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List Buying: Tips for Buying the Most Effective Lead List

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07 Jan 2021

List Buying: Tips for Buying the Most Effective Lead List

You can increase the prospect of your business by buying a list of probable clients in your objective market. If you are a business owner, you want to close more deals to expand your business. For this reason, finding and nurturing new sales leads should be your regular activity. The best thing is that you have multiple ways to generate business leads organically. This can mean opting to sales funnels and SEO. But if you want to take your business to the next level, you may have to purchase sales lead lists.

Through an effective lead list, you will get the contact details of your potential clients. These are leads from organizations or individuals that you may find it hard reaching by your marketing efforts. This is a good and effective way of getting access to those individuals. Some marketers will suggest that purchasing lists can be a poor choice since you will have no information on the list quality up to the time you get it. The idea here is identifying your sources of getting quality leads. Are you wondering about the best way you can purchase quality leads that will guarantee success? Read along

6 Tips for Buying Effective Lead List

1. Know your Target Market

Identifying the target market plays a role in expanding your business. With your ideal customers at hand, closing deals will be much easier. How will you go about identifying that ideal client? The first thing is ranking your customers. Rank them by the ease of doing business, best revenue, and profitability. Also, identify those that rank last in this way. Now you have two lists, analyze the features of the first five organizations on each rank list. Are there any common characteristics between the two?

This data will help you in having an idea of your ideal clients. You're not done yet, note the following

If you are considering investing in a list, this basic data is a must. To gain more with the list, explain to your list seller on how you will use the list. Is it a postal email campaign, email marketing, tele-prospecting, or both? This will help them distinguish which data will be the best according to your campaign.

2. Consider InfoGroups or Dun and Bradstreet

They have demographic information that you will need when starting to generate the lead list. However, getting access to the profile of your prospective customer will require extra effort in researching. Moreover accessing any individuals other than reputable executives, necessitates adding the contacts on your own. But for the start, this is a good idea.

3. Find Consultative List Sellers

You can use the list seller to boost your firm. In this, research on the information about a specific seller from other businesses. Prefer those with good records on how they serve rather than those with huge sales. When finding list sellers:

When approaching list sellers, do it as a way of getting a solution instead of a commodity. Do not show too much interest in the price. Reputable list sellers must understand some factors before quoting the price. These factors include geo, target market, and many others. The price will only come in when determining the quantity of information you need, level of customization, and segmentation.

4. Make the Best Investment, Rather than the Cheapest

Cheaper lists tend to be more expensive with the time. For instance, attaining leads through the expensive list will take fewer calls compared to cheap lists. Again, disqualifying contacts through an expensive list takes more calls compared to the less expensive list. Another thing you might notice is that a larger percentage of cheap buyers no longer deal with that particular company.

When investing on a list, consider the quality and not quantity. All marketers will want more information. As much as quantity can be important, you can co pare it with quality. Inform you, list dealer, that you need an active and detailed list and not a huge number that will not count.

5. Test the Lists

You can call at least 299 contacts to:

If in 20 at least one fails, it is definitely that the list needs to be edited before you can use it. Confirming whether you have a current and accurate list is important. For this reason, testing the list is a must and you have to consider this. Also, try purchasing the lists from trusted companies.

6. Use a Single Person as the List Expert

Having the best operation but, with a poor list might be useless since you will get bad results. With a quality list, you are halfway on your lead generation journey. To attain the required outcomes, you need an individual dedicated to maintaining, monitoring, and updating your lead lists.


Lead generation plays a role in closing deals of any company. However, sometimes taking the work of searching for the target market on your own can be tiresome. For this reason, you may have to buy lead lists. This will help you with information on your target market and how you can contact them. Use the above tips to get the best lead generation list and expand your business.

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