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Key Components Of A Cold Email Campaign

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01 Jan 2021

Whenever you go for a business deal you have two choices: either leave everything to chance or make proper plans to achieve your goal. If you leave everything on your luck then you are likely to face failure. As they say, fortune favors the brave, and business deals are not any exception. In every marketing conditions, you have to work and grill through the worst to achieve what you desire. And in the present market, nothing better can work than a cold email campaign for your business.

Sending cold emails to your potential prospects is an attractive option to generate more leads and push them further in the marketing funnel. It is always better to have your strategies ready and pre-planned before you start your campaign. Every prospect has different needs and real pain points you need to understand and realize them all. Only if your services can meet their demands then you can expect a high growth of your business through the campaign. To encounter all the aspects of a good email campaign there are a few elements that you need to understand and follow. The elements of a good email campaign are -

Target the right audience

Even if you have strong email content with a high potential to generate leads and enhance sales it will not make sense until it reaches the right person. If you are starting your company from zero then creating the targeted audience or email list seems to be quite difficult. As a new marketer, it is very important to know who your potential buyers are. That will only help you to grow your business effectively in a very short time. For all of this to fall in the proper place first of all you need to prepare an email list. This list will contain tge email ids of all your potential leads. After you gather data of your leads start segmenting them in proper order. Prepare a different landing page for different segments. This could be the most convenient way to meet the needs of your buyers effectively.

Personalize your emails

A recent study by revealed that personalized email contents have 29% higher open rates and 41% higher click-through rates compared to non-personalized ones. Looking at the statistics you will obviously understand why personalizing your emails are extremely important to generate leads. Even if you are sending a huge number of emails regularly you shouldn't miss out on the personalized feature in all of them. Generic emails are good for nothing. No one desire to be treated just as an option. It may be the biggest reason why email conversations get crippled. Sending the same email to each of your prospects also indicates that you are sending irrelevant information to someone. It somehow shows that you don't care much about your customer's pains. And you cannot grow in the market until you meet their expectations.

Advance your email to get noticed

If your prospect opens the email half of your battle is already won. And the rest half will depend on your content creation. So to win the first half it is important to get your email noticed by your prospect. There are three key factors to make your email go noticed -

Sender name - The sender name that you include in your envelope plays an important role in attracting the viewer to your email. In the matter of click-throughs, the sender's name has a greater role to play than the subject line sometimes. The reason behind such importance of the sender name is that it inextricably creates a link of trust between the sender and the viewer.

Subject line - Your subject line is going to be the first impression of your email and as they always say the first impression is tge last impression so get it correct. The subject line is going to play an important role in increasing your click-through rates. Instead of creating a lengthy subject line explaining each and everything, keep it simple and eye-catching. Make sure your subject line is informative and it must catch the viewer's attention at a glance. Catching attention is only possible when you highlight the most important messages that you want to convey fashionably. So that with just a glance he/she is compiled to go through it. Many prospects have revealed that subject lines describing an emergency is often opened and read by them.

Pre-header text - It is the tiny text that appears just below the subject line when an email is viewed in the inbox. This tiny text can create big changes to your email campaign. It is usually used as a complement to the subject line and has the potential to boost your click-through rates. Your subject line and preheader combined must be able to tell an efficient story about your email that excites your viewer to go through your content. Customizing your preheader text can be even better to higher your chances of being noticed.

Choose the correct time to press your send button

This is an element that is often ignored by many marketers. But choosing the correct rim3 is as important as creating the right content. And it becomes more important if you are new to the market. Emails from companies who have already made their impact on the market are likely to be get noticed if they send at any time. But that is not the case with you, therefore, you have to choose the timings wisely. Recent researches revealed that the best day to send your email is 'Tuesday' and the best time of the day is between 3 pm to 4 pm and 8 am to 10 am. People usually have some spare time in the early mornings and late in the evening and this is the time when most people check their email inbox.

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