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Lead Generation: 5 Tips to Generate Lead Faster On LinkedIn

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07 Jan 2021


At present, the number one problem that comes up over and over based on the discussion of the owners of the different businesses is how their companies aren't getting enough leads. Most of their business comes from the customers' referrals. We all know that this can be sporadic. It is not something you can rely on to generate consistent leads.

Why Lead Generation on LinkedIn?

At first, you have to understand that there is a shift going on in the business world led by digital media. The old way to do business is now out of date. What is your lead generation strategy as a business owner? Is it word of mouth? Are you sitting and waiting for leads to come themselves? Again, you may expect for somebody to make a referral for your business. Or, are you attending networking launches and hoping prospects would call you? Don't get confused at this moment about what the right step to take! Because there is a better way to generate leads.

Digital media is mandatory if you want to grow your business in this day and age. A lot is going on in the social media world. But what I want you to focus on is "LinkedIn'. Yes, LikedIn! LinkedIn is hands down number one social network for clients phasing companies to get new business. LinkedIn is massive if you want to get B2B leads. According to Kissmetrics, statistics show that 92% of B2B marketers leverage LinkedIn over all the social platforms. It also says that 80% of leads generated for B2B marketers today come from LinkedIn. Again, Replicon reports that LinkedIn messages get 11 times a better response rate than other methods. The list goes on and on. Now, do you have any choice but to leverage on LinkedIn? I guess, NO!

Today, in this feature, I am going to describe you 5 tips about how you can generate more leads faster on LinkedIn. Let's begin then!

1) Spice up your Profile

You might already have a profile that is just your title and your job position. But, you want to modify it to make it attractive and look like a lead magnet. Put on your profile what problems you solve for your clients. Additionally, include some case studies and testimonials. These are going to attract people to contact you when they would look at your profile on LinkedIn. Now, what about adding some extra information? Provide your contact details through which your clients would knock you. Also, add your skills and volunteering information. And, of course, don't forget to put a nice formal picture of yours on your profile.

2) Get Exposure

It simply means to build connections with your clients. Think of your target market. Who would you like to do business with? Do you want to connect with general managers, marketing managers, or ordinary people? Once you know who you want to connect with, go, and do some research on them. Then go after those customers that are fitting your target market. Then click on profiles you want to connect. After that, send them a unique message. Remember that you never send them a canned intro message.

3) Create Engagement

Send informative messages. Because the next thing you want to do is to create some engagement. Stand out as an authority in your field. Now the question appears- How do you do that simply only by sharing information that helps your target market? Does that help your target customers to solve their problems?

For instance, Like and Comment on some of their LinkedIn posts and let them notice you. That way, your name gets up there on LinkedIn. They are going to spot you this time. Now, post something on your profile that makes sense that solves the problems of your connections and makes the leads curious about your job. Share your Blogs, Articles, Documentary videos on LinkedIn so that the prospects come to know about you and your work industry a lot more.

4) Intelligent Messaging

Once your profile is ready, your connections are built, and you are an authority, it is time to take your LinkedIn to the next level. We can call it running LinkedIn on overdrive. You start with a messaging program to reach your qualified prospects. Before taking the leap and starting messaging people, there is a warning alert you should know. Because this is where most people fail to do it adequately. Here, you should look at the person's profile and look for what you have in common. Look if you both have a mutual connection that could be through a LinkedIn group or a friend. Then craft a message that is not pushy that will get them to respond. Let the conversation slow, friendly, and professional as well. When it is the right time, ask for an appointment for a coffee or a phone call.

5) Social Proof

Social proof is the evidence that others have tried your product or service and had a good experience using it. For example- when you want to stay in a nice hotel, you ask the trip advisor and look at the reviews and the ratings of this hotel. People do the same on LinkedIn. There are two ways to get social proofs on LinkedIn. 1. Endorsement, 2. Recommendation. You can have acceptance by endorsing others in your network. They will reciprocate where others will support you back. LinkedIn even suggests that they endorse you once you have affirmed them. Now, to get recommendations, you need to ask people that you have done business with to submit testimonials on your profile. Most people remain busy. So, you make it easy for them. You can offer them to help draft something up so that you can focus on key character traits that you want to point out on your profile. One more thing you should do is to guide them on how to submit the recommendations on your LinkedIn profile.


So, there you have it. These are the five fundamental tips that are much more beneficial while generating leads faster on the famous social platform called- LinkedIn. Now, why wait? Follow the above descriptions and start working on today. Best of luck!

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