hitting people up on behalf of your company sometime in the past. You must have an idea of what kind of customers will actually click with you and which ones will simply cut the call the minute they piece things together and realize that you are trying to sell something to them. Let's say that your software has had some success in the hospital department before to help them manage their records. You should try reaching out in that department, as there may be higher chances of people actually being interested if they feel like it is relevant to them.

2. Find Relevant Customers:

The very next step of course involves you checking what channel will be the best suited to reach out to the customer that you want to. LinkedIn can help you a great deal in this department as well. You can use various filters to determine just what sort of a career people have. If they do work in a hospital you should be able to find that out with relative ease with the use of such filters that set them apart. That can provide you with an extensive list of names that you can either do some further research on or just directly contact to get your message through.

3. Conduct Research Briefly:

Yes, this may sound like a hassle and honestly a bit of a bore but it does serve its purpose. It can truly help you get to know the people on the other end of the line well enough for you to know whom you are targeting. This way you can even tailor your responses to them and let them know how exactly your software can be beneficial for them. That too is something that LinkedIn can easily provide you help with to lower your tension level a notch more. Their accounts will most likely have some details about what place they work at, some random fun facts that they might have added, or what department they work in at the company they are employed in. Though you can always just pick up the phone and give them a direct call a little research never hurt anyone yet profited everyone for sure.

4. Be Confident And Polite When You Interact:

This of course focuses entirely on the script that you will need when you opt for cold calling that makes it very important. Your interaction with the potential customer can determine the success level of your marketing strategy and even sales further down the line. The very first thing that you should do is introduce yourself nicely and bring up their name as well so they are aware that you are addressing them directly. Then give them some basic background information about what company you work at. Ask some polite questions that can let you transition to the selling aspect by asking if they have heard of your software. Afterward, you can bring up the offerings that your company has such as mind-blowing software for instance. Maintain a polite tone yet come off as fairly confident and well-knowledgeable the whole time. If they have any queries of their own guide them as much as possible and answer professionally.

5. Have Another Meeting At The Ready:

Just because you hang up does not mean the game is over and you can start dusting your clothes off and patting your back for a job well done. If the potential customer shows any level of interest in what you have to offer you should line up another meeting whenever it is convenient for them. This is a great way of giving them some time to mull things over and letting them come to a conclusion about whether or not they want to avail of your services.


Cold calling can be a bit of a daunting task especially since there are times when you end up with someone who is outright rude and demeaning. Times like these you have no choice but to stay professional and polite rather than yelling back at them the way you probably want to. As long as you do some research and stay confident you will have plenty of success.

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