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Leveraging Video Contents In Your Email Campaigns

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01 Jan 2021

Content is the heart and soul of your email marketing campaign. It is an important factor to boost your campaign. Recent research revealed that in 2019, around 294 billion emails were sent all over the world and it was also predicted that the figure will reach 348 billion by the end of 2023. Marketing through emails remains a top choice for many marketers. But the problem still lies with the proportionate response rate of the emails. Most of the emails that are sent remain unread, or worse still unopened. Many emails also get marked as spam, deleted, or most often ignored. And the biggest reason behind it is the poor quality of content. So, it is very essential to provide relevant and attractive content to your prospects. Here we will guide you to create the best content for your email campaign. Two important factors will play a vital role in your email campaign namely - email marketing and email strategy. Through our article, we will try to give you the effective strategies that will help you to build trust, brand identity, and increase revenue.

According to various email marketing research, it has been revealed that video content is one of the best performing content for your campaign. Many companies who have used video content as their tool in their email campaign have been in the limelight. The best advantage of video content of that it is very easy to create and also effective at the same time. Various online platforms like YouTube and Vimeo have made it even easier to launch your video and reach a large audience at a very affordable cost. Leveraging video content in your email marketing is also very effective and fruitful.

Are you confused about the inclusion of video content in your email marketing?

Let us help you here, most renowned companies all over the world have believed in the tremendous potential of video content in converting your prospects. Video contents are very useful in - (1) raising your brand popularity, (2) providing better engagements, (3) provide relatable knowledge to the audience about your products and services.

According to a recent study by Renderforest revealed that those companies who have taken up video content as their tool in the email campaigns have received higher ROI (return on investment) compared to those who haven't used video content. Marketers who have used video content have greater click-through rates by 200-300%. Simply having the word video in the subject line itself has increased the open rates by 19%. Companies who chose video content for email marketing are witnessed to grow revenue 49% faster than the others who haven't used it. Websites that contain video content have 41% more traffic comparing to websites that don't have videos. Having simple videos on your homepage can increase the conversion rate by over 20%. So, Yes video content is one of the most effective ways to grow your business faster.

Benefits of leveraging video contents in your email campaigns

Video marketing is currently taking the digital world by storm. The fact is that most people get attracted to videos very quickly. In this digital era if you have the right video content and an attractive presentation then no one can stop you from growing in the market. It has the ability to make your products go viral within seconds. Videos provide quick and important information to the viewers. It allows the viewers to share your content through social media. Reaching more people means getting more leads and that will automatically result in increasing your conversion rate. Thus you can create a huge engagement for your company through video content. It not only have a direct impact on your business but also enhances customer satisfaction. Listening is always easier than reading therefore video contents demonstrate your products and services more effectively than any other system.

Leveraging video content is an impressive and stylish way to present your business in front of the world. In 2020 video content has been the most effective digital marketing tool for your email campaigns. Not to mention videos are the most effective and more widely used means of communication among today's generation. Video content can be a very useful tool for you to grow in social media. It not only provides you with better engagements but also enhances your brand popularity. Social media is the only platform that can give you effective results in a very short duration. Now you can guess how fruitful can be the inclusion of video content for your business.

Let's look into some figures

55% of the entire population of the glove watch videos online every day.

Most of the online users spent 1/3 of their data on watching videos only.

64% of online buyers go for purchase after watching a video about it.

90% of online buyers have revealed that videos are the most effective tool that helps in their purchasing decision.

Marketers who have used video content as their tool have got 49% faster revenue generation compared to the ones who haven't used it.

The statistics themselves are self-revealing that video content is the best tool for your email marketing campaigns.

If you think logically then you will realize that in a video we get full information about something in just 2 minutes and if we read it take 15 minutes to get the same information. So which one is better?

Video is the latest tool that is shifting and shaping the world of marketing in the present era.


Creating an attractive well-designed email is very important to reach your goal. Once your email appears in the inbox of a prospect you want them to feel excited to click on your email and go through it. And that is only possible by giving your email an outstanding and eye-catching layout. And leveraging video content will enhance the overall attract ability of your email.

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