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Lead Generation That Takes Telesales to the Next Level

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11 Sep. 2020

Lead Generation That Takes Telesales to the Next Level

Lead generation is the process of attracting your customers into contact management and taking them through the process of your brand by showing them your offers in order to convince them and finally gaining them as your paying customer. Telesales uplifts the lead generation to a great height with the right generation leadteam by your side. So technically, if you have the right lead generation team along by your side, then the sales of your company is going to top the market.


Technology is changing over times and there have been new technologies emerging for every decade in today’s world. Yet, the use of telemarketing for lead generation has always been an efficient way to bring the company to the top. Telesales might be quite annoying at times, but the fact that there is no other better one-to-one direct marketing approach in the field cannot be denied. It takes the lead generation and data gathering to its next level.

This article takes you through the process of how to handle a lead generation process in a successful way.

Growth rate

Earlier, telesales stood top in making the more number of contracts for the company. They gave the company high return investments and the CTA ratio was more them 20%. With this arouse the call centers where the IT employees were ready to answer the call and market more about the brand. As technology developed gradually, the team had to work hard to match the expectations of the leads. They had to invent new designs that can convert the leads into clients. They have to work on the new innovations and work smartly to sustain.

B2B connection

If your company wanted to lead the sales, there is no big secret for it. Choose the right B2B demand connection for your company. The right team will try to focus on the target to bring in contact. Good research must be made about the target markets before taking any action. Develop the required content for the client and refine your value proposition. Usually, a combination of direct mails, digital marketing, and calls help in achieving the right targets and grow the sales lead.

For a good b2b success, there is no key factor that works with the strategies. You only have ideas to find your potential client. The success factor lies in how you move the ideas forward.

With a larger younger generation entering the workforce, work on the subject to attract them. It is found that most of the young generation buyers use mobiles. So start working on building clients on mobile b2b lead. Do not approach a broken page. By the term broken page, I mean those that end up saying 404 pages and broken links. They only cost you traffic but not a contract. Start adjusting your microcopy of the subjects to increase site-wide conversions.

Work on the target

Always make a list of your potential clients. Do not directly jump into convincing them. Do proper research on your target. Identify a good source of data. Fix what type of client, their job, and organization that you want to work with. Collect even the latest information about the target that you are going to approach. A blanket approach gives you nothing.

Deal with rejection

The biggest disappointment that the telesales team face is continuous rejection. Even when you work on your audience, sometimes they don’t respond. It’s okay. Make plenty of calls to overcome the objections and rejections. Sometimes, the calls might even get wrapped in IVRI loops of big companies. You need to work enough to achieve the daily goal of the plan.

Good script and quality assurance

To make your client your offer, you need to capture the attention first, then work on the value and build value. You need a good script to achieve this. Your scripts must be short and simple and be focused on the goal. What looks good on the paper doesn’t work out well sometimes. So remember to refine the script. Get feedback from the team as well to work on the factors that you have to improve.

The team leaders can also help them with this. Listen to the calls regularly to evaluate them. Tell them on what should they improvise themselves.

Listen sometimes

When you are on call with a client, do not give them the feel of ‘talking at’. Nobody gets interested when they are talked at. So stop talking and listen to the client’s requirements. It is very important to listen as equally as you talk. Build trust within the client and redirect the conversation into the areas of interest. Ask questions to develop a good conversational flow between the two.

Qualify and Specialize

You should first know if the target is possible to turn into a client or should you just eradicate him/her. You will understand this only when you have a quality conversation with the client. Prepare questions before you are ready for the talk.Companies should call only the targeted audience and should eradicate them if they are not showing interest.

Suggest a demo

When you realize that the conversation is taking a good turn, do not rush. Suggest a meeting to seethe demo of the product. Invite them to any seminar or event that your organization has been conducting. This will show that you are pleased to get his contract. Formalize the appointment and prepare your marketing team for it.


Telesales is a good source to drive the progress and can be an essential contributor for prospecting. There has been a massive transformation in the way that the different businesses market themselves after the entry of great social platforms. The team makes sure if the firm behaves well and stays incredible.

You cannot deny the fact that telesales has contributed to lead sales generation and will continue to contribute in spite of the several latest platforms that have emerged. It’s always a good telesales team that leads the majority of client attraction for the company.

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