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Inbound vs. Outbound – What Is The Right Mix?

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07 Jan 2021


There is no such thing as a perfect marketing strategy. That is something you should be aware of before even delving deep into what makes potential customers click. People come with their own varying sets of preferences and perceptions. You cannot influence everyone to take a look at your products and services with one sole marketing strategy. It depends on the kind of audience you are trying to attract and the kinds of goals that you are hoping to achieve. Two of the potential marketing strategies that you can use are inbound and outbound marketing. These exist on opposite planes and will have you getting different results so it is important earlier on to know what you want to get out of it so you can choose the ideal strategy tailored to your marketing campaign.

What Is Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing has only recently started to make its debut to counter outbound marketing. It is turning out to be one of the go-to marketing strategies in the current age. The most obvious question here reigns supreme. Why exactly has it been heading on such a trajectory of growth? That is probably because businesses are starting to realize that they do not need to reach out to the whole wide world to sell their products and services. They only need to target the ones that have the possibility of being attracted to their vision and the offerings that they are extending towards them. This can be done through inbound marketing that requires you to create such high-quality content that your customers will themselves be interested and follow the trail of breadcrumbs right towards you.

The Pros Of Inbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing has clearly been on the rise because it has been taken positively. The primary reason why that is that you get to showcase your creativity. That can create a positive image for your business in general. Not only that, but you do not have to waste copious amounts of money trying to reach out to people on a general level. They will simply come to you of their own accord. Your message might tempt them enough that they visit your page on their own and even leave their information so you can reach out to them and provide them with updates. This way you can generate an impressive amount of leads without having to buy lists of leads and spending money on ineffective methods. When customers willingly hand out their information it is easier to get them to be engaged and involved in various activities related to your brand. The bonus point is that you can get an increased ROI as well. Your email lists for example may not have people who do not even care about your products and services. When it only includes people that have an interest they will give a far better response and your ROI can be in a much better state than it might have been otherwise.

What Is Outbound Marketing:

Outbound marketing is another marketing strategy that a lot of businesses employ to reach out to their customers. It is a way for them to step up and take the initiative so they can send their company's message across to their customers. It is a means of projecting their vision, letting customers know about their business' existence and what it is offering, as well as the vibe that the business projects. This is a way of reaching out to a wider set of an audience even if they are not specifically into your business. The sheer amount of people that you attract can include plenty of those that just might get their interest generated to look into it further. Some of the means that you can use to get this through to them are traditional forms such as TV commercials, radios, and print ads that target people on a general level rather than based on too much segmentation.

Pros Of Outbound Marketing:

Most of the organizations actually prefer opting for outbound marketing and it clearly must have a good reason. They prefer to have an extended reach so that their message can reach a maximum number of people. This way people who do not even have an idea or about the company or had no previous inclination to buy such products may change their minds once they see what a great opportunity it is. Outbound marketing has more of an ease of convenience. You find some great content and put it up for people to view rather than having to update it every single day just so you can get to your audience.

What Should You Go For:

Every aspect of your marketing strategy should be tailored to the kinds of goals that you want to achieve. If you want to appeal to a larger crowd and you do not really care if they belong to the specific category that you need them to be or not it is probably better that you opt for the outbound marketing strategy. This way you can create generic ads that just might lure them in. However, if it is only specific target customers that you want to aim your marketing campaign at you should definitely go for the inbound marketing strategy. This can cut quite a lot of your costs especially if it is digitalized and may give you a better ROI as well.


Now that you know just what inbound and outbound marketing strategies are and what differs between the two you can easily choose which one will be better suited for your business. Choosing the right strategy is crucial as it can determine just what way your customers are going to perceive you. This is why you should always analyze the pros and cons of any strategy that you are going to apply so that it works out in your favor.

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