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Leveraging Video Content in Your Email Campaigns

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07 Jan 2021


The email marketing world is changing every day and more people around the globe are recognizing its value in improving business' visibility. Creating an email marketing campaign that stands out among your target audience is getting more difficult as email marketing strategy gains more recognition in the digital marketing world.

What does leveraging video content in your email campaign do? Read more to find out…….

While there’s a lot to consider when including videos in your email campaign entails, increasing open rates and customer engagement is key.

First of All, Let’s See If You Can Embed Video as You Generate an Email Campaign…

Those new to email marketing may wonder if it’s possible to embed video in the email content. Well, it is possible but it also depends on the email clients your recipients are using. Some email clients like iOS and Microsoft Outlook will tell you that they have never seen any YouTube video embedded in the email content.

The truth is most of these email clients reject embedded video by default. For this reason, you must be creative if you want to thrive in the email marketing world. You need to make use of the available loopholes to make this work.

Do you find it challenging embedding video in your email content? Don’t worry, you can always make use of the available options.

Add Gifs and Thumbnails to Your Email Content

This is very possible and it is the best way to leverage video content in your email marketing campaign. Animated GIFs will focus your audience's attention to the moving images.

The major concern in email marketing is to achieve engagement. Having your target audience engage with your product, or services is the main goal of most email marketers. For this reason, the capacity to attract your readers to engage further with the content you are trying to market is crucial.

You want your audience to click and visit your website and not end their journey in your email.

Also, consider using static images along with a paly button indicating to your audience that they’ll be directed to a video should they select the play button.

You can choose to auto-play your video when your customer has demonstrated interest by selecting the play button. Although auto-plays annoy customers when they don't expect them, it works pretty well in this case because of the internet's right to auto-play your video.

What Doesn’t It Take to Make the Most Out of Your Email Marketing Campaign?

1. Identify Your Email Campaign Goals Beforehand

No one wants to generate an email marketing campaign without a goal. What is it that you are seeking to achieve with your video content? Are you trying to promote a new product on the market? Are you trying to modify the features of the product you sell? Do you want to announce an upcoming event? Or do you want to have many people viewing your video?

Have you identified what you want to accomplish with your video content? Well, it is time to make sure the video is in line with what you are looking to accomplish. If your goal is to attract more viewers, ensure you use the first few seconds to capture their attention to watch the full video.

2. Ensure Your Video Content Is Optimized to Attract Engagement

Once you have identified your goals, you now want to ensure you focus your readers’ attention to perform actions you want them to. You want them to further engage with your product, service.

Set your video to auto-play and ensure it is not too large that will take much time to load. This is crucial especially for users navigating through your site via smartphones. If your video takes longer periods to load, it could eat data of your users and they may even unsubscribe because of that. Keep it short and engaging!

3. Include Compelling Calls-To-Action

Ensure you include catchy calls-to-action lines within the first 10 seconds of your video. You know this is when most of the users drop off your video. You need to capture the attention of your reader before they leave.

4. Create Dedicated Landing Pages

If you want your audience to further engage with your products or, services, create your landing page. This has the potential of attracting further leads and engagingyour customers with your products.

Many companies lead their audience to YouTube to view their video content. You are risking your sales and leads if you are doing this. What if they are attracted to some other videos? Optimizing your videos to customer engagement is crucial for user experience with email marketing. It is not just about your video and what you are looking to accomplish with it.

5. Personalize Your Video Content

Personalization is key to successful digital marketing and email marketers are not exempted. No one wants to be addressed as, "dear user" or "dear subscribers" in any video content. So, if you have to increase customer engagement with your content, product, then you have to employ video personalization in email marketing.

It seems difficult to take in, especially if you are sending bulk emails. You don’t have to panic! There are online tools that you can use to embed personal information such as names, cities, or more to your video content.


So, embedding videos is possible, yes, but it is not the best practice for achieving further engagement with your content. Instead, focus on generating animated GIFs as well as video thumbnails. This can increase your reads and click-through rates by more than 200%. Ensure you focus on what you are looking to accomplish with your video content and ensure your video is in line with your set goals. You don't have to spend a lot of money in making this happen, focus on your customers and how you can entice them. You will not regret it!

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