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Meaning and Benefits of Using Email Marketing

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04 Jan 2021

Background Information

The Internet has revolutionized everything, including how we communicate as well as how businesses need to be carried out. Today, Email Marketing that allows small, medium-sized together with large-scale business enterprises to communicate with target customers has proved to be more reliable. The efficiency of Email Marketing is being attributed to the exceedingly high number of subscribers that have switched to email as a tool of communication. According to the data that was released by Statista that’s barely three months, there are about 3.9 billion people worldwide that have access to Email accounts. The data further revealed that the numbers are expected to hit 4.6 billion before the end of three years. This is a clear indication that the use of Email in creating product awareness will guarantee mass coverage.

Although the idea of Email Marketing is not new in business, its strategies have been changing constantly to suit the new market trends. Ideally, the new changes have seen the shift from normal promotional activities to a more customer-based practice that incorporates shopping and other practices that are dear to customers. Economic experts believe that Email Marketing has the ability to increase revenue by close to 440 percent of its cost. Traditionally, it will cost you a single dollar to send one message to your prospective customer with a projected return of $44. More importantly, Email Marketing has risen above social media marketing platforms that have enjoyed massive followings over the decades.

Why you need to go for Email Marketing

1. It allows businesses to personalize messages

The greatest benefit that comes with Email Marketing is its ability to allow traders to design messages that suit a specific client. As a matter of fact, the message becomes more meaningful when the specific names of clients come in play. This is something that other marketing tools cannot offer. Experience has shown that 9 out of 10 mails containing the first name of a recipient are most likely going to be clicked and therefore, used to increase the popularity of your product.

2. There’s a surety that customers will read the message

One major challenge that you’ll encounter when using other marketing platforms such as Facebook is the fact that you’re unsure if the customer will read the message. Going for Email Marketing will ensure that this problem is put behind your back. Compelling evidence shows that customers are most likely going to read 100 out of 120 emails that are sent to them on a daily basis. This is a clear indication that 80 percent of your total content will serve the intended purpose. Essentially, this is the best strategy that both small and medium-sized enterprises can use if they want to reach their audience on a regular basis.

3. Most people prefer Mails to other forms of communication

As pointed earlier, there are billions of users that use mails for communication because it’s easy as well as quick whenever you need urgent feedback. Apart from allowing people to communicate more frequently, you’ll have an opportunity to write to more than one person at the same time. Statista estimated a year ago that more than 250 million emails circulated in a single month during 2019. These numbers are expected to grow as the world continues to take steps towards improving Internet infrastructure more so 5G network development. With the massive use of Emails, you’ll be guaranteed of getting wider market coverage. Another interesting fact about the mailing system is that it’s preferred by adults that constitute the largest percentage of potential buyers.

4. Email marketing is important in building a good business reputation

With Mails, you’ll be in a position to deliver information that touches on key aspects of the products, including price models, offers available, its use as well as delivery plans. These pieces of information are critical in building an everlasting relationship between customers and the business. There’s no secret that a lot of customers love to do business with franchises that they love as well as trust. Creating a reputable business entity involves touches on critical aspects and is not limited to a monthly email newsletter that’s sent to customers. It’s worth noting that a good reputation will only be realized when you provide information that’s helpful to users.

5. It’s friendly to your pocket

Typically, email marketing is the most cost-effective advertisement tool that’s currently available on the market. Unlike print media that will cost you thousands of dollars, you’ll only be required to spend less than a single dollar to use Email Marketing. This is something that will be helpful to small-scale retailers since they have fewer coins at their disposal. Economically, Email Marketing is far better than traditional marketing strategies because you’re guaranteed to get a return that’s close to $44 after spending as little as one dollar.

6. You can use Email Marketing to increase the ranking of your webpage

It’s a dream come true for any website owner to have a webpage that’s ranked highly among the search engines. A point often overlooked is that you can create a backlink on your Email marketing messages that’ll allow customers to access your website. Here, you’re advised to have a more colorful backlink that’s both attractive and enticing to the customers. Besides increasing the traffic to your website, it will ensure that the majority of your customers get information about the product from your website.


Email Marketing is a term that’s commonly used to refer to a general process involved in increasing the popularity of your commodity through mails. Although Email Marketing has been in existence for decades, it has proved to more effective than other marketing tools such as social media together with print media. The use of Email Marketing has brought numerous benefits to the business, including personification of messages, being cost-effective and others. Above all, there are nearly 4 billion users of Email service across the continent and this figure is expected to change as edge closer to 2023.

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