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Save Location and Facebook Business Page Scraper

Save and Login Settings: Save Location and Facebook Business Page Scraper

In this section, you should specify the folder path to which the scraped results should be saved. We recommend that you keep the folder path relatively short because longer paths have caused issues with the Web Scraper. Ideally, you folder should be two levels deep. For example, you can specify your folder in your documents folder or your desktop. This is going to be your master folder. We recommend that you keep it inside your software folder. The email extractor will automatically create project folders and auto save the results files using your project name as the name of the project folder and results file.

Save Location and Facebook Business Page Scraper

Facebook Business Page Scraper

In the Login section, you should add your Facebook login credentials. If you choose to scrape Facebook business pages inside the speed settings, you ought to add your Facebook login details. The way the search engine scraper works is by going to a website and once it detects a Facebook business page link, the software will go to the site's Facebook page and extract all the available contact details. However, Facebook may sometimes need you to be logged in in order to view a business page. This will depend on the proxies and other factors. A failure to add a Facebook account will result in the software being unable to access some Facebook business pages. This will reduce your success rate. CBT Email Harvester will only access Facebook on a single thread from your local IP with increased delays. This is because Facebook is very sensitive to scraping and we therefore need to get as close to emulating human behaviour as possible. We recommend that you buy some Facebook PVA accounts for this purpose and do not use your real Facebook account as you would not want to jeopardise it.

If you are planning to scrape LinkedIn, then you should also add your LinkedIn accounts details. Otherwise, you will not be able to access LinkedIn without being logged in. 

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