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Is Your Email Marketing doing it well?

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07 Jan 2021

Is Your Email Marketing doing it well?


Telemarketing is one of the best tools that have been generated for the transmission of advertising campaigns, these have a better effect to attract customers that physical methods, the use of radio ads, television or physical way have become unprofitable for marketing in general, even when they continue to present digital marketing has a larger audience and a greater amount of hook.

One of the most common channels for telemarketing is the use of email marketing, this does not generate any cost to be delivered, but you need an updated database with potential customers to which to deliver this message and that what is being promoted is to the liking of the prospect for their hiring and future negotiation.

Email marketing has positioned itself as the most reliable means of communication with a rate of more than 70% of consumers preferring it over other media, many point out that this medium does not have the necessary relevance to be an effective medium when it is above 80% in efficiency reports.

A good email campaign can lead to results such as

-Increasing sales.

-More customer loyalty.

-generates a greater number of potential customers.

-More repeat business with previous customers may occur.

-Reduces the investment burden on marketing costs.

Once an email is sent, it leaves a large number of reports on the campaign, it is up to the sellers to use that data and which ones to manage to determine the success of the campaign. Here we will list some ways to measure the reach and how our campaign develops.

Delivery Rates

This is the starting point on which your campaign should be based, it is a way to measure and monitor the strength of your email list that is in your data, a high delivery ratio means that you are reaching the prospects you had in your objectives. A low result means that you should work on improving your data and have a better list of service subscribers.

It is important to constantly ensure that you update people's contact information, in case of multiple email marketing campaigns, to be able to successfully address not only those frequent consumers but also target prospects that you have not previously been able to reach in the way you had planned, as well as new consumers that will incite more potential customers.

Open Rates

Once the emails are in the customer's inbox, one of the most important factors for the campaign is that they are opened and read, the most important line and the one that has to make all the impact for your consumer to open the email is the title, the main attraction is the title that it has which will capture the attention of your reader and it must be relevant so that the user feels that the material within it is worthwhile and that he can wait to read the email completely.

One of the ways to make the email better reachable and stand out from the rest is to use the name of a person who is sending the campaign, as a direct and personal campaign instead of a campaign using the name of a company that can make the person lose interest. Many of the campaigns above 90% are sent under company names which fail to comply with this step.

You must be aware that prospects often deal with constant marketing emails that sometimes flood their inbox with junk mail that they do not want to read or directly delete, making sure the consumer reads our message is an important point, so we ensure to continue providing a service to old and new consumers.

Click-Through Rates

Now that your client or prospect has received and opened the email, it is time to move on to what matters, this is completely under the charge of the content that is in the email if this is relevant and useful to the reader will make them decide to enter and review the entire proposal by clicking on to know more on the links that should be attached to the information, this will generate a high click-through rate if you decide that your campaign should be addressed by sending a single email to all your prospects or customers this will collapse at a low rate.

This should be hand in hand with something that many times is a call of attention, which are the personalized websites, this will make the consumer click on the URL that is provided to be taken to the website, this should be wrapped and will give you everything the consumer should know about the campaign, the service or products offered, as well as plans and promotions that are offered, it is key to have a consideration about this for a more effective way to achieve better sales, more consumers and a greater dispersion of our company.


The performance of an email marketing campaign will depend on these factors to be taken into account, in addition to the content and the good use of the tools you have at the time of sending it.

Be smart and use the name of a person to communicate with the prospect or customer, and form a personal and individual link that encourages you to open the email, after it is opened should have a creative or intelligent content with data and information needed to catch the customer, make sure the person to whom the email is sent will serve some of the products or services offered, this will be the key to the step to enter the custom URL and enter the website that must also be customized with everything about the campaign.

This will make your campaign effective and successful, while at the same time it manages to spread more to future customers and businesses, if you notice that your campaign did not give the numbers you wanted, look for a different approach with your vendors and your marketing section for an upcoming campaign.

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