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04 Jan 2021


MailChimp is considered as one of the largest email marketing platforms around the continent having ranked 7th in the Forbes Cloud 100 more than four years ago. Currently, MailChimp boasts numerous users amounting to 11 million subscribers. Similarly, there are more than 4 billion users that have registered with the platform but for unknown reasons, decided to maintain a low profile. Studies show that there are a billion emails that are transacted on this platform every day. MailChimp has gained prominence due to its outstanding contribution towards promoting email marketing. Despite being among the first companies to adopt email marketing, the popularity of MailChimp seems to be declining every day

MailChimp Reviews: Reasons why marketers moving to other tools

Available data shows that the number of active users on MailChimp has declined extensively by nearly half for the past five years. The majority of marketers have switched to other marketing tools putting the future of once the largest marketing platform in turmoil. Here are 10 reasons that could be downgrading the ability of MailChimp.

1. Lack of segmentation options on the MailChimp platform

It must be remembered that MailChimp offers three marketing plans on its platform. The three plans, including forever free, growing business, and pro come in different versions. Forever free is a totally free account that allows marketers to access close to 2000 contacts plus the ability to send nearly 12000 emails per month. Newcomers will have the opportunity of enjoying live chats as well as email services for the first three months. Conversely, clients with this account will miss the opportunity of enjoying pro support and custom branding.

A growing business plan that attracts a minimum cost of $10 per month will see account holders enjoy unlimited numbers of contacts and emails. Just like a forever free account, you’ll miss pro support but allowed to enjoy the benefits of custom branding. The last on the list is the pro account which will cost you $199 per month if you want to enjoy its service. On top of unlimited contacts and emails, a pro subscriber can benefit from pro support. In terms of the primary features, the only feature that separates the three plans is the number of contacts and emails that you’ll be allowed to send monthly. The good thing is that there’s no major difference between the three plans more so when it comes to publishing and automation. This means that the two features can be accessed by all users regardless of the plan that you subscribed to.

That aside, MailChimp begins to drop points when we move to target options and testing. Both targeting and segmentation options are vital in ensuring that your content reaches the rightful recipient. Lack of these aspects especially on free plans distorts the general purpose of email marketing which needs to ensure that the message reaches the correct audience.

2. The arrival of other email marketing service provider in the market

The recent growth in the sector has attracted thousands of email marketing service providers to join the market. Research published on this year has revealed that the global market share for email marketing was at 4.5 billion US Dollars more than four years ago and it’s expected to hit 22.5 US Dollars before the end of 2025. Similarly, the strength of email marketing can also be seen with the number of people that are using the platform. For instance, it’s being projected that email marketing subscribers will hit 4.4 billion in the next three years up from 3.8 billion subscribers that used the service in 2018. The entry of scores of email marketing service providers such as HubSpot into the market is one reason for the mass exodus of marketers from MailChimp

3. Unrealistic pricing and plans

Even though MailChimp has three plans that have different features, it’s hard to determine the logic behind its pricing models. For example, there’s a missing link in a growing business account where you’ll be given unlimited contacts with a maximum of 500 subscribers. In simple terms, forever free users with 2000 contacts have a huge advantage over growing business subscribers that have 500 subscribers. In other words, you’ll lose some privileges when you go for a paid plan.

4. The failure of MailChimp’s form builder

Essentially, you’re going to have a list of subscribers before coming up with an email marketing campaign on the MailChimp platform. If you’re a first-timer, there’s no cause for alarm because the platform has a built-in form builder that enables you to get started. On the contrary, the interface of the builder cannot be matched with other email marketing tools such as Leadformly. The builder lacks improvised design options that are important when creating a customized message that has the power of arousing the interest of the reader.

5. Lack of functional automated service

MailChimp campaigns can be created in four ways, including regular, automated, plain-text, and A/B testing. Regular allows marketers to create customized HTML campaigns with an option of sending them immediately or later. With plain-text, marketers are able to send emails to their customers without formatting. Marketers will go for A/B testing whenever they want to send different versions of emails to get one version that produces better results. Lastly, there’s an automated version that has proved significant if you want to build your business from scratch. This feature is well-developed in other marketing tools with the ability to target more customers on the market. Unlike other marketing tools, this feature is a big miss in MailChimp and is the reason MailChimp is best known for sending simple email marketing messages.

Bottom line

Even as MailChimp continues to lose potential customers to the rival camps, it still has exciting components that’ll assist in giving your business enterprises a new look. Particularly, it has Facebook Ads campaigns that’ll enable marketers to build a large email list. Facebook Ads allow marketers to buy ads for either Facebook or Instagram and use it to promote your email marketing content.

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