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How to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

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How to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

Digital marketing is all about attracting maximum traffic on your website and get as many customers as possible. Emails are an excellent online marketing tool. It can help you improve your sales very quickly. Since emails target each user directly, chances of conversion also increase.

The success of email marketing ultimately depends on how many users actually open the email and read the content. The best way to hook your reader is to write catchy and attractive email subject lines. If you can make your readers open the email frequently, nothing can stop your advertising campaign.

Keep reading to learn effective ways to write catchy and attractive email subject lines. Once you know the tricks, it will be impossible for the readers to ignore your emails.

Get Personal

Most of the famous leaders and CEOs have one thing in common they remember the names of people. If someone addresses you by your name, you automatically feel compelled to listen to them carefully. Well, it is also true for online communication. As soon as the users see their name in the subject line, they will feel connected and will end up reading the email.

It's human psychology and has been used quite often in traditional marketing as well. There are tools and apps available that can help you personalize the email subject lines. In-fact it is a good idea to keep the reader's names in the email body as well. Most of the autoresponders allow this functionality, so why not make the best use?

Generate Curiosity

We all are curious by nature. If we see something interesting, we want to know what's going around. Another human psychology that is be used in email marketing. Make your readers curious that will automatically mean they will explore the entire content instead of skipping the email.

Here are a few examples that generate curiosity

Try to be as creative as possible, However, stick to your brand and offerings, this should not be a clickbait. As a digital marketer, you should never try to fool your customer.

Create Urgency and Show Highlight Benefits.

You may have soon read signboards such as "Offer Ending at Midnight," "Happy Hours Ending Soon," "Read 10 Books in a Week", and the most common, "Buy one Get two free." These signs work on the FOMO (fear of losing out) mindset of customers.

The catchy sales lines often force customers to buy even if they don't need it because they don't want to lose out on a great opportunity.

Another aspect is to call out the benefits they will get. You need to make sure the benefits you are showing are believable. For example, if your subject line says, "Read 10 books in a week," it generates curiosity because it's possible. Whereas if it claimed "Read 100 books in a week". It won’t make sense.

A Bit of Humor Never Hurts

Everyone likes a sense of humor. Even while reading the emails. If you are creative and add a small dose of fun in your subject line. Email recipients will end up opening it. A good example can be of Facebook, asking you, "what's on your mind." This is such a catchy line that almost everyone who read it when they opened their emails or Facebook page ended up updating their status.

Keep It Short and Concise

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to write a long sentence in the subject line. The shorter your subject line, the better chances of readers getting hooked to it. You can test the subject line on your phone before sending the email. As long as you can see the entire subject without scrolling the screen horizontally, you should be good.

Avoid using apparent texts. A newsletter doesn't need a "newsletter" in the subject line. The reader is already familiar with it.

Give a Trailer of What's Inside

Subject lines should show a glimpse to the customer what's inside the email. Make sure you remain true to your customer at all costs. Readers should not feel cheater after what they find in the email.

If you are promising "10 ways write an effective blog post" in the subject line. You better provide that in the email.

Bonus Tips for Email Marketing

Above mentioned points will help you write catchy and smart email subject lines. However, use below tips while sending the email out to get the maximum open rate.

Timing Matters

You may have written the best subject line ever. However, it doesn't hit the customer's inbox at the appropriate time, it is of no use. You need to know your customers well. The best time to send the emails is on weekdays. Avoid Weekends, it's a personal time for customers, and you should not interfere.

Avoid Spamming

If your open rate is on the lower side, you need to check the frequency of email. No one likes to receive emails every day, it can become too much, and your email will eventually end up being added to the spam list.

Use Professional Email Addresses

Avoid using standard email addresses such as Yahoo and Gmail, using business email IDs to send the marketing emails can yield more results. When the recipient receives an email from a professional email id, they tend to get interested and read through it.


Smartly written catchy subject lines can help you achieve the goals of email marketing. You just need to be creative and respect customer's sentiments. If you are true and honest to them, they will eventually rally around and support your business for a long time.

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