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Mobile Marketing Can Lead To More Opportunities

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05 Jan 2021

Mobile marketing:

Mobile marketing is a multi-channelmarketing landscape that deals to reach out to people via tablets and smart phones.

According t recent studies, 48% emails are opened now a days via smartphones. People work by using their smartphones and no one is wasting time in opening laptop and desktop.

Studies have shown that in 2016 people purchases 16% less desktops as compared to 2015. Now in 2020, all work has been shifted to online through smartphones and tablets. Tablets also work in same phenomenon as laptop and smartphones. Emails, SMS, MMS, phone calls, social media and different apps, all are working on mobiles. Mobile marketing uses all these apps and social media tactics. It is no differ than laptop working but on laptop, first of all start window then sit tightly at one place and then waste time upon other folders before reaching on favorite one. These are all issues with laptop and desktop usage. That’s why mobile marketing is setting trends now a days. Where audience feel comfortable, mobile marketing target that comfort zone of people. after establishing place in specific zone, mobile marketing starts its positive and effective ways to deal with different market strategies.

From email to search engine optimization, from SMS to MMS, from simple inbox to social media, from content marketing to pay per click, behind everything mobile marketing is having its positive role. All these processes are now occurring on mobile and tablets. According to eMarketer, mobile versus desktop usage stats in the United States in 2018 show that the mobile-only audience will grow to 55.7 million (nearly 19%) by 2022, and Adweek estimates that 79% of smartphone users have their phones on or near them all but two hours a day.

Mobile marketing can lead to more opportunities. Different points are followed in mobile marketing that leads to more options in real world. these important points are explained as:

Mobile friendly website:

Your website should be mobile friendly. As in many places, there is still internet issues in modern age of 5G. that’s why a mobile friendly site will open without requiring anay fast internet connection. In 2015, it was studied that online buyers purchase things 52% more than others via mobile marketing. Mobile friendly website is always on continuous potential to help others.

Mobile friendly content:

While writing on PC, you should understand the trends, tabs, margins and other credentials. But in mobile marketing, you don’t need to check others. Hyperlinks and other links should be added while writing content lovely articles.

Brand marketing on mobile:

Market your brand by using mobile apps, social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. now a days, a number of brands working with the advertising companies of social media. Different play protected applications are also using now a days by different brands to show case their products. This is called brand marketing via mobile and tablets. This is an additional opportunity to market your brand that has been introduced by mobile and tablets. Your brand should be on hot list in your core audience’s mobile. Targeted audience will see your brands on their mobiles via different means. Hence, mobile marketing open new ways of marketing and new opportunities are discussed.

Text marketing:

It is an additional opportunity that is only related to mobile marketing. By different data providers, we get phone numbers, emails and direct mail addresses. On mobile, we can send messages related to specific persons. Text message should be short and it should also be in local language so people can easily understand what has been said in that text. Short and precise description of product and explanation of services bring new means of getting business. In this way, mobile marketing opens new ways and opportunities in the field of marketing.

Some advantages of mobile texting are as follows:

1. Trackable platform: text messages are the best means of marketing. You can scrutinize people on the basis of their responses to your text messages. You can track who opened your message and when he had opened. You can also track who ignored your message. So, in next time, try to avoid that people who are on list.

2. Interaction: interaction of people enhances via mobile texting. Customers can ask queries by tapping reply button. It is very simple and cheap method of marketing.

Create QR codes:

QR codes should be generated for every product and by scanning these QR codes payment should be done. In advanced online systems, this is happening that specific QR codes are generated. QR means quick response. They are originated from japan and Japan is well developed country and can afford such luxuries. Make your website data more easily available and accessible. QR codes scan increase purchases and sales via online methods.

Mobile apps:

Mobile apps are also very beneficial source but it is time consuming. First of all, we have to install application and then sign up or login. After all these formalities, now you are able to see things and products that are providing by these apps and developers. You can download them from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and then access a range of program or site functions. Having an app for your site or business could help drive leads and sales.

Social engagement:

Encourage people to make accounts on social media and try to relate everyone with you. Social engagement will wash away all the difficulties of lonely people and they will also be able to learn about your products. According to studies, Pinterest has 18% more usage as compared to twitter which was at the top in last years.


Mobile marketing is very important source in opening doors of new opportunities. By discussing above all means, we can make new things happen via mobile marketing. Mobile marketing will engage them more. Products will also find potential buyers.

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