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Lead Generation that Convert Leads Into Sales Opportunity

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07 Jan 2021

Every business dreams of taking-off through the strength of their products and services. The rapid development of technology is providing fertile ground for new ways to score a sale. However, the other side of the coin is that consumers are tuning out these new ways of marketing.

Sure, the internet is pretty handy. Information at the tip of the fingertips and a swipe is what takes for a product to be delivered. In a 2019 survey, more than 90% of Americans have access to the internet. This accessibility has created a new road for sales and marketing. However, the constant barrage of information has made it difficult for advertisers and marketers to reach their intended audience.

Now, businesses rely on lead generation to convert a sale.

What is Lead Generation

Lead generation is the process wherein a business identifies potential clients who have expressed their willingness to purchase or consider the business's products.

These leads are not yet final. The would-be clients can still back-out or cancel. A smart business will engage the party and try to evoke as much interest as possible.

Lead Generation Funnel


In a lead generation workflow, the process is methodological. You attract visitors through blogs, digital and physical marketing, keywords, SEO articles, etc. These visitors have indicated their interest.


A handy website should look clean and informative. Ensure that the site exploration of the prospective lead is trouble-free. Provide content that is easy to understand and relevant to the product or service. The contents could range from e-books, free tools, reviews, and testimonials.

Make sure that your website has visible contact information available.


The next step would be to spike their interest. In this step, a business website can put in landing pages, forms, and calls-to-action. It's a mixture of marketing aimed to convert a sale now for the very interested or for those who still need time.

Free consultation and email marketing are some good ways to highlight the advantages of purchasing it now.

You can sweeten the pot by adding trial periods or incentives. In this way, you identify leads that will be potential clients.

For those who are still deliberating whether to avail the product or services, you can opt to provide email notifications that have CTAs to the landing pages embedded. You can also add in promos to entice them further.


A business website must have a seamless purchase page. The purchase page must be intuitive and easy to use.

Convert Leads Into Sales

There are a lot of strategies to convert leads into sales. Businesses with a robust marketing and sales department often experiment on how they can deliver their product to the interested parties.

Direct Option to Purchase - If the client wants to purchase now, a business can make it easy by providing an option to purchase directly through the site. If it needs a bit of human interaction, ensure that the website has visible contact information.

Free Trial or Subscription Bundled with Email Marketing - If the client is not yet ready to purchase but availed of the free trial offer or subscription, send them an email with tutorials and demonstrations. You can even push them to a sale through an incentive.

Return of Investment Angle - Another way is to dangle limited offers that provide information on how much they can save with the purchase.

Digital Marketing - Social media is the norm of today's society. We can leverage awareness and interaction through social media. Keeping our leads informed and interested will provide an opportunity to create a sale.

Testimonials, Reviews, Social Media Influencers - The relative anonymity granted by the internet creates a skeptical atmosphere for some would-be clients. Allaying their fears through the skillful use of reviews will enable them to trust the product and the business. A testimonial by real people is a welcome endorsement for some age group. At the same time, young people tend to follow social media influencers. These influencers function as an advertisement and a real-time soundboard for some people.

Create a FAQs Page - Some leads opt on exploring whatever the business can offer to the potential client. A simple FAQ page will be a veritable gold mine for these independent-minded individuals.

Follow-up - It is relatively simple to do. A business contacts the would-be client through phone or email and asks if they have any questions. This simple interaction can trigger the purchase mode of a client and might end up with a sale. Businesses can follow-up with a lead a few days after. The relatively short time between the interaction makes it easier for the client to recall the product or service.

Time Limit - For optimal use of resources in looking after leads, businesses need to establish a time-limit. The time-limit filters the leads and highlights the potential client for a successful sale.


Good after-sale services can inculcate loyalty in a brand or business. A business that can provide loyalty rewards and exclusive offers can expect to generate sales conversion from old leads. Newsletters can keep the lead-converted-to-sales client aware of future products and services and is a good way to generate future leads.

Interaction on social media can provide word-of-mouth marketing and can generate new leads.

It is also important that the business treat complaints politely. Address the cause of the criticism and find ways to improve service on that aspect.


The bottom line of any business is to create revenue. Beginners can start by optimizing the simple aspects of lead generation. It is important to stick to Awareness, Interest, Decision, and Action master plan.

These four are the core elements in turning a lead into sales.

Moreover, it is also important to contemplate and examine your business's lead generation strategy regularly. Advertising and sales is a constantly evolving market. A business must not be stagnant and must be ready to confront new challenges on the horizon.

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