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How to Write Catchy Email Subject Lines

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01 Jan 2021


Subject lines are crucial elements for your email and it could a reason for the immediate deletion of the email, especially when poorly designed. A subject line is a text that offers a general overview of your email. In the other words, is a piece of information that provides a summary of what readers should expect in your email. About 70 percent of marketers believe that a properly designed subject line will increase email conversation by about 10 percent. Before looking at how we can generate catchy email subject lines, it is important to understand subject lines' best practices. It must be remembered that subject lines best practices are fundamentals that will make your subject line to have a powerful effect. Regardless of your overall objectives, your subject lines need to have the following features:

Need for urgency

An outstanding subject line is critical in compelling readers to act without hesitating. This will force readers to click to open your email in a folder containing thousands of other emails. To create urgency, you’re required to employ creativity in designing your subject lines.

Creates the aspect of curiosity

Even though curiosity and urgency are the two terms that can be used interchangeably in the business world, they bring different meanings. This, however, does not mean that that they’ll bring different results when applied in business. The essence of curiosity is to create a sense of mystery that’ll make the reader click on your email first.

Comes with offers

When the sole purpose of your business email is to inform prospective customers about the availability of new offers, it’s important to ensure that the new offers are outlined in the subject line section. This will attract prospects to your email as well as generating more leads.


The subject line must come with the aspect of personalization. In this case, you’ll be expected to include the user name of your target audience in the subject line section. Personalization is vital in making a message specific to a specific person.


We cannot contest the fact that the majority of people will subscribe to your email because they want to get informed. To ensure that you’re going to keep your prospective customers engaged, it’s important to provide information that’s relevant in a given situation that should be incorporated with the subject line.

9 Tips to write catchy email subject lines

Inasmuch as subject lines play an important role in popularizing your content, coming up with a catchy subject line is not a piece of cake. If you want to set up an enticing subject line, these are the tips that will enable you to get started.

1. Keep your subject line short and sweet

Typically, scores of readers will get distracted if you have email subject lines that are too long. This will have far-reaching implications for mobile phone users that represent more than 77 percent of total email opens according to the information posted on It’s recommended to have a subject line with not more than 50 characters to ensure that people can scan the entire subject line text.

2. Stick to your user name.

A point often overlooked is the effect that’s created when you develop a habit of changing your user name more frequently. This practice will create a negative impression about your reliability specifically when the communication involves recipients that you met in the previous conversation. It’s from this that you’re advised to stick to the familiar user name whenever you want to communicate with your target audience.

3. Avoid using 'no-reply' as the sender name.

While it may be true that most companies have mastered the art of using ‘no-reply’ as their sender name, it should be discouraged for two primary reasons. First, most readers won’t open your email because it looks robotic as well as less personable. Second, it prevents subscribers from adding your email to their address book.

4. Make use of personalization best practices

Personalization that includes mention of the recipient’s user name and location as well could bring prospects closer to your email. According to information published on, emails that included the first name of the recipient in their subject line had higher click-through rates than emails that did not.

5. Segment your lists.

It’s a common understanding that people have different needs that need to be handled separately. Just like personalization, segmentation that will see prospects grouped based on a number of facets such as age, gender, location, and others will ensure you’ll come with content that’s relevant to a specific group of persons.

6. Avoid making false promises.

Ensure that only promises that you can keep appearing in your email subject line. It’s against the best practice to falsify your subject line so that you can get your email opened. The long-lasting effect of this is a lack of trust which can be detrimental to your business.

7. Proper timing is everything.

Sending an email with an outstanding subject line at the wrong time will have little effect. For example, sending an eye-catching email in the middle of the night has no meaning since the majority of the recipients are at sleep.

8. Use concise language.

The aspect of using concise language is to ensure that your target audience can scan their inboxes more quickly. To achieve this, use simple and clear words when writing your subject line.

9. Make your readers feel special.

This is the first step if you want to build strong brand loyalty. Making your prospects feel special will create a sense of care and love, an aspect that will make them subscribe to your email.

Bottom line

The subject line critical in attracting new followers and it can make or destroy your email credibility. A good subject line needs to conform to the subject line best practices. The above-discussed strategies will enable you to come up with a catchy subject line.

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