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Ten Top Tips to Improve your B2B Telemarketing

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06 Jan 2021

When Alexander Bell invented the first telephone, people's way of communication change - before in medieval times, they need to send a messenger whenever they wanted to send a message, and they need to wait for a month or more to receive the reply. Unfortunately, sometimes they will not be able to receive the reply whenever something is going to happen to the messenger. This kind of communication is risky and time-consuming. Then came the telegraphs - this is more convenient than the previous one but, the flaws are aside from that you need to wait for a month to receive a reply you can only send a limited message. Now, with our modern technology, sending a message is just on the tip of your finger. Everything is so easy, dial the number and voila! You can talk to the person you wanted to talk about, whether within your country or abroad.

Due to this evolution in the way we communicate, many businessmen are grabbing this innovation to make their business grow without leaving their places. They use telemarketing as their strategy to gain more investors or clients.

What is telemarketing?

Telemarketing is a way of marketing your goods, services, or your business through phone calls. This kind of strategy is of four kinds and, they are:

1. Inbound telemarketing – this is a reactive type of telemarketing in which they encourage customers to the first to make a call on the businesses or the one that offers the services they need.

2. Outbound telemarketing – this is a proactive kind of telemarketing in which businesses are the ones making an unsolicited call to their potential customers that they haven't meet before.

3. Business – to – business or B2B telemarketing – this is a kind of telemarketing where a certain business company will call another business company with the aim to make - the latter as investors or clients.

4. Business – to – consumer or B2C telemarketing – in this kind of telemarketing, a certain company will target a direct consumer of their product through phone calls.

This kind of strategy is popular now because it is really effective in getting customers in a faster and convenient way. Since telemarketing is the norm now in this millennial age, let's talk more about this and the Business – to – business telemarketing and also on how to be successful with this.

B2B telemarketing is good for one's business because it will help in finding and filtering people that you wanted to be your customer. It will also help in promoting your product to the business world. It is also a good way to build rapport and credibility with your past and future clients and many more.

How to be successful in this, if you are new in doing this, or how to improve your B2B telemarketing if you are doing this already.

Here is a list of ten tips to be effective in this strategy.

1. Armed your Team with Understanding about their Job Description.

First and foremost, to make your B2B telemarketing strategy successful, you need to armed your team or the one who is going to call the potential clients, the understanding of their job description. They need to understand that they are not going to do B2C or business – to – consumer calls but business -to – business. That is why they need to be careful in the way they talk and that they need to truly understand the product that they are presenting so that they will be able to make them say yes. Understanding their job description well will make them more effective in their field.

2. Armed your Team with a Detailed Plans About the Campaign you are about to do.

Making your team well versed in the campaign contributes a lot to the success of it. That is why you need to lay down to them the detailed plan of what you are all about to do. You give them a clear understanding of how to fulfill the campaign, the steps, and the outcomes that you wanted to achieve.

3. Armed your Team with Goals and Aims.

Goals are important in every marketing strategy because this will be the gauge if you are successful in the campaign or not. So, to be successful in this B2B telemarketing, one should implement or set a goal that your team should strive hard to achieve. Also, don't forget to remind them to give compensations or rewards to those who can achieve their goal on that day.

4. Armed your Team with Spotlessly Clean Data Lists.

Another contributor to the success of B2B telemarketing is a clean, updated, and detailed lists of possible businesses that they are going to call and contact. Remember, this is not a B2C, where you will call randomly on the numbers in the directory. So, a list of them given to your team is really going to be helpful for them.

5. Armed your Team with Different Telemarketing Strategies.

Strategies are important to avoid being denied. So, you need to armed your team with a different strategy on how to convince people, and that can be done through having training before making the campaign.

6. Armed your Team with Freedom to Innovate and Improvise.

Although your team needs to follow your plans, strategies, and some key points on what to say, still, it will be helpful if you give them the freedom to innovate and improvise for the good of the campaign and to avoid being scripted.

7. Armed your Team with the Knowledge About the Product or the Business that they are to offer.

Being knowledgeable of the product and the business is important for your team to have because it will give them the confidence to talk about it and the confidence to convince others to have it as well.

8. Armed your Team with the Knowledge on how to be professional in communicating

Professionalism is important in this strategy; this is because the people you are dealing with are also professionals. So, to succeed, you need to orient and train your team to be professional in handling calls and talking to them.

9. Armed your Team with the Knowledge about when to Call Effectively.

Timing is a must in this strategy. That is why you need to orient your team to call on the time where it is sure that they will be answered.

10. Armed your Team with Patience and Perseverance.

Orient and seminar your team that patience and perseverance are important in their line of job because not all the time, they will receive a yes. Remember, success starts with patience and perseverance, and so with this strategy.

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