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Lead Generation That Takes Telesales To The Next Level

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04 Jan 2021

When we talk about telesales in 2020, a common question arises in tye mind of all marketers - "Is telesales still an effective sales strategy in this era?" The answer is "Yes". You may be surprised to know that even though the system of telemarketing is outdated nowadays it can still be an efficient and powerful method to generate new leads and close deals. Apart from giving you chance to target you, potential buyers' telesales also plays an important role in lead generation. If you are planning to start your sales through telemarketing you should well aware that it doesn't guarantee you a direct sakes success but the key factor lies in your correct approach to the system.

What is telesales?

Telesales refers to tye selling of products and services through the telephone. If you are a telesales representative you must reach out to potential buyers by phone and convince them to buy your company plans.

Telesales comprises of two types - inbound and outbound. Inbound telesales agents have to receive calls from their existing customers about a repair or other queries. And the outbound telesales agents have to generate new leads by calling customers from a pre-prepared list given to them by the company. The three P's of telesales are - Patient, Persuasive, Persistent. One needs to be highly skilled in communication and phone, some basic typing experience is also required. The main aim of the telesales is to create a strong bond of trust between the company and the clients.

Here we have brought to you the best telesales strategies that have been proved to be efficient in generating leads -

Set your target

It is very crucial to set your goal beforehand to succeed in telesales. You must understand any business have a particular target audience whom you going to approach again and again. When the aim is set it gets much easier to go for the work. Similarly when you know whom you have to sell the product the process of selling becomes much easier. The manager of the team is responsible for educating his team members about the particular goal. It helps tge entire team to check their efficiency.

Be prepared for the call

Before you make a call to any public you must be prepared with three things - what you are going to tell them? What will be your introductory lines? What you will do if they don't show interest? In this present era, it is not difficult to know simple details about someone from their social media accounts. So, before you call a particular person know complete details about your prospect and note down a few key points. Talking to someone about whom you know a pretty little thing is much easier than talking to a random person you know nothing about. So, researching and knowing little facts about your prospect will open up a lot of opportunities in front of you.

Follow a particular layout or script

Many may even argue that following a script will make you appear less creative and blunt. But according to communication specialists, a well-written telesales script gives a better chance to handle your call interactions efficiently. It makes you sound more professional and appealing to tge person whom you are talking to. Using a script while communicating through a phone doesn't mean you will read out a script in front of your listener. You are simply going to use the script as a guide which will help you to deliver your message more clearly and confidently. Moreover, it helps you to keep tye conversation under your control. It helps you to refine your sales methodology. It helps you to escape awkward silence during your phone calls and spent less time wondering what you should speak.

Focus on your customers

The main aim of telecommunicating with your leads or buyers is not to trick them to buy your product or services but to listen to their problems and provide useful solutions. Tye key concept here is to talk less and listen more. Listening and understanding the actual problem that they are facing should be your priority so that they feel that their point of view is valued here. That's is the way how you build a strong bond with your customer and it probably helps you in the long run.

Take action on your calls

During the conversation with your customer if you have promised to do something then do it immediately. Remember every second of delay works against your company. If you ignore your words then tge customer will most probably loose from your company. Don't leave the decision of the next conversation to your client instead you decide the exact date and time of your next talk. If you have emailed your lead with an offer callback immediately when they respond to it.

Analyzing the data

In between your work, you must not forget to check your progress. Figure out the basic statistics of your sale analyze it. Try to find the areas where improvement is required and list out necessary changes accordingly. The particular areas which are working well should be maintained in the same manner. Self-analyzing your company is very important and a must for good growth.

Recruit a highly trained sales team

The simple method to enhance the quality of your services is to enhance the quality of your stuff. Educate your staff with the right strategies. Provide them with special call center training. Tell them more about your goal and pay them well. Even these small efforts can immensely boost up your lead generation through telesales.


You may consider, this system is a little old-fashioned since the marketing world is largely digital nowadays. But if done correctly then even in today's market the system of telesales marketing can be quite efficient and worthwhile.

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