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Learn the Basics of Quality Link Building for SEO Link Building Strategy

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06 Jan 2021


Link building means getting hyperlinks from other websites to your website or blog. It is one of the tactics used in search engine optimization because the links show Google that your site has quality resources worthy of reference. You can build links from external sources that choose to reference your website. You can also build links when you use the guest blogging strategy. When it comes to building links, you should avoid buying links for your SEO link building strategy. It is ineffective, and it will not help in building your SEO strategy. Link building is one of the essential SEO ranking factors, and it builds your authority and the relevance of your website.That means, the higher the quality links a website has, the higher it will rank on search engines. This article will share the essential tips for building quality links for your SEO link building strategy.

1. Ask for backlinks

This is an excellent way to start building links for your SEO strategy, especially if you are a beginner.All you need to do is ask your relatives, friends, or colleagues at work for backlinks. You can request for them to link your website on their website. You can ask for in-content links instead of links in the sidebar. Before asking for the backlink, you must ensure the website or blog is relevant to your niche. If it is not relevant to your niche, it can be harmful to your website.

2. Guest Posts

Guest blogging helps to build awareness and authority for your website. Through guest blogging, you expand your reach to a relevant audience and introduce your brand to new readers. Guest blogging can only be effective if you pitch your content to the right websites. You can look for a blog or website in your niche, reach out to the editors and blog managers, and pitch to them.Creating guest posts is the best way to get a link from an authoritative domain with the exact anchor text you want. It is a genuine and easy way to build links because you give out valuable content in exchange for a link. It also gives your content that chance to be published on a powerful website. You also have permission to create links with excellent anchor text. Not every blog will allow you to use the exact anchor text you want, but some tools allow you to find great targets and test which websites are more liberal with guest anchor text than other websites. Before you submit your article to a website, you have to follow the website's guidelines. You must ensure the blog is relevant to your topic. Your item must be articulate well-written, and compelling. Your article must be well- written because a poor article can bring a bad reputation.

3. Publish your site in trustworthy directories

There are several online directories that Google has excluded from its search results because it has no real value to internet users. You should avoid putting your website or blog on such directories. But not all directories are bad. Directories that fit your niche or are attached to specific informative websites are the ones where you can list your websites. You can also look out for directories that give you the chance to post a link to your website and provide useful information to your customers. Having your website on such directories makes it easier to get a high ranking in major search engines and building your online presence.

4. Create Infographics

Creating infographics is one of the best and effective ways to build links for your SEO link building strategy. You can use it for social media and relevant websites. Instead of using anchor texts, you can use the code for the infographics to generate backlines where they are shared. But before you create an infographic, you need to find out if it already exists. You can use relevant keywords to find an infographic that relates to your niche or industry. You can also join relevant communities to give you a better idea of the relevant infographics to use. You can use Pinterest or Reddit. Once you found out the infographics to use, the next step is to select a topic that most people have not researched about. You can research more about it and collect data that will be interesting to the reader. To create compelling infographics that will attract your reader's attention, you need to create an outstanding design. If you don't have the skills, you can hire a professional designer. You can also use the templates that are available if you are low on budget.

5. Use Competitor's Backlinks

Another method to build links is to use your competitor's link. You can find out where your competitors are posting. After this, you need to replicate the links they are using. It is not enough to know where your competitors got their links. What's essential is replicating your competitor's link. Replicating your competitor's link is no longer difficult because the resources and tools are available. Once you have found these links, you must leverage on them.This is what most pros use in their advance link building tactic. You should avoid using links that can raise red flags on your website.


Link building for SEO strategy means getting links from other websites. Google uses them to gauge the authority and relevance of your content on the internet. The pages where you build links determine how high or low your website will rank in search engine results. It means the higher the quality links your website has, the higher it will rank on Google search results.

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