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Lead Generation Via Influencers And Experts In 4 Steps:

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07 Jan 2021


Generating leads is a cumbersome work. Marketing has a huge impact on the success of the product. Even the coolest product will turn out to be a massive failure if you don't market it in the correct way. This ideally means making it visible to a massive audience and reaching the target audience successfully. But why are the consumers turning away from the other outbound marketing media and are tending to rely on the content of the influencers when it comes to product recommendations?

Because of the constant change in consumer preferences, the influencers and their choices are more fascinating and interesting then multinational brands. Influencers act as a medium that can easily breach the gap between the company & its product and the ultimate consumer audience.

Influencer marketing and its impact are constantly growing in popularity as a tool that is affordable and is capable of generating quick results. If you can reach the influencers which have a dominating impact in your industry and ultimately partner with them, you are certainly likely to get huge leads.

Lead generation via influencers and experts in 4 steps:

1. Make a good choice for the influencer.

When it comes to making the choice of the influencer, for a brand promotion everybody gets confused. But be sure to choose an influencer that has a lot of fan followings and a lot of people are engaged by that influencer. And secondly, you have to make sure that the influencer gets in touch or aligned with your brand. But we need to keep in mind that influencers with bigger fan following cannot always give a good result to your brand. So, influencer marketing is not a better option every time. But this is also true that many influencers with very low following rates have a high engagement rate than the influencers having very high following fans. It depends on situations from time to time. The influencers with a low fan following do have the capability to grow more personal relationships. This gives rise to genuine and trusted growth of more lead generation. Whereas the influencers with high following fans will definitely assure that the brand is promoted to the large massive audience but it won't generate more audience engagement. The audience lack to trust the influencers with a large audience easily.

The influencers you choose are relevant for your type of brand. For example, if the brand is about cosmetics you can't choose food influencers.

For the promotion of the brand, one should look for influencers who are experts in the field and have experience in influencer marketing. To check about the expertise of the influencer, you can check out their social media accounts and see how much the audience has responded to the promotions. This can help you to get in a trap with the fake influencers.

2. Brand promoters should easily trust on the influencers.

After selecting the perfect influencer for brand promotion to collaborate. The next task will be to give specifications to the influencer about the brand like your expectations from the influencer, objectives behind the promotion, values of the brand, etc. After finishing this task, the influencer should be trusted for the given job. Most probably all influencers mostly are efficient to promote the product of the brand. The influencers understand their audience better than anyone else so they about what to post to attract the audience for the promotion of the product. The genuineness of the influencer makes the audience to trust more on the product. Because the promotion looks insecure or more promotional content than it the audience won't trust easily.

3. Instagram is the best for influencer marketing.

As we all know that Instagram has the most active users than any of the social media platforms. If we count 40% of the Instagram accounts that have followers more than 15k are influencers. Because of this Instagram is said to be a powerhouse platform and it's Instagram is one of the most effective platforms for the lead generation through influencers. A platform like Instagram offers a variety of options for promotions to grab more attention of the large audience like Igtv, giveaways, through a story, reviews, etc.

For example, Cocola has a collaboration with travel and food influencer Miette Dierckx who has a fan following 36k on Instagram. This influencer posts happy images of drinking Cocola every day. So this targets a large audience. Such influencers play a vital role in lead generation.

4. Reviews and testimonials:

As the relationship of the influencers and fan following is generally based on trust and genuineness so when influencers give a good review about the product or a brand, mostly all fans following trusts the influencers. Hence, reviews and testimonials from influencers play a significant role in lead generation for creating the buzz around your project. To increase the capital of the brand the strategy of the lead generation is important. For increasing the lead generation, the review or testimonials of the influencers in the homepage, email letters, or in the separate testimonials page is very another strategy is to add reviews or testimonials in the add to increase the lead generation. Or influencers can combine their reviews with an affiliate link or a discount code to encourage followers to buy the products more.


Influencers have a potential impact on the minds of the people especially young minds. They have a significant and dominant impact on the thinking of the young. If this powerful tool that these influencers have is utilized in the right way and up to its utmost potential, influencer marketing can act as a tool for generating leads.

For executing this, the key to successful marketing is searching for the best influencers which have the potential of impacting the minds of the general public. So correct approach to them and if convinced them to work with you and for promoting your objective. For this, the emphasis should be on building trustworthy relationships with them and allowing the creative freedom which they need. This will help you to accomplish the results that surpass your expectation

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